The Mesh Project – TMP

Note – due to the complexity of this body, the review is structured a little differently. Don’t be put off by the fact the ‘worst bits’ looks like it’s a long list – it’s not, it’s merely me trying to explain my thoughts 🙂

The Body:

2  1a

The Details:

TMP offers a range of ‘packages’ for their mesh body, so instead of detailing them all, I’m going to include the information from their store board:


***Note – the Deluxe model states ’20’ hand poses. There are only 10 handposes, it’s just that with the deluxe body you can have different poses on each hand (they count this as 20), as opposed to the other bodies, where the right and left hand must always have the same pose.

Designer – The Mesh Project (TheShops!)



Omega – No

SLink hands/feet – No


The HUD:

TMP requires the use of three main HUDS – StyleMode (which is the primary clothing/skin/style HUD), a seperate Alpha HUD (if the body bought has one) and another HUD for purchasing content from the TheShops. Below on the left is the Alpha HUD that comes with the Deluxe Body, to the right is a screenshot of the ‘Stylemode’ HUD in action.

AlphaHUD StyleMode

The best bits:
  • Breasts – these are the best breasts I’ve seen so far for keeping their gorgeous shape when large and when smaller
  • Butt – it definitely has a bubble butt, looks amazing
  • The ‘visual’ style wardrobe that Stylemode offers is handy, although it’s very overdone (to the point of being too complicated)
  • Alpha options were good and there were enough of them I felt for most items.
  • The skin inclusions are great, as are the ‘cleavage’ and shading options that come with them. The quality is amazing.
  • The fitmesh items sold by TheBoutique are a perfect fit and wonderfully textured
  • The neck – I didn’t have any issues at all with neck seams or other issues, the body worked perfectly ‘out of the box’ for me, which I thought was incredible.
The worst bits:
  • I’m just going to say it – the ‘girlie bits’. There is something squarish and flat about it that really bugs me. A woman’s ‘lady garden’ is rounded, soft… not totally flat on the front of her. So yeah, I really didn’t like that part 😛
  • The feet… I really didn’t like the shape of the feet, they felt quite squarish, which was disappointing because the other areas of the body are just amazing
  • Because of the way the body is designed, using ‘normal’ mesh on these bodies is very hard. The skeleton for this body is further down and backward than the SL skeleton, so sometimes mesh will fit the front but not the back, meaning you had to wear a size that was probably too big just to cover enough of the body to be effective with the alphas.
  • The system (from purchase to every day use) is painful. Having to use the ‘Shopping HUD’ and ‘Stylemode’ everytime I wanted to go shopping at their stores was annoying. The HUDS take up your whole screen, and overlap each other making it hard to use them (and almost impossible to cam around the store). To buy their fitted mesh items, you have to ‘unlock’ the mesh that item refers to, then pay anywhere from 250L up just to buy a texture to put on that mesh… argh!
  • Pricing – it’s expensive, plain and simple. Because of their use of an external server to manage clothing and get around LL’s TOS, you need to exchange linden for their ‘shopping’ dollars, however you can’t do this in less than 100L increments. Meaning, if I want to buy a 275L texture for the shorts mesh item (which I did), I would have to buy 300 dollars worth of ‘shops’ dollars – leaving me with an extra balance of 25L that I can’t change back to linden. Now you may say, why use their clothing? The reason is simple – there’s not much other mesh clothing for the body around (if any at all), so you’re stuck with applier clothing, which I don’t hate…. but designers need to be accepted by TMP before being able to design clothing for their mesh bodies, and it’s not Omega compatible…. so choices, I’m afraid, are limited.
  • Feet are totally incompatible with Slink or other brands of shoes.
Best suited to:

This is a hard one. The body is great, and if you have the money to buy their items (or are happy to use mostly applier clothing) I think it might suit you. It’s more complicated than other bodies, but having said that the resulting look really is worth it… The curves you can achieve with this body are elegant and natural, so if you like curves, it’s a good choice.

118 thoughts on “The Mesh Project – TMP

  1. Nice revue, thanks for it.
    Last year i bought also the mesh-body from TMP. I love it mostly, it’s beautiful made, and i love the most of it.
    Like you mentioned, the hud, the shop and buy i simple item can be a bit complicated. Some like maybe this system, but i would prefer i simpler shop, maybe without shopping-hud and all.
    And yes, it’s expensif, first the body (i have the basic one at 2500L$). I like that hands and feets fits perfectly, but i’m bit sad looking at my slink-feet, my shoes i can’t wear with it. Maybe one time will coming…. hope…

    The stiling-hud is also a bit a pain. The system itself seems fine, but if you own more and more clothes, it become realy complicate to make your choice, dress you up in short time.
    Hoping the will found a better solution maybe in the futur, after all it’s still the mesh-body i prefer in this moment, the most beautiful at my eyes.

    • Thank you for your feedback Vattende! I totally agree, the body is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately because of the nature of TMP’s server and the design of the body, it’s highly unlikely that the body will ever become slink compatible or the shopping process any easier. The purchase process is so difficult because they require the change over of linden to their ‘TMP’ money…. but we can only hope! <3

  2. I’m totally in love with my TMP body, I have the 5000 one and I’m very happy with it. Once you are used to the pay system, the stylemode etc it works [for me] perfect. I tried demo’s of all the other mesh bodies but this one looked [in my eyes] the best. And because of the alpha layer hud I can wear a lot of normal mesh clothing. So, overal I LOVE it 🙂

  3. I have the 5000 TMP Body and just crazy about!! At first it took me some time to find who sold TMP clothes. And as the months went by more stores began to support the appliers for TMP. The skin I have is a good match and sometime I do put on my Slink feet, but only if I wear long pants. And If I wear a dress I have to wear thigh high boots. My skin is off just a tad. Either Im too light or too dark. Its not really all that noticeable but I can see it and It can get irritating sometime but I jus find something else to put on. ON that note … will you consider supporting the Omega Appliers?? Im a heavy shopper lol. And there so many outfits to the Omega to wear I want to get. I don’t want to purchase another fitted mesh body just so I can have that particular outfit.

    • Hi Aminah! My blog is just that (a blog/review site) but I recommend you ask your questions about TMP to livehelp resident in world 🙂 Unfortunately TMP has declined to allow Omega appliers to work with their bodies, and I don’t think that’s likely to change unfortunately. Other designers are limited in what they can create for TMP because of restrictions in place by TMP themselves, but hopefully TMP will share the necessary information with other creators at some point! <3 Daria

  4. I love the TMP body as a curvy avatar, but I find organizing the clothing almost impossible. Being a clothing hound I have so many clothes in the hud and it takes forever to find what I want so another “worst bit” is the inability to organize clothing in the hud or in inventory since you delete the applier once added to the hud. The system is too complicated. I have tried Maitreya and dont like the body type as well but it is a breeze to organize clothing

  5. I just got the deluxe body and I got a mesh head, my avatar looks wonderful, however, there is one place the skin won’t come back after I take off my dress, otherwise I love this…I need more clothes from them tho because I can’t get my other stuff to fit with the hud, I click on the on and off and nothing happens.

    • The missing skin piece is likely either residual clothing item your not aware of (so Unstyle every category in Styler)… or you have that body section selected in the Alpha HUD (so clear them all if any are selected).

    • Yes! Amazing…..I have the deluxe head too…Question tho? Does anyone ever say they see you wearing a white mask?..Trippy..some see it day not the next?

