Maitreya – Lara v4.0

The Body:

Maitreya v3.4

The Details:

Cost – 2750L
Designer – Maitreya
Current Reviewed Version: v4.0
Includes – 1 Fitmesh and 1 applier pair of underwear with HUD, Fitmesh Body, 2 sets of hands (bento/non bento), HUD, pair of feet with three heights

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (Bento version and non bento versions included)
Feet – Yes (three styles, flat mid and high)
Skins tones included – 10 body tones made by Glam Affair

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – 5 slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 10 slots
Save Slots for Appliers – 5 slots


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, must have the Omega Relay Hud open when applying Omega appliers – See the Omega page for more details about this body
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Yes
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – No (unless you’re wearing SLink hands/feet of course)
Compatible mesh heads – Most mesh heads fit this body well

The HUD:

Update notes from previous versions:

New version is v4.0 – bento update

  • Bento hands included in new version (now has bento & non-bento hand options)
  • Hud Updated to include 14 hand poses for the bento hands
  • New nail options added (2 new styles)

The best bits:

  • The body is gorgeous – teardrop breasts that look amazing big or small, and a gorgeous round ass – easy to make bigger or smaller depending on your style.
  • The addition of bento hands is a bonus, the hands are very feminine and the nail options give it that little bit extra.
  • The 3 layers (tattoo/underwear and clothing) have alpha masking ability to help prevent alpha glitching.
  • SLink feet compatibility means you won’t lose your shoe collection
  • Omega compatibility opens up a world of skin, tattoo and clothing options
  • The fingernails are individually mapped – which means, each nail can have a different colour/style on it! Check out THESE from AviCandy for example!!!
  • The modelling of the body is close to the standard SL skeleton, which makes it easier to wear normal mesh clothing (with the help of the alphas of course)
  • The Alphas – the pieces over the breasts make wearing low cut tops a dream, and wearing low cut mesh pants is so much easier.

The worst bits:

  • The neck fix option still leaves a visible seam (though it is much better than others)
  • The skin tones don’t seem to perfectly match my Glam Affair skins, but that’s just being picky really
  • The wrist bones – Now this is a personal thing, but the ‘bumps’ on the wrists, although biologically accurate, detract from the smoothness of the hands I feel

Best suited to:

Users who want a versitile body with bento hands that can be curvier or slimmer, a body with lots of fitmesh clothing available for it and an easy to use HUD. This is a good body for new users because of the simple way the HUD is set out and definitely a good body for lovers of Glam Affair skins and Lelutka heads (though it should be noted that the body works perfectly with Catwa and other head/skin types too!).

159 thoughts on “Maitreya – Lara v4.0

  1. I think this is the best of the Mesh bodies.. but this is me.. I done demos of all of them.. i love this body, but! an this is me also.. would have been nice to have , had a notecard on the tattoo and clothing options and Omega Relay Hud , I am new to wearing Mesh bodies.. but I have not taken it off since i bought it..!!!!!!! soo in love with it.. neck fits great, hands fit great and skin matches to my WOW skin great! thanks!!! MAITREYA!!!

  2. Thank you for mentioning the relay hud….I had no idea how to use omega appliers and couldn’t find any info on it for the Maitreya body. I have the wowmeh and TMP bodies, but the ease of use (hud) and the overall look of Maitreya to me is preferable by far. I absolutely hate TMP’s hud system and their shop is a living nightmare. I invested a lot of money on their body and head….and sorely regret it. Another advantage to Maitreya is the ability to fine tune a skin colour in the hud, which was a dream come true for me to match my favourite mesh head. Geat layout on your review!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Zy 🙂 It’s always great to know if I’m including the right kinds of information to make my blog as useful for people as I can <3
      You're right about Maitreya, it's a gorgeous body and I'm in love with it – it's user friendly and intuitive (now if they'd just put an Omega listener into the body so we didn't have to have the relay open all the time, it would be even MORE intuitive!!). Glad you found the right body for you!!

      • You say that ‘The 3 layers (tattoo/underwear and clothing) don’t glitch, meaning you can wear all three at once without clothing disappearing!’ well I’d like to know how. I’ve been trying for days to make a lingerie outfit of bodysuit using top and pants and stockings, but the stockings disappear unless I put them on a separate notecard/button so that they can go on a different layer to the bodysuit then activated ‘mask mode’ on the bodysuit which distorts the textures. If anyone knows a way around this I’d be very happy to hear it.

        • hello, you need to use the mask button that in under the layers 🙂 just use the mask button under the underwear layers

    • Totally agree with you Zy…i tried TMP first and wasted a ton of money, just like you…spent thousands of lindens on their head and body..and its a nightmare to configure..and having to buy every damned item separately aghh..and yes their shop is a bloody nightmare…so hard to locate things..hard to move around in..and i still have 2500 currency there that i tried to use but when i went to buy something it asked for more lindens!!

