Absolut Creation – Eve’olution


Designer – Absolut Creation
Mesh Head Name(s) – Eve’Olution
Where to buy it – Eve/Adam
Reviewed Version – v3 (beta)
Cost – 825L


Expression Hud – 3 default lip states and 3 default eye states
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – No
Omega Compatibility – Yes (More information here)
Skin tones included – 3 different skins with 6 different tones
Make up included – Yes, eyelashes, eyeliner, tattoo/freckle & lipstick options
Other Features – A variety of teeth options, includes rigged eyes to use with the HUD
Mod? – No


  • I found the Eve’Olution head not to be as responsive to sliders as perhaps some of the other mesh heads, but still responsive enough to make most of the changes I wanted to make with the shape.
  • I love the skin options with this head, it’s pretty much the only one I can think of (bento or not) that comes with three totally different skins in a range of tones, and I love that feature.
  • I love the makeup that comes with this head, I’m such a die hard fan of smudgey eyeshadow, it’s so much softer than the harsh lines some heads come with.
  • It’s important to note that this head is in beta still – more animations are coming and the head is still a work in progress – but for that price you get so much!
  • I’ll keep updating this section as further releases are made <3

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