Troubleshooting & FAQ’s for Mesh Bodies

Using a Mesh Body can sometimes leaving you feeling like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole – and now you’re stranded in Wonderland! Well, I can relate to that, so below I’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions that land in my inbox, hopefully you’ll find a solution here! 🙂


1) What is Omega?
Omega appliers were created to be ‘universal appliers’, meaning, you could buy a clothing item with only one applier in it (omega), and know it would work on your body. This works by utilising the standard Second Life uv maps (which are maps that tell the textures where to go, in simple terms). This means that the designer of your body/head has managed to use the standard SL UV layout on their head/body, thus making it ‘Omega compatible’. This saves time for designers, because they only have to make one applier and know that it will work on most mesh bodies, rather than making a different applier for every mesh body out there. This has worked very well, with most mesh body creators agreeing to make their bodies ‘omega compatible’ however The Mesh Project has declined to do so. Other bodies, like Belleza, Maitreya, SLink, Eve, Adam, Lena, Banned, Perfect Body – are all Omega compatible.

So how do you use an Omega applier? Well it’s no different to any other applier (ie. you attach the HUD then click the ‘apply’ button and the clothing appears), however you may need to ‘activate’ the Omega in your body first, depending on what type you use. By going to Omega headquarters, you can join their free group and purchase the applier for your body. Depending on your body, you may have to rez your body and drag/drop the script in, or open the installer HUD and hit ‘install’, or in the case of Maitreya, wear a relay HUD when you want to use Omega appliers. Some bodies like Lena, you don’t have to do anything at all. After that, you can buy any outfit that has Omega appliers, which opens your range a lot.

2) What’s the big deal with ‘fitmesh?’ What does that even mean?
Okay first let’s look at what ‘standard mesh’ is.

Standard Mesh is the standard sizing mesh clothing you find in most stores. You will most likely find that your body will ‘break through’ the standard mesh because the mesh body *isn’t* the same shape as the standard SL Avatar (and because most standard SL avatars break through them anyway), so this is where your Alpha HUD becomes necessary, to hide parts of your body. Standard mesh is mostly rigged, which means it’s attached to your body at a certain point or points (imagine imaginary anchors holding the clothes on your body at the shoulders, stomach and hips for example). Now standard mesh (rigged or not) is solid, which means it doesn’t stretch with your body, it just warps as you move a little.

Fitted Mesh is mesh that is made to stretch, grow/shrink and move with an avatar. Standard fitted mesh (that is, fitmesh that does *not* have a specific size for a mesh body) is fitted to the SL default system avatar. This means that the garment will move with your sliders, but if you’re wearing a mesh body, because mesh bodies and system bodies are different shapes, you will find it difficult to make standard fitted mesh fit you.

Speciality Fitted Mesh – eg. Fitmesh for Maitreya or Fitmesh for Belleza – this type of fitmesh has been created by a designer and specifically fitted to your mesh body. What does that mean? Well it means that (depending on how well the creator has ‘fitted’ it to your body) it should fit your mesh body, irrespective of your size/shape! Now this isn’t a perfect science, because mesh clothing creators need certain models from each mesh body creator to make ‘perfect’ fitmesh for their body, and many creators do not give this out. For this reason, many designers are ‘eyeballing it’ or just plain doing their best to make the garmet be the closest fit it can be for your body. So always demo demo demo and remember, creators doing this are doing their best. It’s incredibly difficult to do, and I say good on them for giving it a go!

3) My HUD isn’t working/isn’t responding/won’t detach

  • Are you in a sim that allows you to run scripts? (Note – some sandboxes/shops/sims don’t allow scripts to be used, and your HUD requires that to work).
  • Have you tried to detach and reattach the HUD? If the HUD won’t detach, odds are it’s ‘stuck’, which means you have reboot your viewer to fix it.