      • Hmm do they see a white mask or do they see a white circle? If they don’t have hardware skinning enabled or if they are slow to load, they’ll see the TMP white circle (which if you zoom inside your head is sitting there all the time hehe) ❤️

  6. Hello everyone. I got just a deluxe body and I am pleased with it… beside that really ugly feet , which dont look like at the posters and pics at all. Tried ofc to attach my slink feet.. but as I read now above there is no chance. Its a shame. Also I agree to the clothing hud.. as soon you get more outfits, it takes you ages to find what you want, didnt expect this all for 5000 ld !! Kind regards to all, Elfie wingtips.

    • Hey Elfie – the weird thing about TMP feet is that they’re fitmesh too, so make sure you re-size your feet in the edit shape window (that makes them look a bit less ugly) hehe ♥

  7. I love love love my TMP body. My only issue is the feet. TMP feet are thick and stubby (can you say cankles?) and no amount of adjusting using the SL shape editor can fix that.

    Whatever reason TMP chooses not to allow Slink feet compatibility (converting Slink money to TMP money? do people actually buy that excuse? ;p ), there has to be some sort of middle ground. For example, has TMP thought of making a universal foot shape? That way, regardless of the brand of mesh body a person buys, the shoes fit. Other mesh body vendors would have jump on TMP’s bandwagon, I’m sure. I’m also sure every shoe designer out there would love to simplify their assembly lines.

    It’d be an all around win, and then the TMP body would be even that much more perfect. 😉

  8. Hello all :-), after following the tip with resizing feet in edit shape window.. (facepalms as it was such easy ;P) I am very happy with the tmp mesh body.
    Just would love to find more clothing..which are not just clothing layers ^^….and I would love sooooo very much.. if the alpha hud would be more
    cutted in smaller parts.. some tmp clothing dont fit right at backside of the legs as example, would just need smaller parts to choose .
    Wish a nice day, Elfie Wingtips.

  9. I have the TMP body and i love it. In the part about not being able to find clothing that fit….I use MP to purchase all my TMP clothing. So i dont have to always go to The Shops to buy items. For me that place is Lag Fest. Also the Feet…Yes you have to have TMP to wear open toe shoes/heels…but if u wear say Thigh High Boots that are Slink or reg Mesh just detach the feet and alpha out what needs to be and looks great.

    • Ya you deff can’t run Styler in crowded or byte heavy room. I thought Styler was extremely slow (it is .. needs a makeover bad) but it’s performance is tied into your viewer’s frame rate. When I’m at 30 FPS or better it’s relatively quik. I understand the logic of TMP better now … only use Styler for items like tattoos, hose, underwear, bikinis, and bras … skin tite items in other words. Styler clothing of course exists but it is skin tite and looks painted on. Luckily there’s alot of nice TMP fitted mesh items out there now that fit great and don’t require much if any alpha body masking. When I upgraded from Basic to Deluxe (late June), the person I talked to said they were working on major upgrade. I hope so … also hope they get it good enough to get out of Beta in my lifetime, so that then they will release the personal dev kits.

  10. I have the TMP body and was just wondering if someone can tell me if it is possible to hide the nipples? They stick outside of them comes out of most my tops lol

  11. Got a TMP.. absolutely in love with it.. Find it uncomplicated after buying a SLink one.. Plus with all the alpha’s the majority of my old clothes can be worn with the mesh body… Went for the whole thing, head/face/body.. more than happy with my newfound curves 😉 <3

  12. I absolutely love my mesh but the only problem that I do have is when I am putting on clothes. my high waisted pants wont allow for me to wear a shirt. I love high waisted and most of my clothing is but I cant wear them because I cant wear a shirt. Please help.

  13. I own the most expensive TMP version with all the features. Aside from being the best looking mesh body, I can never wear the body!! The cons – seriously overpriced ripoff compare to other mesh bodies, lack of alpha slices (despite there being talks of an update whenever that is), Lack of quality mesh clothing, and stupid exclusive creator’s signup system for TMP to where not anyone can easily create content for the body. At the moment, there only a small handful of actual mesh clothes, the rest are clothing texture appliers that does a huge disservice to this gorgeous body making your avatar dressed up as if it were SL 2006 again.

    Right now, I’m loving my Maitreya Lara body. IMO, it comes the closest to looking like TMP but with more mesh clothing options on marketplace. I might look into Ebody too, because it’s all about mesh clothes and custom alpha/alpha slices that will win me over on being a loyal supporter/creator.

  14. The Alpha HUD continues to jam. No matter what I try it jams and makes the MESH DELUXE body worthless. I have to delete everything, and then go back to the store and start all over. What a HUGE pain. And what is worse, is TMP is not very customer friendly.

  15. I agree that it’s one of the best-looking mesh bodies available right now (if not THE best), but with other bodies coming out with less expensive and less complicated clothing options I find myself using my ridiculously expensive TMP body less and less. And I also agree with previous comments about the feet/ankles they’re just poorly made imo. The rest of the body though is near perfect and if you’re ok with mostly applier clothing or walking around naked or having just 3-5 good mesh outfits then this body is just right.

  16. Male. TMP Deluxe body and head, skin, hairbase and added eyebrows.
    I’ve been enjoy the TMP body for 5 months and like it so far. Sometimes the HUD disappears so I detach then re-add it. I’ve been happy with the alpha slices so far though more added is always welcomed. I mostly wear mesh clothing though still have some regular that I find wearable; the TMP is definitely more forgiving for guys regarding clothing although we have the least offered in SL.

    For the head I went with the Deluxe then, finding I do not use Any of the emotions (mouth open/closed, talking or blinking) thought it to have been wasted money…but you can’t forget the 2 tattoo layers which comes in handy for men with facial hair. Like the body, hair is applied as a tattoo layer.

    Look me up. I’m always willing to help.

  17. I spent nearly 15,000L to buy TMP Body, Head, Skin, Shape, Eyes, Clothes and shoes and had so may problems. I am sorry to say but it was worst experience dealing with TMP staff.

  18. I adore this body, I have tried others, as I make clothes, and so need to have the range to check what fits for my customers, and this body is my absolute favorite. I’m very disappointed that I can’t fit slink feet onto it though. This is a major problem. 90% of the available full perm mesh shoes are for Slink only. Why? Because slink is cheaper and therefore more people use it. I only wish I was able to make shoe meshes too, but there is one of me, and I can’t do it all lol. Please Please Please, if anyone from TMP reads these comments, then PLEASE try to do an update so that there is at least an add-on to make this body compatible with slink feet. I will keep designing clothes for this body, as I love it so much, but I know most customers are going to feel like I do… sad that I can’t wear all those wonderful slink shoes!

  19. Well, for women this is great, for male Avatars, I just bought the basic, 2 hand poses and there are not many freebie or cheap TMP outfits, guess we are not what they are really trying to market too. Kind of disappointed that there is no upgrade option. meaning you buy say basic drop another 2500L and get the Deluxe.

  20. I totally love this body, but whenever I sit on some chair/couch/whatever, certain animations deform this beautiful body into something hideous, which totally gets on my nerves, so much that I’m actually looking at other bodies’ demos to see if they twist and deform as well, or what.

  21. Love the natural beauty of this mesh! Just picked up the Delux and have conquered most of my bumps in the road. However, I still can’t grasp the dual tattoo/clothing ability. Each time I chose my layers one blacks out the entire section of the other layer. This comes as a huge upset for me after spending 5000L and there not being a how to notecard for the deluxes layering ability. I am still trying to figure this out and I am sure it will be another 8+hrs of sl play before I grasp it. Other than that I am happy with this mesh and look forward to updates in the future!

