Absolut Creation – Adam


Designer – Absolut Creation
Mesh Head Name(s) – Adam
Where to buy it – Absolut Creation
Reviewed Version – v1.4 (beta)
Cost – 850L


Expression Hud – Eyes (open/close), plus sample HUD with 6 full face animations.
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – No
Omega Compatibility – Yes (More information here)
Skin tones included – 11 different skin tones with matching Adam mesh body appliers
Facial Options – Beard, hairbase, lashes, brows, lips, eyeshadow, face tattoo options included.
Other Features – A variety of teeth options, includes rigged eyes to use with the HUD
Mod? – No




  • The Adam mesh head is definitely one of the most budget conscious mesh heads so it’s a great head for men who are new to bento and/or mesh heads.
  • Omega compatibility is a great feature for the guys, with more and more skin creators offering Omega skins for mesh heads.
  • It’s important to note that this head is in beta still – more animations are coming and the head is still a work in progress – but for that price you get so much!
  • The head only comes with 6 animations, however for the price that’s reasonable. I would love to see an animation HUD included in future updates that allows purchased animation add-ons to be installed so guys can create a ‘library’.
  • The head is quite angular, and I found it a little difficult to make a ‘softer’ male look. This is mostly because the sliders are almost a little TOO responsive in the cheek/chin area I think, causing some strange looks when you play with the shape. That said, it does come with a shape which is a good starting point.
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