4) I was wearing applier pants/a top/whatever when I teleported, but now that I’ve landed it’s gone!?
This is typically a result of wearing two or more appliers on layers that overlap each other (for example – wearing stockings on the underwear layer, and high waisted shorts on the clothing layer). In summary, each of these clothing items has transparency in them (alpha) and that causes a graphics issue which results in one layer partially or fully becoming transparent against the other. To fix this, if your mesh body has a ‘mask mode’ function, you can try using that on your shorts/pant layer. It will reduce the quality of the textures, but at least you’ll have pants when you land! Otherwise, it’s generally safer to stick to one layer at a time.

5) I’m try to apply skin/a top/pants/whatever and it won’t show on my body when I press ‘apply’!

  • Are you in a sim that allows you to run scripts? (Note – some sandboxes/shops/sims don’t allow scripts to be used, and appliers require that to work).
  • Are you using the correct applier for your body? (ie. a Maitreya applier for a Maitreya body)
  • Are you using an Omega applier? If so, is Omega installed in your body (not all bodies have this included out of the box, Belleza for example requires you to buy the Omega Installer, then press the ‘Install’ button to put the scripts in the body. Don’t forget, if you update your body, you’ll need to do this process again!), or do you have the relay HUD on (for bodies like Maitreya you must wear the relay HUD any time you want to apply Omega items)?

6) My body has weird shadows on it/looks really strange!?
For Mesh Bodies to render correctly, you must have ‘Hardware skinning’ enabled in your settings, or it will look like you’re deflating. For Firestorm users you can find this setting in your Preferences – Graphics tab (tick the box that says’ hardware skinning’). This basically allows some aspects of avatar rendering to be handled by your graphics card, which increases performance, especially for heavy render items like mesh bodies. For 99% of people, this must be ticked for mesh bodies to ‘look’ correct.

7) My mesh body has cracks through it, like little lines of light or ‘cracks’ around the alpha cuts?
This is typically a Level of Detail issue. Mesh bodies require a lot of rendering power, so sometimes they can look broken (or even mushed up!). The first thing to do is to make sure that in your Preferences – Graphics tab, you have your ‘Level of detail’ set to 4. This should fix most issues, however sometimes if you cam away from your avi, or when you teleport, you might find your mesh body/head becomes distorted. If this happens (and your Level of Detail is at 4), open your ‘outfits’, look at the ‘wearing’ tab and right click – edit on your mesh body/head. This will bring up the ‘build’ menu that lets you move objects/resize them etc (not that you can with a mesh body because it’s rigged) but just do nothing for a few seconds, then close out of it. That will force your graphics card to focus on your mesh body for a moment, giving it enough power to load properly.

Now keep in mind, just because you look distorted to you, doesn’t mean you do to everyone else. Similarly, you may look fine to you, but if the person looking at you doesn’t have their Level of Detail set high enough, or has a slower graphics card, you’ll look weird to them. That’s life on the grid!

I hope this has helped one or two of you!

<3 Daria

77 thoughts on “Troubleshooting & FAQ’s for Mesh Bodies

  1. hi

    i use lena lush body and i all was perfect but lately the clothes top layer shows white color even i cleared it and no cloths on but keep showing white color while press SHOW on hud for clothes top even when i used some applier to apply some clothes to top to try to solve this but the clothes on top show along with the white color and not the body color !!!

    • Hi Tee! Hmm interesting. Make sure all your layers are off, then go into your graphics settings and make sure that both Advanced Lighting and Hardware Skinning are ticked, that can cause this issue. If that doesn’t fix it, try rezzing another copy of the body 🙂

  2. thx for ur quick respond 😉 well i tried all graphic settings but nothing solved the problem … i do not think it is graphic settings issue cos it was working fine days ago … it happened i think cos of some applier (might be bad applier) that uses Omega or Install feature applier then the white color is stuck on Body Clothes Top Layer and no matter what i use CLEAR to remove it it will only remove and clear clothes from Top layer but white color is still there and disappear only when i press HIDE then skin appears normal but even i used other appliers worked fine before on Clothes Top they show and the white color too …!!!