  22. I bought this body, when it came out and for a short while i was happy. But the HUD is annoying as fuck. i am a designer and i actually dont want to be forced to load MY textures to their servers. I mean they can do whatever they want with your stuff, since you gave them the permission with loading your work up. The other thing is the price. They act like they invented mesh. They are disrespectful to most people and never reply to any questions ( i got a lot of friends who got this problem). So my last word is : i switched to Belleza Freya/Isis and this body is the best. The boobs and bum are super gorgeous!
    So lleave the tmp alone and get belleza 😀

  23. Hi, I have the deluxe body and so far I am liking it, with the typical complain on the interface size of the hud.

    But that’s what I am writing about; I have seen a lady with extremely huge breasts and she claims that it is a TMP body and without using FitMesh breasts. When I asked her about how she got her boobs to be that big, she said its playing around with the sliders, and asked me to experiment and try it out myself.

    So far i am not fruitful with my experiments…. so i would just like to ask whether you have heard or know of any such non-FitMesh large size breasts for the TMP body.

  24. After trying on several demos, I’ve decided that I like the TMP body the most and I’m about to make the plunge. I’m trying to decided between the basic and deluxe versions. I definitely need the alpha HUD, but do I really need 2 clothing and tattoo layers? I like that the deluxe body comes with the feet, but I can just buy the basic body and the feet separate and save 2000 L. Any other advantages to the deluxe body over the basic?

    • Hey Sunset! It depends -if you’re buying a male body you need the deluxe version for the alpha HUD. If you’re buying the female version the basic version comes with the alpha HUD so that’s okay. The biggest advantage is that the Basic body (either male or female) doesn’t come with updates, the Deluxe version gets all the updates though, and they’re planning some big ones so if you want the body, I would recommend deluxe 🙂

  25. Would you mind telling me why exactly they have to use “cloud server” to avoid Linden’s ToS?

    Other than that I love the body but making it work with “normal” meshes sometimes is impossible, looks like the skeleton is much different than the standard boby’s. Uh, and last update was 1+ year ago, it’s still in a damn beta. >.>

    • From what I’ve been told by them, it’s to do with the number textures that load via their HUD (because there are so many textures in it), but honestly I don’t quite understand it either Ati. Last I spoke to them they told me an update was coming out soon, along with the release of their designer mesh body kits, but I guess we’ll wait and see on that one! <3

  26. I love the TMP body so far there is not a body that surpasses its flawlessness but I must admit the shopping possibilities HUD options and customer service of the creator totally suck. As for the feet to make the feet look good you must go into edit appearance set the slider a bit higher and make your feet bigger then it will look natural and you will be rid of that stumpy look. The TMP body is smaller in comaprison so the sliders need to go up a bit. I also have the Belleza body and as beautiful as it is with all the options it offers it is unable for me to give up the TMP body. The Belleza body needs a more rounded ass version to it I simply do not like the pinched looked of the buttucks another plus point as far as I am concern that goes to the TMP body.All I simply do is dress TMP body save the outfit and with one click i can wear my favourite outfits. I also like the fact that most shoes that comes with feet can be worn with the TMP body which allows me to be flexible with my shoe wear, for example Patula’s House and N-Core has a range of beautiful shoes that I love and some of these shoes comes with a mesh feet attached to the shoe itself by removing the TMP feet i can wear almost any of these shoes. Im sure many others got their personal opinions but these are just mines. 🙂

    • I hear you Missy! The TMP body is sculpted so beautifully – I hope they manage to improve on the shopping/user experience and release their mesh developer kits soon, it would be a shame to see such a beautiful body fall to the wayside.

  27. Thanks for the Review.

    First I’d like to say that I own the Deluxe version of the body along with the babydoll head from TMP. The more I discover what I can do with my body the more I fall in love with it. Just for starters, lets start with the Alpha HUD. I LOVE this thing (though I do wish there were more options). If you click on “troubleshooting” and presets it will extend the window. Now lately i’ve discovered a part under the these two options that allow me to double up layers of tattoos and clothing so that it looks like I have a completely unique look. It wasn’t until I started to play around with this feature that I realized that the bare spots in tattoos and clothing etc can be totally fixed. You do have to fiddle around with it for a little bit but it is a fantastic feature to have. It has allowed me to customize my avi to the point that my look is completely unique to me. I often use this feature to co-mix with clothing layers and tattoo layers to go with TheBoutique fashion ware. (great range of clothing)

    The body is clearly in Beta phase when you discover the issues it has.. that just takes a little getting used to and a little tolerance. But I have to say that the good far out ways the issues. A lot of people have said this or that about TMP bodies and its owners. First of all TMP is not owned by a single person. TMP will tell you this themselves if you just ask their livesupport. NOT their personal shoppers lol. Personal Shoppers does NOT equal TMP or TheShops! TMP is a product of TheShops! so there for is not owned by anyone. It is much like Maitreya, Belleza etc a business and brand. So its products are commissioned to fit its bodies. TMP may release its clothing styles to the general public in near future however while in its Beta phase (pre release), TheShops! Will NOT offer their products to anyone who does not have a TMP body. TheShops! has designed TheBoutique! clothing specifically for TMP bodies. Before anyone gets upset please note that many mesh body creators has clothing specifically designed for their own mesh bodies and not for other mesh bodies. I have several mesh bodies all of which only have clothing for their own bodies.

    People are always complaining about the price. Once you TRUELY sit down and take the time to fiddle with your TMP body you quickly discover the reasons why it is so expensive.. people are saying its because of the servers hosted off of SL.. that is clearly not the case when you understand the level of detail going into TheMeshProject! I’m actually surprised at how cheap the product is compared to how much they should be charging.

    Style! Hud.. I LOVE this lovely little creation! Omg okay so in the first few weeks this thing completely scared the living daylights out of me, (didn’t help that I couldn’t read it which they need to change to allow people to see whats what and where instead having it “fit” to the screen), I couldn’t understand what was what and what went where… smh now that I have a massive screen to see what I’m doing and countless amounts of fiddling and getting into the LiveHelp!s support box, I finally learned where I needed to go with the hud and what I needed to do. Its actually pretty simple when you give it a chance to teach you what it needs to. So say you buy a skin from TheShops! you click on the skin number type example I own skins from 28 10 and 18. Buying from these skin tones does NOT put your style hud directly under that skin number so you then have to click on that skin tone number on your style hud to get to your skins. Do you know how many skin types you get? O.O Omg! I got male skins too with mine and every type of “shape” tone I could be offered. (shape tone doesn’t refer to shape but to the skins details for that “shape”). I’ve quickly come to discover that the cost of buying TMP products is no different then paying for any other product, the only difference is you get to mix and match what you want for the price you pay. (This is after purchase btw not before).

    While I do wish the shopping hud would not take up the whole screen I’ve found ways to work around these issues that suits my need. People often ask me “how did you get y our avi to look so good”…. well its simple “I supported TheShops!” by trusting in them and paying for their products I’ve quickly uncovered what it is that TMP are out to do… and I support it whole heartedly… its a change welcomed. People have been affraid of using TMP for one way or another, however I’ve found that if you take the time to ask questions of LiveHelp! you will receive that help…. if you simply assume whatever you want to assume based on “here say” and not actual proof, then your going to continue to have a negative outlook at TMP. Its a lot more simpler then people think if they just take the time to give it a go… and take the actual time to discover TMP… Then you wont regret it. TMP/TheShops! has changed my SL experience… and I thank them whole heartedly for bringing to me exactly what I’ve been after for more then 4 years from SL…. TMP takes sl to a whole new level of experience. Much like anything else in sl you have to take the actual time to learn it in order to see its worth…

  28. I have worn the TMP body almost from first week on the market and I tell ya the learning curve was hard for me. But once I got the knack of it i was overwhelmed by the compliments I received from both sexes on how beautiful I was. Then I ventured off and bought the classic head which i felt was beautiful but kind of cold and modelish. I wanted a more approachable look so I purchased the babydoll head and I love it. I love that it works with the sliders of my classic body and I can be as curvy as I want some days and be smaller on other days.

