I’m a big believer in sharing what we learn on SL, especially when we’re talking about something as tricky as mesh bodies. For that reason, I’ve grouped my tutorials for you all. Please note some may become out of date/inaccurate and the lie, but I’ll do my best to keep them up to date! <3 Daria


Mesh Bodies 101 – Understanding what a Mesh Body is and how to start using one

Mesh Bodies 102: Clothing and Saving Outfits

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Understanding Mask Mode

4 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I am really struggling to find the mesh bodies and heads on the sl marketplace. Could you put a link to the seller’s on your review section ? I have tried searching for the store name on the marketplace and it just comes up blank with Freya or others. I have been trying to find the seller’s of mesh bodies but it just comes up with clothing and suppliers instead. I prefer to ship on the marketplace rather than TP to shops. If you could link somewhere to the actual sl marketplace stores that sell the different mesh body or heads I would be eternally grateful. I am finding mesh bodies and heads, hands, feet very costly but your review table makes comparison much easier…now I just need to find the shops.

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