  3. one thing more of a question really we are seeing more designers start makeing fitmesh for various bodys but still noone seems to be making ones for eve?

  4. I have the same issue. When I put some clothing or bikini my body becomes white and I would like so much to know why this is happening and how can I fix that. Could you guys help me?

  5. Hi!

    I bought a Maitreya Lara body and everything was ok until put a dress on her and took it off. When I took it off, her entire midsection was gone. I’ve even tried to ‘redo’ the avatar a few times over but I don’t get the whole body. The dress was a mesh dress with a Maitreya add on (lol or whatever you call it.) I’m super frustrated!



  6. Comment on the white showing on the body. I see this sometimes when I am in water. Some parts will be white.. others not. Sometimes, this happens.. sometimes not. If I open the alpha HUD and re-click those parts they return to normal. Not found any other solution or reason for this happening.

  7. Hi, I have the lara and although i love it I seem to have a problem when i transport anywhere 90% of the time. My body wont show for anyone else but i can see it fine. A relog usually fixes it but its very frustrating not knowing if im there or not. I use Firestorm viewer and havent been able to find any help there. I was hoping for some suggestions if you have any. thank you

    • Hi Rhonda, this is a common problem – what’s happening is your body is detatching itself – so you still see it, but it’s actually not there. The solution is instead of wearing or adding it, right click on it and select ‘attach to’ and select a point on your body that doesn’t have any other attachments on it. When you do this you’ll notice it stops dropping off <3

  8. Hi – I have the Maitreya Lara V3.4, and have had no problems for about 6 months, but now I have a rather thick black and irregular band of color on my Maitreya hands at the junction of the hand and the wrist. It is on the hand and not the arm. If I take the hands off, the color is not on the arm. If I wear my Slink hands everything is normal.

    I’ve tried everything I can think of, including relogs, changing skin colors, taking my normal skin on and off, checking my graphics settings, rebake, etc.

    Has anyone else had this problem and any suggestions to fixings this?

    • Hi Ruby! I know it sounds like a simple solution, but try pressing the gloves button on the layers tab. IF it does nothing, hit it again. You’d be amazed at how sometimes the gloves get stuck on or applied without us knowing hehe. You can also press the reset textures button 🙂

      • Late to the party but I just have to say that this saved my day! I was going crazy trying to find out what was wrong.

        Thanks for a great blog that helped me take the leap to Maitreya the other week!

  9. Hello. My partner has a male Slink physique body. When he wears shirts or jackets that do not come all the way up to the the collar bone area, his shoulders show through because he can’t use the alpha or the front of his body, below his neck will show the alpha. Is there a fix out there?

    With kind regards

  10. I bought the .:SKING:. BRAZILIA DOLL 2.0 Fitted Body Mesh / ZARAH. I Cannot for the life of me GET ANY CLOTHES to come on me, I have the Omega Applier…. but it still isn’t coming on my avi… what do I do? every clothing I am trying is for omega… so it should work and I have tried the same Halter has my friend she also has a Brazilia Fitted Body Mesh Avi and she hasn’t had any trouble with her’s working? Please Help me. Also when I tried to put clothes on it goes to the clothes that are on the Magic Hud that come with the Brazilia Doll.

  11. Hi I have the slink bodies, belleza, and Maitreya. I know at some point I could see my belleza body shimmer /look wet and I think the slink hourglass will do this as well. Problem is I can’t see it at all. I’ve got my graphics on ultra and have everything as high as it goes and still can’t see it. 🙁 any help?

