GA.EG – Damon


Designer – GA.EG
Mesh Head Name(s) – Damon
Where to buy it – GA.EG
Reviewed Version – v1
Cost – 2,800L (2,660L with group)


Expression Hud – 1 animation, 2 static expressions, 2 default lip and 2 default eye states
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – No
Omega Compatibility – Yes (More information here)
Skin tones included – 8 skin tones
Facial Features included – Yes, eyelashes, eyeliner, 6 beards (2 shadow) and facial scar
Other Features – Includes teeth with three tones to choose from, ears both rigged and unrigged (with various ear shapes)
Mod? – No


  • The GA.EG range of men’s mesh heads have always been up amongst my favourite shape/design wise. They’re very versatile and for a guy, they provide a lot of options in terms of beards, scarring and other features too. They have a lot of add-ons for sale with shaved hairbases and different designs for beards and just about everything you can think of, which even before bento let you really customise the face.
  • The AO HUD name (odd as it may sound to some) I think may confuse some men who are new to mesh heads. Those of us familiar with SL would guess this is an animations HUD, but if I had to pick the main confusion point for guys, I’d put my money on that. So if you’re looking for the animations men – it’s in the AO hud!
  • Add-on packs provide a lot of options for guys, and the head is quite reasonably priced so I think 380L for each add-on pack is quite reasonable too, it means you get to customise your mesh head and choose what features you’d like most and still keep the cost down, which is good.
  • The shape and sliders though they do have a fair bit of range, don’t have as much as some other bento mesh heads. This isn’t a no-go for me though, because you can still customise the head quite extensively, I just found I ran into problems if I tried to totally change the facial shape (being the chin/cheeks area). However test this yourself, I am definitely not a shape maker haha.
  • The head works well with most mesh bodies I tried, it does include neck blenders for Slink, Signature, Adam and standard avatars, though I found I didn’t need it to be honest.
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