Signature – Alice

The Body:


 The Details:

Cost – 3000L
Designer –  Signature
Current Reviewed Version: v1.0
Modify? No

Includes – Fitmesh Body, Fitmesh Bra & Panty set.
Feet Included: Flat, Mid and High feet included
Hands Included: 10 hand poses

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Skins tones included – 24 skin tone appliers built in to the HUD (no system layer skins included)
Save Slots for Other Skins – 0 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 0 slots
Save Slots for Appliers – 0 slots


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, built in compatibility (no kit needed) – See the Omega page for more details about this body
SLink hands/feet – No

 The HUD:


The best bits:
  • The hand poses are a lot of fun (and I’m a fan of any hand pose that lets me flip the bird haha)
  • Omega compatibility opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options
  • It is a different shape, which has pros and cons. In the end I used the included shape with it to take the pictures above because I couldn’t tweak mine just right, but I will say that a definite pro of it (for those who are fond of this style) is the ability to make very wide hips and maintain the thigh gap. It’s a certain style, and whilst not mine, I respect those that love it and this body is good for that 🙂
  • Whilst the rigging is troublesome, I do like the detail of the ladygarden. It looks…. real, to me (large size aside).
The worst bits:
  • The body isn’t compatible with Slink hands/feet, which is always a big downside for those of us with a tonne of shoes. It also begs the question of when creators can/will start making shoes to fit the body.
  • The neck is troublesome – to work with a system head body fat needs to be at 0 which is very limiting.
  • I think the price is too high for the level it’s at, purely because whilst it does offer 10 hand poses and is Omega comaptible (both great things) the lack of compatibility with Slink is always enough to justify a body being under 2500L in my opinion.
  • Previous lack of support for products – I love the creator’s work, and in particular I loved the Anthony male mesh body they released a while back at TMD. Now I don’t know why, but after that body was released there was little to no support for it, and there was nothing in the way of giving creator’s kits to be able to make skins or clothing for it – so my male model alt (altmcalt) was left with a body and nothing to wear/style on it. I’m hoping by entering the mesh arena again, the creator is planning to stay and develop their products, but time will tell 🙂
  • I don’t love the shape of the feet, they’re very masculine looking (with the veiny/web look from the top). It does feel a bit to me like they’ve taken their men’s feet from Anthony and just reshaped it very slightly (on the flat foot anyway).
  • The shape. Now fitmesh bodies can of course be edited using the regular ‘sliders’ – but this shape is quite minimally rigged (meaning its response to sliders in my areas is minimal). One area of concern for me was the body fat slider. I like to have a little meat on me, however the body itself won’t fit/line up with a system layer head (ie. your normal head) if your body fat isn’t at 0. Now this is fine, but the body looks quite emaciated at 0 fat. On the flip side of the coin, if you do add fat to the stomach, the rigging of the stomach is such that it will also add a lot of fat to your…. ladygarden. The whole thigh gap thing is lost on me (everyone has their own tastes) but I’m pretty sure most people would agree that they don’t want such a large…. ladygarden. Having said that – the texturing of the ladygarden is great, love that.
Best suited to:

Users who like a petite body/shape and users who want to buy standard fitmesh rather than specific mesh body fitmesh (ie. like you do with Belleza/Maitreya).

5 thoughts on “Signature – Alice

  1. The body is very masculine in and of itself. It’s like an Olympic track athlete’s body – it’s thick, fairly straight with little curves. The breast shape in particular is very full on top and it may fit some mesh clothing better than other bodies with more teardrop shaped breasts with less alpha work, so that’s a potential plus. The butt is very small and the pelvis seemed rather long.

    It’s a different look and for that, we should be thankful, as it will fit someone’s niche.

    At least it is Omega compatible out of the box.

  2. mmm I agree with the comments and your review – Alice has the feel of a beta body, or (smiling here, thinking of your lady garden description) maybe an all-boy science team project, they really got *that* part of the texturing nailed, didn’t they? hahaha.

    I know a few Anthony wearers, and based on close observation (ongoing mesh body anthropology studies of my own) I suspect Anthony is unlikely to want to play with Alice anytime soon.

    One thing I did quite like however was the alpha slice arrangement on the torso, which they have sliced vertically into 4 quadrants and that will make fitting a range of clothes a bit easier.

    I did informally pitch the idea of alpha management and automatic alpha setting to these guys back around Christmas (in relation to the then nearly released Anthony) and was advised to run along – “we have this in hand”. Sniffs and rolls eyes, I guess I’ll never know quite what it was they had in their hand, but it wasn’t anything clever on alphas.

    W x

  3. I recently got this mesh body and I simply love it, in terms of beauty… I specially love the hipbones and the very natural look of the breasts — I suggest to keep their gravity very low/saggy for a nude-look and saving a version of your shape with less gravity and less cleavage for a push-up effect depending on which clothes you’re wearing.
    It looks like Maitreya but with better breasts for versatility and for perfect physics — I keep them with size/gravity both at 100 using a well balanced physics layer I made based on the old “subtle” version from the old free set by Firestorm’s crew — which is very smooth and natural looking.

    I like also the very complete texture system and its flexibility, specially for a tattoos lover like me — I had several ones on my default body and I’m slowly converting them for my very personal use on Alice… I had to do it myself because the tattoos I had were very old and their makers have disappeared or left SL.
    I just wish they could make possible to make separate layers for sleeves tattoos in order to avoid symmetry and allow to have different tattoos for each arm.

    What I found frustrating is the lack of mesh clothes for it and its a pity because it shouldn’t be a huge hassle considering Flecha Creations is releasing all her apparels with a very large variety of body fits… all of them except Signature but here’s the deal… Flecha sells all templates with DAE files included, all for a very fair price. I’ve been trying them all and a lot can be done by someone with skills on Blender, skills I sadly do not have at all.

    If I was in Signature’s feet I would have improved the alphas in the breasts area, specially at their sides and under the armpits to allow a better fit wearing corsets, bikinis and all clothes with some exposed cleavage.

    In general I’m happy with this purchase for three reasons: the unique breasts, the fact that I don’t have to lose myself into the mainstream — I appreciate the work done by all mesh bodies creators but I feel the urge to feel different… or at least the illusion of that! — and for the potential.

    If any maker is willing to work on apparels and accessories for this mesh body I’m sure many other women will be be happy of that just like me. Hoping Signature will release a Mesh Developer’s Kit pretty soon indeed!!!

    God Jul och Gott Nytt år från Sverige…

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