  12. I’d love to buy a mesh body, and supposedly there’s an applier for the skin I’m wearing, too. But my problem is that I’ve never used an applier before, and I can’t find a step-by-step tutorial for how to use an applier. Do I rez it? Do I wear it? I found a video that seems to say I need to insert a script from inside the applier into the mesh body manually and then change that script. But how?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  13. Hi i have the catwa mesh head and sometimes when i tp to another region when i land everyone says i have no head but i see myself fine? how can i fix that? please help

  14. I have Belleza mesh body and love her. But I’m confused about the alpha hud, it ony has 8 slots to save. Does this mean I can only save 8 outfits? How do I save more outfits with alpha hud? I know how to save an oufit (appearance, save outfit). But I just don’t know how to save the alpha hud settings that belongs to the outfit.

  15. I can’t get my layer tab to open on my hud. I have updated Firestorm, have unattached it and put it back on, Rebooted…..I am unable to use Omega without layers. It is very frustrating, please advise.

    • Hey! Okay first of all, take off all other HUDs – even when minimised, huds still take up a huge amount of screen space, so one may be covering the one you’re trying to use. Also make sure you’re on a sim that allows scripts. If neither of these work, get a redelivery 🙂

  16. I just bought the Belleza Mesh body pack and for some reason every other time I TP to a different sim my Alpha hud doesn’t work, I can open it and close it but if I try to hide a part of the body the hud will go “grey” but the section I’ve clicked on the Alpha doesn’t hide on the body. Is there a way to keep this from happening? So far all I’ve figured out is having to re-log.

  17. Hello I’m having trouble with my mesh body, I have my pelvis messing I also reset and clicked show all on Alpha, Also I have a problem with gloves and socks not being taken off.
    Basically Like my HUD does not register what I wanted it too, It lets me click to remove all the body parts but it doesn’t change anything on the avatar. pic is an example

    • Hi Samantha! Is this the first time it’s happened? A few things to check are:
      1) Can you take your body off and put it back on? Sometimes mesh attachments ‘drop off’ (they go invisible for everyone else, but stay there on our screen). If you can’t take the body off, relog and when you readd the body, right click and select ‘attach to’ and choose a position like centre or spine. When too many things are attached to point, things drop off, and typically the right hand is where these things attach to.
      2) If you can take body your off okay, try checking the region you’re in to make sure you can use scripts there before pressing reset on the alpha tab.
      3) Finally, if the HUD/body have been accidentally descripted this can occur, so get a redelivery or reunpack the body.

      good luck!

  18. I have a old skin that i love that has no applier, what body would work(If there is one) if i were to manually apply it, i know Maitreya won’t work due to it having a 2 tone skin(I tried)

  19. Would you please tell me why Mesh bodies are so much better than the standard SL body with a good skin and shape. When I want to put clothing on my standard body I just add or wear the items and I am done. If it does not fit then it does not fit. That’s what demos are for after all. I can set up OUTFITS for my clothing that combine elements from different clothes sets. With Mesh you cannot do that. It now takes me 30 minutes to get dressed with a Mesh body instead of the 10 seconds or less that it takes with my standard body. Tell me where the upside is please. When I took a picture of me wearing mesh and not wearing mesh I saw no differences. So where is the benefit? I have over 10 years of clothing that now I cannot use. I spend a lot of money and time on it. Now it is useless – benefit? Please tell me how mesh bodies are better than a standard body please!!!!

  20. hi, I’m trying to make my femboy avi full mesh – currently I’m using a Banned Ass and my top half (minus slink hands) is old avi – but I just can’t find a system that works for me. I know there are issues with creating a feminine shape that is totally flat chested but wondering if you had any advice? As creators move away from old style layers I’m running out of clothing options that aren’t woefully out of date.

