Tonic – Curvy & Fine Beauty


Mesh Body – Curvy Beauty & Fine Beauty
Designer – Tonic
Where to buy it - Tonic
Reviewed Version – v3.0
Cost – 2,000L each
Includes - Fitmesh body, hands, 3 foot heights, HUD & physics
ARC (Avatar Render Cost) - TBC


Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (1 set)
Nail Types - 4
Feet – Yes (High, Mid and Flat)
Skins tones included – 10 tones built into the HUD


Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer (including hands & feet layers)
Ability to tint skin - Yes
Save Slots for Appliers/Skins/Alpha Cuts – unlimited - includes seperate outfit saver huds (that save skin, layers, nails and alphas)
Neck sizes - 5
Auto-hide for alphas - Yes


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, built in compatibility –  See the Omega page for more details about this body
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Compatible with Slink hands but not feet – however feet are compatible with slink shoes (flat, mid and high)
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – Yes (all 3 feet are compatible)



  • Omega compatibility out of the box – no relays or installations. This opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options
  • Slink compatibility – I love that these feet (all three types come with the body) fit slink shows for flat, mid and high. Great for those who may have invested a lot in slink shoes!
  • The shape of the body is great, I love how smooth it is, whilst still keeping the thighs, hips and breasts shapely.
  • The bodies come with 5 neck sizes, which is always really helpful when matching with mesh heads.
  • The nipples! Whilst not really my personal ‘thing’, the optional nipple shapes (and the ability to use tango appliers from skins) is a great feature for nipple lovers.
  • The Fine Beauty body is the first of its kind that I've come across (that is, in a 'mainstream' body sense). The breasts in the picture above are set at 75, and as you can see they're still really small, which I think will make this body really popular for those who enjoy a femboi or even a teenage look.


  • The Curvy body (because of the nature of the design – ie. having big breasts) makes wearing standard mesh clothing a little difficult, however more fitmesh is being created for this body which is great to see.
  • The Curvy body 'clothing' layer has a dip in the middle of the breasts. This isn't a huge thing, but I must admit I am a big big fan of the 'realism' that comes with having no dip in the clothing layer when using appliers.

23 thoughts on “Tonic – Curvy & Fine Beauty

  1. Thanks for the great review Daria 🙂 Just a heads up that the next Tonic Curvy Beauty / Tonic Fine Beauty update will correct the “ARC” values (ACI in your post to be well within the range of the other “low-impact” mesh bodies.

    Regarding the gape between the breasts – I’m evaluating what I can do about that for the Curvy Beauty in a future release. The clothing layer had a major revamp in the 2.01 release which solved a great many issues but as a consequence is quite different than the earlier releases.

  2. This is absolutely the best body ever. With other bodies you have to buy appliers in order to wear clothes or you have to buy hands or feets to complete them, with the Tonic bodies it is not necessary because they include hands and feets and give you all you need, thanks to their omega and slink compatibility. Now that there are also mesh clothes compatible with the Tonic bodies, I can’t wish more.

  3. Excellent body that I often wear. HUD is simple and effective. The nipples meshes are a great choice, compatibility with SLINK feet are an advantage. The breasts are fine and would require more mesh creator fitmesh. I created skins and it was a pleasure to work on this body. I intend to create other skins for this brand.

  4. I am having a very hard time fitting the catwa head with the tonic curvy body. the body is awesome i just wish the neck didnt look like it dont fit the head cause it is much larger

    • Hey there, sorry you’re having fit issues. The best place to discuss this sort of thing is in group chat (Tonic Update Group) or the Mesh Body Addicts group – Lots of great help available especially when it comes to fitting heads and bodies together.

      I recently bought a Catwa head (cheapie *cough cough*) and had no issues fitting it to either Tonic body, so I know it can be done 🙂 So please bring your question in-world and I’m sure we can get it resolved 🙂

  5. Can we get a Discount on the Fine Mesh for the other Two that I have the Curvy on. I have a Single one with Fine on for a Total of three AVA with TONIC.

  6. Just a quick note – the v3.01 update for both bodies (Curvy & Fine) have the ARC fixes I talked about before. Enjoy!

  7. What a great body! I’m fooling around with the demo of the Fine Beauty for almost a week now, and I’m progressively impressed. My major gripe from the HUD is that there’s no option to switch among the 3 available heights (I have to load the desired height from the inventory every time). The procedure to perfectly match the neckline skin is over-complicated a bit, bur well documented. Also, the demo does not include the documented Outfit Saver, so I can’t be sure it will work as advertised.

    Other than that, this is an impressive body! I really really wish designers will start support it directly, so there will be no need to deal with sizes. Speaking of sizes, could the owner of the blog please share the shape shown at the top of this page? I don’t seem to be able to match those wonderful figures shown !here!

  8. This is just about my favorite body ever. The shape is, in my opinion, better than the well-loved Lara – which, incidentally, is what I was using previously. I switched because the Tonic is so much better for pregnancy shapes that it’s not even funny (Lara distorts a lot with large belly sizes, especially on tall/leggy shapes), but I like it overall better. Large breasts without an unrealistically large amount of projection, for one, and generally better proportions for tall shapes.

    My only complaint is that none of my fitmesh clothing works anymore, but I can, for now, live with that!