    What I hate are the huds they are the worse if you have lots of items the style hud can take up to a half hour even with a good PC with lots of ram to sift through and find your items. You see I am a daily shopper and sift through MP daily for new items. It is bit hard to find clothing that is not overly sexual something conservative is quite hard to find in applier clothing made for the TMP Styling Hud. Implying to me either TMP or the Designers they allow are only making $5 hooker clothes which i am not. Just because I want my body to be beautiful doesn’t mean I want to show it everyone via holes or missing parts to my garment. So of us ladies want to be sophisticated and we have businesses and want to look respectable in doing so. What we wear in the boudoir is different than what we wear in public.

    The Alpha Hud has been of no use to me what so ever no matter what I buy there are either too many holes in the wrong places and if my physics or AO are on the holes shift and show through. Many designers complain about this but TMP has let this fall to dead ears. My other complaint is designers are not advertising TMP compatible correctly be aware read the fine print if it is in 5 Sizes then it is not TMP compatible it is just mesh compatible as it does not have appliers for the layers and my well rounded breast will poke out as well as my butt.

    There is no other body I would like to wear and I have 5 other ones but TMP is pushing me away as it is making me spend valuable time to dress and holding my money hostage in their pay system. I might add if an equally beautiful body came along that looks as beautiful I would jump the wagon but so far none of the others on the market or that i have purchase give me the beauty I enjoy. I just will not waste my money on 2nd best again.

    • Hello,

      For fantastic looking clothes that are not “sluttish” or “whorish” try TheBoutique!s clothing at TheShops! at the moment they have a 50 percent off discount going on at their mirror sim. I know its a little daunting purchasing individual colours to match to the clothing items but I have to admit in the long run it actually works out cheaper because you pick the mix and match for your outfit (not to mention you don’t waste lindens on something you thought you were buying). For a highly unique look, I strongly recommend learning how that alpha layer hud works, it has a lot of nifty tricks up its sleeve (example click on the presets and troubleshooting section and under the pop out sections you will find options to turn on and off clothing layers and tattoos, this option also allows you to double up on layers. Due to this being beta be aware you may run into some issues while playing around with these options be patient 🙂 try fiddling with the options to see what they do, you will need to have tattoos, or clothing layers applied in order for you to check these out.), with that said, keep your eye out for painted clothing, this in combination with mesh clothing is a fantastic way to find and create a unique look that is your look and only your look. I’ve had hours of fun (after hours of frustration figuring out the hud) coming up with my own unique styles. With that said, those whorish/sluttish clothes that your speaking of can come in handy when using painted on clothing. (Keep in mind for products not made by TheBoutique! you will need to adjust your mesh body to fit the clothing until they release the beta project into Live as the alpha hud can only do so much).

      Unfortunately because of that horrible rumor floating around about TMP being able to steal designers designs, has scared off people who are interested in designing for TMP. I would like to state that that rumor is completely 100 percent false, TheMeshProject is not owned by any single person or group of persons, it is a product of TheShops! and will never be shut down because of some petty arguments between owners (again not owned by any individuals it is a product of TheShops!). If you have any issues with your body go to TheShops! in world and click on the purple/pink lettering “Live Help” button and not the personal shoppers, you should get a message in global chat that says LiveHelp Kiosk: IM LiveHelp (this part is underlined) click it, read the LiveHelps profile carefully and make sure your IM is with in the standard time for their help desk. If it isn’t simply drop them a notecard they WILL get back to you.

      TMP is a major learning curve, it defys everything that is Secondlife and challanges everything else that already exists within our secondlives. TMP has the potential to be bigger and better, but a lot of people are to scared of the price tag and the rumors to give it a genuine shot. I know the price tag seems steep, however I’m surprised it’s so cheap after truly getting to know the ins and outs of the product. The amount of time, energy, design etc put into TheMeshProject… I’m speechless at how much effort TheShops! is putting into this project, even with all the hate they’re receiving. The other day, a lady said “I don’t understand why they don’t allow people to design even poorer quality products for TMP.” I chose not to answer that statement because I knew it would start world war 3 lol. TMP is in the process of creating a brand, one that will outshine most other products already on SL. I hear that until the product has gone live they will continue to protect the integrity of the TheMeshProject by being selective on who they allow in on the project. I am extremely grateful to be along for the ride simply by being a customer and willing to support them by buying their products. I have not been disappointed yet by TMP…. however they’ve set a standard for me that makes it difficult to buy anything else that isn’t up to the same standard.

      Creators who design clothing on SL have to understand that I buy my lindens… where US citizens spend 45 cents to a dollar for the products they buy, I spend 1.75 to 4 dollars a product. So if I’m buying a product that says it is TheMeshProject compatible, then I expect that it is compatible and looks exactly like what I’ve just bought… When it doesn’t, I feel completely ripped off because not only can i not return the product, but I cannot get a refund either. Designers whine “why don’t they let the design of clothes be open to all designers”, but forget that some of us actually pay with real cash into the game. When I buy something on SL I’m not counting the Lindens, I’m counting how much I’ve just spent in RL cash on that product. Would you buy something if you thought you were wasting money on something your just going to stop using?

      If you have any questions, (keeping in mind I am no expert and are still learning about TMP), please IM me in world.

      Melody Sunset

  29. Hi; I just find the demo… and I’m having problems using any kind of clothes (of course I’m getting sure it’s supported by TMP) but I just don’t know how to install it; I’m not sure if it is for being the demo body or it’s something I’m doing wrong; Please can you help me

  30. Okay So I bought a TMP head BUT HOWEVER brought a body applier but I dont know how to put on this TMP head… Im working with a Maitreya body, but with the appliers, I can wear different meshes with this new body… Im kind of new to this, i just wanted to try a mesh head… any help or suggestions?

  31. I appreciate the reviews but I find it premature to be counting TMP and Niramyth among the contenders. Neither offers an appropriate demo. In fact Niramyth offers none stating they can not supply a demo because the avatar is essentially buggy..but hey purchase the avatar anyway. and TMP supplies a white avatar with NO HUD with which to evaluate the product.

    I was keenly interested in both TMP and Nirmyth. But I learned a long time ago never, ever, to purchase something made of mesh that I can not try before I buy.

    I feel as if Ive been shown a 2013 Ford, told its really a 2016 Ferrari. Then being told I can take it for a test drive even though I can clearly see the dealer has removed the tires and refuses to give me a key. All the while the car dealer maintains the mistaken belief that I’ll be so smitten by the glossy paint job it wont matter if the engine runs well or not.

    Considering how expensive both of these avatars are its more than a little bit presumptuous to assume people wlll just fork out 2000-5000 to give it a whirl without being able to test the HUD or the way the avatar mesh body fits.

    Thankfully Maitraya and Absolut Creations, among others, did supply full featured demos. Otherwise Id have given up on Mesh bodies for another 3 years.

    • Her review for the TMP and Niramyth was timely she reviewed them as soon as they hit the market. You are ahead of the curve because she tells you what she found that was good or bad. She never said her word was gospel and TMP does offer a Demo with a hud. You are correct on the Niramyth it does not have Demo’s and to many that is a disappointment but still she was able to give you what she found to be the good and the bad about it. If you decide to take the risk and buy it you will not just have what the creator has said about the product you also have what someone else’s opinion of it is as she has tried it. If tried and true were the only aspects of this blog I would find no need to read this blog I want to know trends and cutting and leading edges. Whether I choose them or not I want to know what the buzz is of the shoppers, creators and designers in SL. However, that said we each read blogs for different reasons yours, mines and theirs I read for theirs.