  21. Hello,
    At this point I am lost and don’t know where to go. I have TMP deluxe head and body and been wearing it for a while. Really like it. My problem is that I got a skin from Fallen Gods, it is probably the 20th one and I had no problem at all, but the last one when I did load in StyleMode, the body skin load but the head did not. I did redelivery several times, went to a sand box to do it there, reclogged, crossed my fingers and to this day is still not loading it in stylemode. The same thing happened with a tattoo I got from White Widow and no matter what I do it does not show it in stylemode. I decided to write to you because I have a friend that today he just told me that the same issue happened to him with a skin from Gauze. We tend to believe it was the vendors but really I am not sure by now. Do you hasve any solution for our problem?
    Thank you very much for your time and hope you give us a hand
    Casey More
    casimora resident

  22. First thank you for the wonderful tutorials. I am new to Mesh bodies and really SL as well. I purchased a G Inc Perfect Body and I do not understand the Body Parts HUD that comes with it where it lists my layers and my body is cut into areas. I hope you understand what Im saying! Is there any way you could give me a walk thru? Thanks so much!!!

  23. Hi. I have a maitreya body, but I plan on using a catwa head skin applier by belleza, thing is… i dont think belleza has appliers that would work with maitreya. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  24. Hi there. I have a question about the “TMP” female body. Would it be possible for me to refund my starter body when I get the Linden needed and decide to purchase the body that has the alpha with it?

  25. Well, I love this page. It really helped me decide on which of the male mesh bodies out there to get. Thanks so much for keeping it.
    It turned out that I chose Niramyth’s Aesthetic Enzo. I’d just like to comment that the review on it needs a little update.
    As for my experience with it, it is a very nice body. I’m in love with it and with my results. The BODY shape is very modifiable, and even you can use your own and it will adapt perfectly. The HEAD shape is modifiable but only in size and a couple of not-very-interesting features. You can also keep using your standard head if Enzo is not of your liking. The only bad thing, though, is that there’s still a big lack of appliers for the head. When I see other cool avies with other bodies, well customized, I kind of regret having chosen it, but just for that lack of content. The body itself is amazing and I won’t switch to another. I just hope more content for it will eventually come.
    Thanks, again, for your reviews and all the work in MBA.

    • Hey Gio! It does need updating – if anyone out there has the current version and wants to provide me with the info on this page updated, I’m all for it! The creator hasn’t responded to me about reviewing the update <3

  26. Hiya…
    Im using belleza Isis body it was fine and i like it. but suddenly i have a problem with the hud specially in the alpha tab. the alpha body on the tab doest look like a body as it use tobut just look like pieces of triangles with hands and feet. now i cant put any dress that need alpha on cos cant use the alpha tab. whats wrong with it?

    • Hi Nawalia, the problem is that the HUD contains a mini mesh body basically, which is why it’s 3d (can rotate). Make sure in graphics settings your level of detail is slider is at 4, then take the hud off and on, that should fix it!

  27. Hi, I just bought a maitreya lara body, and for some reason even when I have alphas on for both my head and body, I can’t see my eyes in the catwa head. It looks sort of like there’s just skin in place of my eyes.

  28. I have the S@R hybrid avatar and the head does not change colors at different daylight settings. My body changes according to the light but not my head. It’s my favvvvvvvvvorite, and I don’t want to have to find something new. Do you know how I can get my head to change color like the rest of my body? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  29. I bought the maitreya mesh body and it worked just fine, but when I tried using the Omega System it seems to have broken my maitreya. I can’t open the hud at all, it just makes a clicking noise when I try. I tried making a copy, relogging, changing outfits, etc.

    Any idea?

  30. I have an SKing muscular mesh body and the SKing Omega HUD and “Magic HUD” for included skins… I usually manage to wear outfits with Omega appliers fine.
    My question, though, is how to take them OFF, get my avatar down to just skin, either for some naked action or to put on a new outfit that might be a little more revealing? Is there such a thing as a “nude” applier? I thought I had read something somewhere about one, but I can’t find ther reference now that I have a use for it…

  31. I have a maitreya body and catwa mesh head. I used a new skin and after I put it on there is a white discoloration around the mouth and what looks like extra eyelashes inside her eye. Any advice on how to fix this

    • Hi Tanya, make sure your system eyelashes are alpha’d out – take the Catwa head off and if you still have eyelashes there, you need to make sure you’re wearing the Catwa alpha as well as the Maitreya one. In relation to the skin, could you take a pic of the problem perhaps? Try clearing makeup and blush layers in the Catwa HUD to see if that helps too.

