Sking – Brazilia Doll 2/3/4

The Body:

Sking Brazilia Dolls

 The Details:

Cost – Brazilia Doll 2 series – 1,800L and Brazilia Doll 3 -2,000L
Designer – SKING
Current Reviewed Version: Varies
Includes – Fitmesh Body (2 versions in the Doll 2 series; 3 versions in the Doll 3), HUD, Physics, Shape (Doll 2 only) and 9 fitmesh clothing items (Doll 3 only)
Hands/Feet Included? No
Number of clothing layers: 2 – Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Skins tones included – 5 applier skin colours with system layers
Save Slots for Other Skins – 0 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – No alpha cuts
Save Slots for Appliers – 0 slots


Omega – Yes – Omega Relay required (available from love’n’lust) – See the Omega page for more details about this body
SLink hands/feet – Yes (these are required for this body as it has no hands/feet)

 The HUD:


The best bits:
  • It’s a niche market, the muscle mesh and big butt/tiny waist market,  but as far as creators go, Sking has a long history of making these meshes and doing it well!
  • The skins that come with it are really nicely made, I liked the detailing.
  • My favourite part by FAR was the inclusion of the fitmesh skirt insert. The creator really thought ahead on this one, because let’s face it, with this kind of body you’re not going to fit into standard mesh – so you really don’t need alpha cuts. What you will have trouble with though is fitting skirt inserts/skirt prims if you want to wear a skirt with your outfit. To fix this, the creator has made a fitmesh skirt insert that is applier driven. This means that similar to Lena’s Skirt Layer, users of Sking bodies can have the same benefits of that ‘skirt layer’, and designers can create skirts for this body without trying to find a skirt prim that will work with it. It’s win/win, and very well thought out Sking, well done.
The worst bits:
  • The body doesn’t come with hands/feet, which I think is a little off-putting (even though they can fit slink feet, mine were always just a litttttle off leaving a sliver of transparency visible).
  • Alphas – well, there are none! Understandable given the body type though, because no standard mesh on earth would fit the Sking bodies (well maybe a few of the smaller ones if you really made your shape smaller).
  • No tattoo layer (although really, with the alpha layer ‘glitching’ issues, wearing two layers is about the most you can get to, so you could put a tattoo on the underwear layer).
  • The extreme shape of the body is only moderately modifiable. Although slider works with these bodies, they have very little effect on the end product (a minor increase or decrease in size for each slider), so if you love something about this body and wanted to make a more ‘standard’ shape with it, it’s just not possible.
Best suited to:

Users who like the muscle mesh/dangerous curves look. It’s a niche market without a doubt, but this is SL, and you can be whoever you want to be ladies! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sking – Brazilia Doll 2/3/4

  1. I am not happy with the Sking- Brazilia Doll 2 at all…not only did the slink hands and feet not line up …using the utility tool that comes with slink…all 5 sizes do not fit…and there are gaps…and not only gaps..but the mesh protrudes outward…on all openings…the neck..the wrists and the feet. And not only that…but buying the skin directly from Sking…using my standard head with the body…you’d think it would at least match…hell no…my head is darker…all though I would have to say…the appliers for the slink hands and feet were perfect. I have no idea…but I will not wear it…a waist of 6K…down the tubes when it’s all said and done…I tried buying a different shape..skins…and finally gave up. And help…what help? I asked several times in group for help…and even sent an IM to the creator. I would NOT recommend them to anyone…want pictures…IM me…I will gladly show in you SL Bad gaps…Bad seams…bad texturing…I give it a -10

  2. I have never really paid toomuch attention to this body, I have the Maitreya and well the service and the group have been very great and helpful. I don’t really like the way this body looks, I only stopped by to have a look and then next, Its pretty bad they ignored you rudely, did you buy off MarketPlace? a review could be left, yeah this Sking body aint my cuppa tea

  3. The problem with the new bodies is that some omega makes half your body disappear, ppl will always be like “wheres ur boobs” “where are ur legs” how come i can see through you. its disappointing bcuz i love these bodies.

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