  32. TMP does offer a hud with the demo and you can wear the body like a regular mesh body if you choose to… The Styling Mode hud is what you use to customise the mesh body. You receive the hud as soon as you land in the store it is automatically sent to you along with the Shopping Hud in a folder. If you decline you must tp out and tp back in to get it again.

  33. Where do you even buy this from I want to try the free one, there is nothing at the shops and nothing is coming up when i search for it had this problem with my maitreya lara body O_O


  34. Probably they remove the bad reviews…i have the deluxe version and i totally hate this system …complicated and expensive.

  35. I just love the TMP body, it is by far the most beautiful especially when you have a curvier physique. The downside as explained in earlier comments are the huds they’re overly complicated and annoying and the fitmesh clothing is in very short supply. If I wanted appliers I’d have stuck with my SL avatar. Also if your thinking of shelling out $L5000 then consider this, the last update I received was back in December 2014 some 14 months ago. I have spent tens of thousand of linden so I’m going to stick with this body a little longer, but my patience is wearing a little thin.

  36. The only mesh body i bought so far. Deluxe and the head. Yes it was expensive and i will be honest i hated having to switch from basic avatar to mesh. Now certainly a year or so later with the TMP body i must say..i never get out of it unless it is a completely different avatar. I love it’s shape what i made of it and the compliments prove it. That said i can understand the complaints about the feet allthough i think some focus to much on it. I mean buy a set of boots and you do not even look at them. True they are a bit square-ish. But it’s you who looks at that. Other eyes usually move up higher Lmao. Excuse my english if it contains mistakes. European and it is a bit rusty.

  37. I have a few questions before jumping into tmp i love the boobs and the butt their perfect and i have a head in mind already . with the huds do you have to worry about buying there money if you just stick to mesh itself sold by other makers that do tmp, would it work that way ? also about the feet i think their natural i do like them more than the maitreya ones , only thing that will be sad is the fact i wont be able to use my slink feet but ill get over that . One thing ,i do see a mask on every tmp head and im just guessing its me i have been using sl with no graphics card so it has to be me on my end .new computer soon so that should go away .that might be why some people see a mask their graphics arent high enough or good enough .

    • Hi Angels 🙂 Unfortunately with TMP you need to use their hud for skins and appliers. They haven’t distributed their mesh body kit to other designers, so you’ll need to either adjust your shape/use alpha to try fit into standard mesh, or use some of the ‘experimental’ tmp sizes out there. It’s really limited at this point I’m afraid. For the heads, the mask you see is actually a little round circle that’s inside of the head. You’ll see this when something doesn’t render properly, so it’s a graphics card or graphis settings issue. Try making sure you always tick ‘hardware skinning’ in your graphics preferences, and keep your level of detail slider at 4 🙂

      • Oh no i understand the hud is for skins and appliers i mean the mesh clothes in general . do some designers actually have the kits for making mesh clothes and if so couldnt i wear those as is instead of appliers for clothing for the TMP bodies . Like mesh clothes for tmp instead if that makes sense lol

    • I have a TMP body and almost never use the style hud. I use it mostly for the tattoo layer and that’s it. The alpha hud is my best friend. I find that if I use the alpha and adjust my shape, that a lot of things will fit. To make things easier, I just save an outfit with the adjusted shaped and alpha on screen and it takes no time to change into a different outfit. I’m not using a mesh head, and I found that the body came with enough skin tones that it matched my previous skin almost perfectly!

  38. Ok thank you , I tried out the fierce head with the regular body with deetalez sking omg im in love !. i will be getting it all next month . I do however have maitreya all in all it is beautiful with the lelutka stella head but its just not me im biracial so finding any medium skin is difficult but i finally found a combo im in love with and even though the hud is difficult im sure i can figure it out . The things i love about tmp are the fierce head it is so amazing looking compared to any other head out there its unique well at least to me . The hands and feet look the most natural to me as well. The ankles well those could be greatly improved .and the lady bits their a little squarish but i did see that same thing with belleza just not as bad as tmp i can get over that though .The breasts i love their the most natural and the body alone has the nicest curves to me . Finding the clothes in the hud now that i will have to actually play with i loaded some but they dont seem to be in the clothing area . But either way i am happy to change up if i get the look i want .

    • If your talking about that happening on your tmp face, it is because you need to have basic shadors on to see your skin properly . I had the same issue got a graphics card and everything is better

  39. The TMP body, in my opinion is the most beautiful of all. It’s perfect!
    I do not like the alpha hud, in the breasts. The alpha that is shaped like a triangle, strapless clothes, can not be used, because it appears the alpha part. The alpha hud other bodies, has the circle shape, wearing any clothes without handle.
    A request to the creators of the WAR, you guys can modify the hud alpha?

  40. I was in The Shops last week and to my amazement they change the Credit amounts to lower amounts, I think you can now get $50 and $75. Which made it easier for me to add on to what was sitting there not being used to purchase an item and not have lots of credits left over. The also have a 50% off sale on clothes and I was able to find two dresses I liked.

  41. Slink, belleza, e-body & Maitreya can share the share., and TMP is different, they use different scale and build on the body. TMP made the most pretty body, however it has some fatal weakness on 2 areas even you adjust the shape. The arms wide and position are not same as the classic avatar scale. No matter how hard to adjust it for short sleeve clothes, it just cannot fit. Sometimes, it happen to the wrist too. The another is the high chest and neck do not cover they alpha. It cannot wear on brand clothes (i.e. CoCo Design).

    Besides, it is really lack of clothes support, it is still the same today. It would not change till they are willing (yes, they announced update & developer kit last September!) to release the developer kit to 3 party.

  42. Ok so i am back and i have a question about the TMP nails , when ever someone takes a pic with it i see the nails as natural but on my end and i have a new graphics card and all i see my nails white . Like they look like they have white polish on them vs being a natural nail looking like everyone else i see wearing the TMP hands . Am i doing something wrong that is making me not see them correctly ?

  43. I have the first release TMP body demo in 2014(?). It had the Mid-high feet and the neck fitted the classic avatar so seamlessly. Back then I was not that interested with mesh bodies, even if I’ve already noticed TMP’s beautiful boobs and butt. I just had the mesh item in my inventory folder unused.

    And then last week I found my TMP demo and tried it on. I have noticed the neck no longer fitting the classic avatar, and the Mid-high feet is suddenly changed into Flat feet. Why these changes? I’d rather read blog comments than inquire directly to TMP. I heard it takes a while to get answers if anyone ever does.

  44. I am persevering with the TMP body because it’s so beautiful – one thing I cannot figure out with the layers is how to apply an item to a particular layer, there seems to be honest control over this! Love this blog, Daria

    • Thank you so much Marcia!! With TMP, their appliers install to the layer the designer has specified, so you can’t manually select which layer they go on I’m afraid 🙁 It will install to the layer directory in Style Hud that you can use.

  45. Thanks for that – so, there is no way I can look at the Style HUD and see which items have been put on Tattoo layer 1 or 2 or Clothing 1 or 2?

