GA.EG – Female Heads


Designer – GA.EG
Mesh Head Name(s) – Barbara
Where to buy it – GA.EG
Reviewed Version – v1
Cost – 2,800L


Expression Hud –2 talk, 1 animated emote, 2 default eyes, 2 default lips, 2 static emotes.
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – Yes
Omega Compatibility – Yes built in
Skin tones included – 8 tones
Make up included – Yes, eyelashes, eyeliner, blush , lipstick, eyeshadow, teeth options and hairbases.
Other Features – The head has 8 makeup layers that extend and overlap plus bento ears and unrigged ears options.
Mod? – No


  • I like the variety that the GA.EG heads offer – they tend to have stronger facial features that feel more ‘system head’ to me, well system head but far better looking.
  • The makeup options that come with the head are really nice, meaning you can purchase the head knowing you’ve got some good makeup options to use with whatever skin you prefer.
  • I like the ‘Alpha’ tab inclusion – I think having one tab (similar to a ‘layers’ tab on a mesh body) helps users identify what layers to clear in a visual format, which is good.
  • The rigging on the head can be a little restrictive because of the way the lips are rigged. This can mean changing the head quite extensively can cause the head to look strange, so be aware of that, however I do understand the reasoning behind this is to keep animations as smooth as possible.
  • The price of the head enables users to buy what add-on packs they like, rather than having these chosen for them – this means that for the same price of other heads, you can choose what animations you’d like to add etc. That said, it can add up quite quickly when you’re buying addon packs.


7 thoughts on “GA.EG – Female Heads

  1. Absolutely love this, of all the heads I tried it was this one that worked best with the skin I had updated to earlier at the start of this year which I had already purchased the head applier for. Although I cant get it looking 100% the same as my older system head look, it sure comes close.

  2. I love this head, too. I shopped for months and railed at other designers for what they couldn’t do. Then I found Barbara, and it gave me a look I really wanted as well as great features and a good base price.

  3. I’m currently trying a demo of Barbara, and I have to say I’m getting closer to the face I want with her than any other I’ve tried, however the difference that windlight settings make to this head is huge, in comparison to the others I have been trying in the last few days (pale grey eyelashes, no brows, and odd patchwork skintone). I assume this means that to almost all new users (I help out at a new user area) I’m going to look pretty weird. Disregarding the apprearance to others, with either of the recomended windlights I look fabulous, but I would have to use those all the time, which would put a damper on some of my exploring too.

  4. I’m a little confused. It doesn’t seem to come with any eyes. The mesh heads I have so far (LeLutka/Eve/AK) all have eyes included. I don’t mind using my own mesh eyes (I have a good few) but I was under the impression that it came with eyes LOL. If you could clarify if it does I’d be most appreciative. 🙂

  5. My problem is that no one seems to be doing shapes that match the GA.EG heads and GA.EG doesn’t seem interested. So I like the original head fine and also the head does not seem to hang up my computer’s graphics as much (my CATWA head left me faceless for long periods at start up), but trying to get refined, professional shapes done by others is an endless search ending in places that say they support GA.EG but only have CATWA, CATya and the like. Perhaps minor, but disappointing.

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