  9. It is really the most awesome body ever – for everyone who loves a natural, realistic shape.
    Meanwhile I have bought it for three of my Alts, and it makes me more than happy.
    If you wear it with really tiny breasts, the best will be to wear applier clothes on top, cause most of the mesh-clothing designers do not create “small breast versions”, but luckily more and more designers find templates fitted to this body, or mesh their own templates.
    Thanks to Fizz Savira for the joint-venture with Lumae Skins (and for the idea of adding the before used skins to the update box, so everyone who wants to wear the skin they had before the update will be able to.)
    Moreover the neck fix thing is really well with the Tonic body, never had a problem with the neck no matter which shape I use!
    I blogged about the body after purchasing my first one (in German, so it will hopefully help to introduce Tonic to the German market.)
    Fizz, carry on! You are doing a really awesome job here!

  10. Tonic is, by far, my favorite body. I know lots of people like large breasts, but I prefer realism – which means being able to be an A cup without looking squashed like I walked into a (closed) sliding glass door. I have the breasts on mine set at 35.

    And Anidusa is quite right. It’s a pain finding clothes that don’t leave a huge gap up top.

    And on the flip side….I just wish more mesh clothing would leave enough room for the butt. I’d guess that for over 80% of the clothing I have, the butt needs to be alpha’d out entirely (set at 0!!). What’s the point of having one if it’s always alpha’d??

  11. Tonic is THE most beautiful mesh body I’ve ever owned. I love the realism of the shape and looking forward to more designers adapting to the curvy women out there! Just like Hectic posted above … “Speaking of sizes, could the owner of the blog please share the shape shown at the top of this page? I don’t seem to be able to match those wonderful figures shown !”.

  12. I love this body, I picked this one because I didn’t want to have huge breasts. The Fine Beauty is perfect for that. I paired it with a Catwa head and have had no issues whatsoever. Now for a few things I wish were different. The things that the creator can’t do anything about, I wish there were more things made for the body, come one Blueberry, Addams, and others, I am sure if you get the dev kit you could be adding Tonic sizes to your new releases easily with little extra effort. For the things I hope the creator addresses. The feet are very nice in that they work with Slink shoes already, I really wish that these were switchable in height via the HUD, and then an option to hide them. You can hide the hands if needed however, would be nice if when you hid the hands it hid the nails also rather than having to go to a different tab on the HUD to hide the finger nails, hopefully if the feet shapes and hiding get added to the HUD this will work that way for the toenails also. The alpha HUD has tons of cuts to hide things, but I really wish there were ways to do more grouping of items, like lower legs upper legs, and so forth. Also the cuts around the breasts either need a few more options or cuts that were more fluid that went along more with how clothing might be cut. All this said, none of this changes my mind about the body and still think that if you want a more petite look, there is no better choice than the Tonic Fine Beauty.

  13. The body has great shape and I love how natural the breasts look…….

    But theproblem with this body is that I am not seeing creators making mesh clothing designed for this body. Even if it has bento hands. Is it going to be worth the wait for a more popular brand to come with bento hands?

  14. I’m really happy about this body and use it on all my avis when I can. It doesn’t have too many clothing options, especially good looking ones, but it makes my SL more spicy and challenging with that!

    I used Maitreya since ages (and Slink before that) and I have a huge wardrobe, but really I’m ignoring it just to stay Tonic Fine!

    The body shape is very nice. I comment about the shoulders – that are overly rounded and the navel line is pretty high – or the abdomen seems stretched unnaturally. Butt should be at 30 to look fine really, which is fine.

    I am bored of Maitreya and everyone going for hipps and big boobs figure. Maitreya is well done and professional, but not really interesting anymore.

    Everyone should know that some Maitreya fit clothes (at lease with certain shapes) fit this body. Boobs are always a problem, but if you wear a shirt without cuts you can make a shape with very small breasts so that your shirt will shape with the rest of the body as it looks when seen naked.

  15. By far my favorite body, and has been for some time, but I am increasingly frustrated by the lack of quality mesh clothing made for Tonic Bodies, especially curvy. Many of my favorite creators don’t make mesh clothing to fit Tonic, but some, like Suna, are willing to look at this and address the issue.

    Currently, I switch between bodies to wear clothing I love if I don’t have a Tonic version, which means I have a huge inventory. How much easier if I only had to worry about one body. Look, in RL I have one body, but I can walk into any shop in the world and find clothing that fits. I understand time and limitations, but I should be able to, after 11 years, do the same in SL.

  16. Its a nice mesh body, yes, not the best and also not the worst, but it would be nice to have it, i would like to have the fine beauty body beside my other mesh bodies, BUT: none of the good skin designers makes skins for it! none of the good fashion designers makes clothes for it …. at the moment, for me it doesnt make sense to buy it. i am sorry ….

  17. I have a dumb question….So I brought the Tonic Fine Beauty shape, is there a way to make the hands smaller? It seems like I have a petite body with giant hands.

      • Thank you so much for getting back to me. After getting some sleep (lol) I realized that I had forgotten to remove the demo shape….. Yeah #fail. Lol I absolutely LOVE this blog. I’ve purchased my shape and head because of it. You’re awesome. Have a great day.

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