  46. What I find frustrating is the delay in the release of the “specs” for designers. The TMP Facebook page posted back in November 2015 that exciting updates would be coming based on the new Bento Skeleton. It is June of 2016. In the mean time one of my favorite designers is no longer making clothing for TMP because the specs are not available and it is too time consuming to “guess” the fit. I also find the style hud frustrating because I can not make outfits. I have to click through the textures to apply them. The other frustration is the alpha hud is so angular around the boobs rather to follow the roundness of the breast. So for a big breasted avatar, the results are even less clothing is available. I have an alt with another popular body, and the appliers can be added to the outfit to apply immediately. I love TMP body and head, but the few things I have listed would make it perfect.

    • Another designer has stopped making new mesh clothing for TMP. However, I have found that the slink hourglass works for my TMP shape. I am doing this because TMP people still have not come out with the updates promised back in November 2015 on their Facebook page. It works pretty well. Lots of work arounds to use the body.
      I have also make copies of the body with the appliers already applied. So when I put that outfit on, the body has the what I wanted to wear already on it. I did the same with the head, made copies with different make ups. This way I am not fiddling with the style hud to find the outfit I want. And it makes for super fast changes. My inventory is a bit bulky as a result, but still manageable.

  47. I really do love the look of this body! I tried several different mesh body demos, and this was the one I instantly fell in love with. I have three main issues, however, that I wish would be improved upon. First of all, I SO miss all of the Slink shoes I amassed that are now sitting unused in my inventory. It would be amazing if TMP could come up with a fix for this. Secondly, I don’t like the layout of the alphas. It is difficult to wear mesh, low-cut tops and low-rise pants without having an invisible spot or line on the body (which means I end up creating yet another saved shape in an attempt to force fit the item, and even that doesn’t always work). I think providing smaller alpha areas at angles that are more consistent with the fit of most mesh clothing would seriously help. Lastly, and most importantly, the Style Mode HUD for the TMP body is extremely difficult to manage. I like clothes, so I have a TON of items that I have installed to the HUD. I have had to create a note card in an attempt to keep track of what items are on which layers at which point on each layer. Thank God for designers who provide an image of the actual clothing item rather than a logo or else I’d continuously have to use the note card to find exactly what I need! I’m not sure how this could be fixed, but the current HUD set up is truly a nightmare.

  48. Oh! One more thing…has anyone noticed a pattern with the order in which the appliers add items to the HUD? I never have a clue where to look when I first install an applier, so I end up scrolling through the layer I THINK is most logical, and it takes forever to locate the new item. Any thoughts?? Thanks!

    • Hey Jenna! It is a bit of a guessing game I’m afraid – sometimes the creator will write the layer on a notecard inside the applier folder, but other than that unless it tells you somewhere where it installs to (or offers multiple installers for different locations) it is a bit tricky!

  49. Hello. I just bought TMP head and i had already SLINK body. Now the head won’t fit with the body. The head have a little portion of neck and the body too, but they are really distant to each others, i tried to modify the shape etc etc but none of these things will work. I have the DELUXE head, and a friend says that in the “style” hud there are the options for neck blending etc…but i have only 2 options: eyelashes fit and expressions animations. Nothing else. Now my avatar have the head distant from the body and i’ve tried everything. Someone knows how to fix it?

    • some people receieve a retrofit version of the head with the deluxe version, some don’t. imo its a hassle and i dispise how their eyelashes have to be readjusted all the time. decide if you wanna use the retrofit and start all over adjusting everything or not, thats your choice. but there is a head thats ment to work with “retro” (kinda insulting) bodies.

  50. So my work around for the style hud is to copy the head with the make up I want for a particular outfit. I plan to do that for the body too. Makes for a huge inventory, but, at least I am already dressed and made up!

  51. Hia,

    I want to say that your review is exactly how I experienced it. I wasn’t even considering mesh body, but someone gave me a link to the free TMP body, so I thought.. let’s just have a look and try it. And I was sold on this body. Don’t take me wrong, I also saw the other bodies and used a few demos, and they are great, but this is the one I love because of the shape of the breasts and legs. I also like the way you can vary the shading of the skin and the cleavage.
    You already told most of the things, but I just want to say a few things that I ran into the most, now more than a year later.
    1 Limited selection of clothes. Well, you see that cute dress and it says Maitreya, Belleza and Slink… but not… the mesh body. There is still a wide selection, but it seems people are more concentrating on others primarily.
    2 As you already said: slink feet(and hands) don’t work right. The ankles are pretty slender and to fit even the smallest slink feet you need to add a lot of muscle. Also when you have the freebie and want to add some feet to your body so you can use the shoes that are specifically made for TMP you have to pay 500 linden or be stuck with a very small choice of flat feet TMP shoes.
    3 The free version cost nothing and the next one 1000 linden. With 500 linden paying for the feet you pay 1500 for a limited body(just one texture layer, no alpha). Just 1250 or so more and you get a whole body by others like Maitreya. If you are serious into clothes you probably won’t be happy with TMP so before sinking any money into this one better think about your options.
    4 The neck just fits perfectly with my legacy head. Don’t see a seam.
    5 I liked that the body looked very much like my own legacy shape. I was worried it would totally different.

    Hope this helps people trying to decide..

  52. As a wearer of the TMP body for the past year, I can safely say that there are some misconceptions about the body, while others are right on target. I’ll just list my pro’s and cons


    1) The body itself is BEAUTIFUL. It’s (in my opinion) the most feminine of the bodies, with Maitreya Lara coming in right behind it.

    2) The main thing that sold me on this body was the ability to re-size the feet. I’m a very petite girl, and every other mesh body forces me to have feet the size of water-skis. Try as I might, I can’t find a balance. I’m not into the heavier-set thighs and body that a lot of girls are sporting these days. I’m very small and slender (I try to emulate a 5’3″ size visually), and that means having small, cute, very petite feet, which TMP does so well. No other body offers this to my knowledge.

    3) The clothing options might be limited, but do NOT automatically assume that you can’t use clothes made for other bodies. 75% of the mesh clothes I buy allow me to use the Slink Physique option and achieve either perfect or blink-and-you’ll-miss it-almost-perfect fits, every time. This mainly applies to tops, skirts, dresses and gowns. When you get into pants, you’re in trouble. TMP legs are set in closer than Slink legs, so your ankles and lower legs will poke out of the pants near the bottom cuff, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But at least you have selection! You can also use Maitreya Lara versions of mesh clothes on the TMP body, but refrain if it’s an item with shoulder straps or a pronounced chest, as the Lara body sets these elements higher up. Example: you’ll have straps that “float” too high on your shoulders. As always…..try a Demo!


    1) The buying options are a pain, as you have to use the Shopping HUD, but honestly… many times are you going to need to use it? The most I’ve bought since I purchased the Deluxe body and Head are some toenail/fingernail polish. That’s it. Still, it’s an annoying step for first-time users.

    2) The clothing HUD is a mess. Thankfully I wear mesh clothing nearly all of the time, and I only reserve the body layers for stuff like stockings, bra + panties, some sweat or tattoo layers, etc. Anything that would “hug” the body. If you plan on using lots of layer clothing with your body, the inventory will turn into an absolute disaster, very quickly. It’s not intuitive or user-friendly, so think about doing as I do, and only using TMP clothing installers for the stuff that really matters. Mesh is your friend.

    3) The reduced selection of clothing is always going to be an issue with TMP. Yes, you can use a lot of Slink Physique versions of clothes on your body, so your wardrobe isn’t nearly as limited as you might think, but you’re out of luck when it comes to shoes, as the vast majority are made for the Lara or Physique bodies. There are some GORGEOUS TMP high heel designs out there by companies like KC, Rebel Hope, EMPIRE, Dirty Princess, HH and N-Core, but the selection is still quite limited. There are beautiful, gorgeous to-die-for shoes that i’ll never be able to wear unless I go Lara + Waterski feet.

