Lelutka – Female Heads


Designer – Lelutka
Mesh Head Name(s) – Bianca, Cate, Chloe, Greer, May, Simone, Spencer
Where to buy it – Lelutka
Reviewed Version – v2.6
Cost – 5,000L


Expression Hud – 24 facial expressions (static and animated) plus various default eye poses, open mouth and default expression options.
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – Yes
Omega Compatibility – Yes – More info here
Skin tones included – 10 tones (by Glam Affair)
Make up included – Yes, eyelash, eyeshadow, tattoo (freckles etc), and lipstick options.
Other Features – Ability to upload your own textures and the like and drop into the HUD, plus 4 save slots for each layer.
Mod? – No


  • The lelutka head is probably one of the most editable heads I’ve tried so far in terms of slider interaction. I’ve seen a lot of different shapes made with this head, and made quite a few myself, so those that love to make truly unique shapes will have a lot of fun with this I think.
  • The mesh head system has a backup function, which is genius if you ask me. This means that when you set up your HUD by saving appliers and adding extra animations (which Lelutka will release over time) you’ll be able to back that HUD up just in case SL decides to be mean and ruin your HUD!
  • The head is now Omega compatible, HURRAY! This includes skin and make-up/tattoos – PLUS the HUD includes a personalisation section that allows you drop your own textures in, so even though the head is no mod, this allows you use your own texutres on your head, love it!
  • The animations that lelutka have included are so smooth and fun, they really went out of their way to include lots of animations. I did find the layout of the animations tab a little confusing at first though, for example the animations with the repeat icon on them (the two arrows going around) are static animations as opposed to looping animations in the sense of repeating over and over. Confusing I know, but for an animator, the term looping means basically it keeps going (thus, static). If it were my HUD design I’d have called those ‘Static’ and the repeating animations ‘Animations’ or something similar just to prevent that minor confusion.


Simone Review –

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