  32. Here’s an odd thing.

    I have an Eve Slim (eStyle diamond skin/shape with Eve skin) for about 5 or 6 weeks now….and I’ve only just noticed a strange mark on the inside of both my avi’s arms – a brown triangle shape on each near the inside of the elbow – and I can’t figure out what they are or how they got there.

    No tattoos, no alphas on that shouldn’t be there, nothing mis-matched.

    Any ideas what might be causing them?

  33. Hello! I’m having some trouble. I have the Maitreya Lara mesh body and I’ve had it for a while. Yesterday I bought lingerie that was specifically for the body. I tried to put it on and it won’t show up on my body! When I click the top for underwear, a different shirt pops up that I bought a while ago. I tried applying the lingerie as tattoo and it still doesn’t show up! Idk what to do!

  34. Hi. Can I make the Maitreya HUD larger?? I’ve tried editing but no luck. The writing is so tiny on the HUD, I can’t read it.


  35. I have a Maitreya Lara body and when I applied clothing using the Omega hud it applied the clothing but now my Maitreya hud does not work anymore. I have tried removing the layers, alpha masking, taking off the body and putting it back on, changing clothing. Nothing seems to work. How do I fix this?

  36. I have the Maiterya Lara body and usually it works fine, tonight I have on a pair of shorts and when I dance, sometimes my butt is showing, I have on the hud and the alpha. Can anyone help me? I really don’t want my butt popping out !

    • Hey Diamond, make sure your body is actually attached – can your friends see it? Sometimes they ‘drop off’ but they still look on to you. Take it on and off to be sure. Then make sure you’re using the alpha on the Maitreya HUD to hide parts of your body, normal alphas won’t work on mesh bodies ♥

  37. hi I use a Maitreya Lara body with slink hands and feet and decided to buy a hourglass slink body mesh I put on the the body with the alphas and everything after taking the maitreya off and suddenly my wrists dissaperared I took off the slink and put on the maitreya and no wrists I am at a loss I am confused can anybody help me cause I like wearing my slink hands and feet should i just reorder them?

  38. Hello I have Maitreya body I tried to put stockings on but it seems that the feet shade is lighter than the legs is there a way to change or that I had changed the settings of the feet?
    help please

  39. What an awesome page this is!
    Here’s my problem: Maitreya Lara 4.1 mesh body, using firestorm 5.0.7, BUT I just re-installed Windows 7 (no graphics card) and now my mesh body is visible to everyone else but invisible to me. Also can’t see other people completely (some yes, some no). Have messed with preferences, advanced lighting is on, took body off and put it back on again….no luck.
    Driving me crazy! Any ideas?

  40. i am using slink enhance hands and feet with the hourglass body. is there a way to hide the hands and feet like when hiding other parts of the body, with a HUD? at this point the only way i know how to hide the hands or feet is to detach them.

  41. Hello I need some advise I went through all your tutorials but nothing worked, so I have a Maitreya Lara body, with the new Vista Bento head, before this head I had a Bento head. BUT I can not get the body to change skin colour the Bento hands change but nothing else it is soo frustrating.

    • Hi Kate, what kind of applier are you using? If it’s Omega, make sure your relay is on. If it’s Maitreya and only the body won’t change, a few things to check:
      1) Take the body on and off in case it’s detached from you (you’ll see your body normally but to others it will look like it’s missing)
      2) Make sure you haven’t descripted your body at any point (that will stop appliers from working)
      3) Make sure your skin applier is a full body applier

      Hopefully one of those will help you out 🙂

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