    CONCLUSION: Remember that this body is still supposedly in beta, so there’s no telling what might happen with a new release. Will TMP wisen up to all the problems with their gorgeous body, or remain stubborn? Will we even GET a new version of the body, which has promised for a full year, now? It remains to be seen. Until someone does fitmesh feet (I’m looking at YOU, Maitreya!) then I’ll stick with TMP. It sounds silly, but one body part really does make a world of difference for me.

  53. What can i even say about this body? it was my first and i was disgusted to find out i could find a much, much better one with all the features of the “deluxe” edition (and more) for half the price! the two clothing and tattoo layers are useless without an alpha masking and blending toggle for the layers and theres no way to use custom skins or tattoos. on top of that, the mesh clothing made for this body are usually very very poorly fitted, but thats not the creators faults, thats the owner of tmps fault for not supplying a dummy model. tmps own mesh clothing are TERRIBLE. it overly relies on the alpha system and guess what, you get a blank model and have to BUY THE TEXTURES SEPARATELY! they’re not even cheap either. you can’t even use some because they’re bugged so that you can’t buy the minor textures (ex zipper textures. yeah, you have to buy those to. you don’t get those with the jeans textures..)

    even if you only use appliers this isn’t worth it to you. theres no way to keep a wardrobe because your textures are stored in a hud and theres no way to see witch one i witch because they’re not even labeled in any way. if you buy from one specific creator alot, sorry sweets! you’re gonna have to try on every single thing untill you find what you want. same with skins, makeup, eyebrows, tattoos, ect.

    skip tmp. its tempting cause its all “hip” and “trendy” but no. its not worth it hunny. with maitreya you get a much easier body to work with with better alphas, feet that don’t look like you have deformed ankles (did i mention those?) and a lovely, lovely amount of clothing to choose from. with belleza you get 3! bodies with hand and feet poses and a wardrobe hud that doesn’t make you want to claw your lashes out. with slink you get a body as easy to worth with as maitreya and some lovely skin options to start you with. theres no reason to spend L$5000 for something that offers you less then what other brands will give you for less money!

    • Wow so negative a response…I think i will skip any further reviews that are slanted and unfair. Its an opinion I get that but to tell people to skip a body just because you don’t like it seems a bit unfair to this thread since we are here because we like it and yes it has some issues but which body doesn’t?

      • I agree with you Cheryl, the comments are often unfair to the bodies because people get very passionate about them. I try to keep my reviews impartial in that way though, so hopefully you find them of use 🙂

        • Its ok to not like a body and its ok for you to say you don’t but i feel its harsh to tell someone to skip a body in an authoritative way. Instead list what you don’t like and do like and let others base their purchases on their own. People will take your thoughts into considerations but please be nice. Even though this site doesn’t talk much about TMP it has never since i have been a member spoken unfairly or rude about any designer. Which is why I am still a fan of this blog.

  54. An announcement for the Shops was on Facebook today stating the long awaited update would be released soon. The update to the designer kit is now available however they do not have one for personal use only for designers to make fit mesh and appliers. Also until August 28 the deluxe body is half off it is being sold for 2500 L instead of 5000 L. I am guessing that since they also announce no upgrades will be available during the sale that the upgrade will come out after the sale is over. They also said the hud has been overall and many of the fixes that were requested have been consider in making the upgrade.

  55. I thought I read that the mesh designer kit was available to everyone, just the appliers designers need to still fill in an application. The announcement was exciting.

  56. Well it is out now (mesh kit). Major dev’s are using it (Blueberry, Addams. Truth, etc). It does need refined tho. Fit on TMP is gappier than say same fit on Mait, Bell, etc. Body skin tends to break thru more often as well. Probably a weighting issue. It is much better than the trial and error of day’s past but … the dev kit should make it possible for fit mesh from a dev outside TMP to make a fit as good as a TMP proper. Another annoyance is you STILL can’t do personal projects. Requires personal applier kit which has not been released .. and who knows when it will given the snail’s pace of progress they tend to make. I have friend who is official TMP dev and for some reason is not allowed, at this point, to dev and submit skins. Ridiculous eh?


  57. So this is September 12, 2016 now. I se that the kits have come out, but still no update? My avatar has been out of Sl for about 9 months. I notice the shopping and style “packet” when landing in the store is v.62…was it not v.61? …so when did v.62 come out? and how in the world do I know if my body/alpha hud/anything even has an update or not, as I have yet to even see an official group even. I like the body but yes the support or horrible. Do you put on the new HUDs and go to store it should say 1) There is an update, or 2) you have the latest what ever. So no way to even check that?

  58. So for some reason they refuse Omega appliers, even though every customer wants it. Because they have something better? They don’t allow you to do your own appliers! That means, no appliers at all! What kind of cluttered messed up mind came up with such a mess? Keep it simple stupid?! HELLO!?!?! Get rid of all the garbage and HUDS and complications, let people apply things to their own bodies (it’s a God given right!), then MAYBE TMP will not fall into the forgotten list of historical monstrosities.

    I get cooties from any time I even try to do anything with TMP, it has set the bar to a whole new high level of f’d up.

  59. I am really sad about TMP without a doubt in my opinion it is the best looking body out there.
    What makes me upset is that I may have to conform to Maitreya or Slink because all the nice clothing is made for those body’s and it is completely TMP’s fault .I feel like I have wasted alot of Lindens on there product and I wish there was a way to get a refund because I would certainly ask for it at this point.I am beyond frustrated with TMP they dissatisfy there customer trying to get around LL ToS with there terrible HuD.People scream for changes with this system and there screams fall on deaf ears.
    Please TMP make some real changes you do have the best body but you are going to go out like a dinosaur.Very few are designing for your product and It’s painfully obvious if you try and go shop and look for things that are TMP compatible.

  60. No chance tmp looks better than maitreya, I get told every day my avatar is the hottest on SL by guys, though could be they just want sex! :p

    Also Maitreya also comes with wet skin applier, which makes it even hotter when you have SL Sex, and I work also as a pole-dancing Extoic dancer. This applier is essential to my work. Also TMP does not use omega big mistake as designers focus on Omega lately. Not to mention how complicated it is to use where maitreya I click 1 button.

    Maitreya is half the price of tmp as well! Only body I have ever used because its easy to use and makes me look like my real self as close to possible so my customers get the real experience almost.

  61. Good afternoon! I have the body and the TMP head but I have some difficulties head looks white and buy a skin in the store The mesh Proyect but came without applicator so you can not do because the head is white not understand what could be the problem if the body is perfect.

  62. Just purchased this body and head and I like it so far. However, there are a few things that I find weird. I’ve purchased some of their clothes, as well and not every piece can be installed in the Style HUD. Some you still have to wear, then configure. I find this to be a bit confusing and strange.

    While I understand that you can purchase the shorts in multiple colors, you have to buy each individual color separately. Since that is the case, why can’t each color be put in the Style HUD separately so you can choose the color from there?

    I bought a ring, but it floats above the hand. So far, I haven’t figured out how to make it appear on the finger, and not 3 ft above the hand.

    Also, I tried dancing, and I have broken ankles. I’ve looked at their website and store and am unable to find if there is anything that will work with it, to fix the issue.

    After a bit of fiddling and confusion, I was able to get what I consider a pretty good look. There are some things I wish they’d tweak, but they aren’t anything that would make me quit using this body and head.

  63. I have the TMP mesh body too and still waiting to buy a mesh head, hopping they surprise us with a bento one. I was thinking in change of body cause sometimes is frustrating whem i can not find clothes for my RP lifestyle (medieval) after trying belleza demos i decided keep my TMP mesh body lol cause i like how my boobs bounce when walking!

