Lelutka – Mens


Designer – Lelutka
Mesh Head Name(s) – Andrea
Where to buy it – Lelutka
Reviewed Version – v3
Cost – 5,000L
Includes – Bento mesh head, eyes, HUD, teeth, braces, beast teeth, Back up system, default shape, face light, gestures pack and 3 voice gestures.


Expression Hud – 14 Moods (head/neck/facial animated expressions), 24 expressions (some looped animations and some static)
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – Yes (two speeds) and singing option
Omega Compatibility – Yes – More info here
Skin tones included – 10 tones (by Tableau Vivant) – Tones are 01 – 10 left to right.
Facial Options Included – 8 beard/facial hair types, 2 hairbase types (buzz cut and crew cut), plus 2 lash options, 4 facial tattoos and 4 eye makeup options.
Other Features – Ability to upload your own textures and the like and drop into the HUD, plus 4 save slots for each layer.
Mod? – No


  • Lelutka’s male head is compatible with Slink Physique and Belleza Jake men’s bodies.
  • For a ‘how to guide’ of the HUD and options, check out Lelutka’s guide here.
  • I love the look of this mesh head (personal opinion) and I think it’s really incredible that men are finally getting a chance to enjoy the subtle smooth animations/moods that Lelutka has created. Especially for men these are far more subtle than I tend to find with other mesh heads, which is fantastic because it’s always felt very feminine to me when the expressions are exaggerated.
  • Omega compatability – that’s a given! The skins I’ve tested respond well to the head shape too which is great.
  • Bento rigging allows for a fair amount of shape change, which is great. I managed to get quite a few different looks with the head (of course shape is only one part of it), eyes adjust well and lips too, which is always a big one for me.
  • Ease of use – now I know you guys won’t feel like it is at first because the HUD is new to you, but trust me once you get the hang of it
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