  64. My opinion… TMP HEAD… Looks AMAZING… Options and Naimations and Facial Expressions NON EXISTANT… With so many amazing heads in SL you would think they would step up their game… COLLAB if they are incapable of handling the task of animating their head. I mean Seriously.. at 5000L Lets get with the program….. BODY WISE… TMP has NOTHING On Maitreya… Maitreya is gorgeous.. can be used with THICK shapes and the breasts and “Woman Garden” Looks amazing Nice Bubble Butt too… So TMP… Get with the program!

  65. Any insides scoops on TMP? There are rumors all about the stability of the brand. Just wanted to know if anyone has heard why they have not released the update now that Bento has been released to the main grids.

  66. I left a message on their facebook page and their in world help. Sad the Same Old thing, great things in the future. Live help said the creators are working on bento related items. I love TMP, the body and head. BUT, I got the body in February 2015. That is over two years and NO update. My head is one years old. So I sadly just gave up this month and went out and got another body and head. I had about 200 outfits, more or less. But the good thing is so many of the mesh clothing I bought had versions for other bodies. So a lot of my inventory is still good. I just feel sad and disappointed that they don’t stay up with the trends.

  67. So I waited a long time to write this hoping, just hoping that TMP would listen to their customers and fix the crappy things they have on their body, but why would they do that? Anyway, I’ve had my body for a long time, and my hubby spent a whopping 10k on his body and head a few months ago to only wear his head for a few days because none of the appliers out there except for a very few would work on it and the selection was poor. TMP started out and continues to be super greedy and because of this it’s business has gone down a lot. Their store is never packed like it used to be. If you see one or two people there with you it’s a miracle. Still, after more than a year I must say that the body, with the exception of the ankles is still an amazing body. The alpha hud sucks and it needs a huge revamp, but if they haven’t done it up to now, I doubt they will. Also, skin makers like L’etre which started to work making appliers for the body now don’t anymore for whatever reason. Some of the others as well so the common factor is TMP.
    So to sum it up…TMP please do this….1. fix the alpha hud allowing us to block out sections at a time. 2. Fix the ankles. I’m tired of having cankles. 3. Please work with other creators better and stop being so greedy that NO ONE wants to work with you. 4. Add a better neck blender for mesh heads and 4. Get rid of the stupid store you have….the white all around hurts people’s eyes, there’s never anyone around to help and having to purchase credit sucks when you leave a balance there that you will probably never use. Because of all this I’ve stopped using my TMP body and have stuck with my Maitreya as the clothing options far outweight TMP options.

  68. Hi Judy, I am a diehard TMP user and I understand your woes I have the exact same ones as you do. May I suggest one way to get through your hud faster is to move items to the trash BUT DO NOT DELETE THEM. Just move them there and you can move them back when you want to use them. Any items I have not used in a year I move to the trash. If I get in a mood to wear it I can move it back. But I caution you NEVER ever PERMANENTLY DELETE anything from the trash in your hud or you will never be able to load it back again. This is definitely another flaw with the hud not being able to add an item back if you permanently delete it. Once the creator of a gown made a mistake and she fixed it I deleted the old one and tried to load the new one and i could never load it again. I asked Live Help and was told if I permanently delete it from the hud it would never load again. Boy did I rip into them about how crazy that was. LOL So now I have a 1500L dress I can’t wear on the TMP body.

    I have quite a few bodies and I wear TMP the most, occasionally I wear maitreya but I don’t like looking like everyone else, the bubble butt, the hips and the hands and feet on maitreya can be spotted a mile away and unfortunately their colors don’t blend in well with my heads. If i use omega skin applier it works ok. I have tried to get around the bubble butt sitting on my back by elongating my torso it makes a slight difference. But still I am not their biggest fan. I love the textures and the 36 colors of my TMP the best, my bits and pieces look very real in my opinion. I know many disagree and I for one never felt I wasted 1 linden when I purchased the body and three heads for my avatar. There is a claim out by their Live Help that they are revamping it. Well we will see. I am not holding my breath. As for buying everything ala cart I see many creators have moved to that especially with the new heads that are Bento. Eyes, eyebrows, lips all are being sold on some heads ala cart.

    Now the buying credits at The Shops is very ridiculous makes very little sense to me either. I over look it and just buy what I want and try to only add enough to make the purchases I want. As for the white walls in The Shops I love that because you can actually see every thing well because some stores make it so dark you miss flaws or addons that don’t show up well in their dark stores. But that said I never purchased their clothing because to get a skirt for free and then have to buy the colors and textures, buttons, pockets, etc. may seem novel but more work than I want or need. I found that when working with new friends to SL and showing them the rope this was not easy to teach. There are very few videos on YouTube for them to watch to learn TMP so its text chat all the way. I think because of the proprietary attitude they missed the boat on this one. One of my new friends is dyslexic and learns best by watching as letters are upside down in his head and comprehension is not very good. But once he watched a video he soared as a user. When I first met him he was stuck he didn’t understand the concept of TP’ing. But after a series of videos he knows as much as I do and perhaps a little more because he has thrived from watching them. This was a learn for me on how to teach someone with a disability.

    I hope the trick with the hud helps you a bit and lets just see what TMP does in 2017. I have a feeling someone will come out with something that will be even better and everyone will flock there. Even with the 4 updates to Maitreya they have not matched or made a better body. (I know many disagree but that is what’s so great about the freedom to choose).

  69. I am a total TMP addict, and make clothes for this body. I agree that the HUD is difficult, but I wear and create almost exclusively mesh clothing, not appliers, so it is just as easy to get dressed in TMP as it is with any other body.

    One thing I have noticed with TMP that doesn’t seem to be mentioned here, the TMP feet do stretch. I have not found any other mesh bodies that do this, so if you are thinking your TMP feet look ugly, try resizing them with the ‘edit shape’ tools, getting your TMP feet into proportion with the rest of your body is a big bonus on this body, and can make the difference between them looking odd, or looking great.

  70. I purchased body and head soon after they were released… not a single update… when I contact support (cough) I am told that an update is to be released very soon… I have been told that every 6 months for the last 2 years…. obviously I have no concept of what soon means. I have finally given up and will spend my $$ and give my loyalty to a business that appreciates it.

  71. It looks like they removed the Free version.
    One of the reasons to still make clothes for TMP was that there were so many alts using this Free body, and maybe someone would upgrade eventually. I don’t know now. Are them planning to reintroduce it later, maybe? Or it’s just their usual masochism?
    This body had a lot of potential and nice features, like the fitmesh resizable feet, but its potential has been hampered and ruined by a bunch of poor choices that have never been revised.

  72. Now TMP is selling the deluxe body and head for $500 lindens. And all the clothing is free. I just got a notice. Too bad they didn’t update. I loved the body as it had the best breasts.

  73. And now TMP is all but dead. I just paid 500L for the the full version. Would I like to use my new TMP body on a regular basis? Sure, but I have a custom skin on my custom Bento mesh head that fits SL UV. None of the base/bonus TMP skins match it, and tattoo layer blenders have no effect on mesh heads. I made my own Omega applier with materials using my very own custom skin textures and applied the skin to my Slink body, feet, and hands quite easily. It’s a near seamless fit with my Bento head. TMP, of course, never got Omega support. I have to agree with the negative comments I’ve read above mine. All too often we see people defend their purchases, and they tend to be more defensive the more they’ve spent. Unless I see an Omega relay for TMP, this body is staying in my inventory.

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