      Anyway i now have the lovely Lara Maitreya mesh body and have found appliers at my fav skin shop (Dream Ink) to match all the tones i already no neck glitches at all..perfect colour match..and dressing is a dream with the easy to use alpha hud…

      so now looking for places to buy clothes and shoes compatible with far N-Core for shoes..altho their range has depleted a lot..but they fit nicely and the colour huds that come with most of the shoes mean you can have a full range of colours.and they are cheap (in comparison to what shoes USED to be in SL..i remember spending 4K on a pair at one of the stores..cant remember the name but after a while half the bits of the shoes would dissapear from inventory so they became unwearable…anyway N-Core and Blueberrys for clothes..and Maitreya of looking for lingerie (smiles)

  3. I actually got this body and im loving it so far but I would like to know what heads people recommended to use for the body great

    Also, as far as curvy shapes is concerned, does that mean it can be easily shaped to make it look plus sized?

    • I am a hostess in SL and love my maitreya body. I use the league skin and the two are a match made in heaven !!!!! Thank you for the perfect body ?

      Sydney Mattttiz (emergency nurse)

  4. Hey Ray! From what I’ve experimented with, Lara can be made plus size with the usual sliders, however it really depends on how curvy you want to be. If you’re looking for extreme curves, or for smoother ‘plumper’ looks, the Eve Pulpy body is great for that 🙂

  5. This is my favorite mesh body, with physique a close 2nd, and Lena a distant 3rd. And I agree with the last comment, I personally have tried going plus size on my maitreya and it looks just as gorgeous. But for more extreme curves I’d recommend Lena

  6. i wish i could get my clothes to fit on the maitreya body….i have the relay hud up and open when i got to dress myself with omega clothing the hud pops up ask me where i would like to apply it and click top and it says thats its trying to apply to the body but nothing shows up….can i get a lil help here on what i should do

    • Hey Anisha 🙂 Double check in the ‘layers’ tab of your Maitreya that you have the clothing layer active (it might be applying it but you can’t see it because the clothing layers aren’t turned on). <3 Daria

  7. My Lara V 3.0 Hud is not working for me and I even tried the 2.0 just to see was it just the V 3.0 and still my hud doesn’t work. When I use to click it then it would immediately open up and now it does nothing. I have had on the same outfit for 3 days because I can’t get my hud to work. Any suggestions?

    • That’s a really strange one 🙁 I would get a redelivery and delete the existing copy. Sometimes I’ve found my HUD gets ‘stuck’ (I can’t take it off or use it) and I always get a redelivery when that happens (the new HUD always works okay). Try that perhaps? <3 Daria

  8. In version 2.1 of this mesh body I was able to apply a texture to the hands that was halfway transparent – thus ending the hand at the wrist.
    – perfect for use with a furry avatar.
    Ever since the 3.0 update, trying to do this fails. If you apply a transparent texture, it just shows up as the color white. If you apply a partly transparent, it ignores the transparency and is solid.

    Something changes in how it handles alpha mode on the hand texture…

    This means my one alt that I was lucky to think to buy this before the 3.0 upgrade, is good to go. But for my own furry form – I still have no mesh body options I can go for, as this trick does not work for slink either, and I have yet to find any mesh hands that are both MOD and which fit to ‘XS’ joints (Lena has a mod one that fits to S, which would work for Belleza, but Belleza doesn’t have good leg cuts for furry legs…).

      • Sadly that does not fix the issue.
        The issue I have is that before I could apply a texture that was a tga that had a section cut out with an alpha-channel. Now, the applier no longer recognizes textures that have alpha channels.
        Try applying the default transparency in your library, UUID: 8dcd4a48-2d37-4909-9f78-f7a9eb4ef903
        – as a skin. It will show up as solid white. Before, it would make you invisible.
        This meant that before you could add your own ‘alpha cuts’ if you made your own skin – but making the skin itself partly transparent.

        That ended when 3.0 came out.

    • This is the exact problem I’m trying to deal with right now. I’m trying to get a pair of hand hooves to work with the Lara body, but if I leave the mesh hands off there’s an enormous gap at the wrist, and if I use them I can’t hid ethe fingers with an alpha – as you say, it turns white. I tried using the system AV underneath by manipulating the whole-body alpha but the Lara body is slimmer and so there’s a definite gap where oen ends and the other begins. I suppose I could hide that but it seems an inelegant solution.
      Maybe the only fix is to make new hands that consist only of wrists? I have a hunch they might sell well.

      • Ahh yes this is a hard one. Because Maitreya is slink compatible (ie. you can use your slink hands with it) they’re seperate from the body itself, so like you said you can take it off but it leaves a gap right up the wrist. The only way around it would be for a designer to make hooves designed for Maitreya, or designed to have part of the arm included in them 🙁

        • Like most Furry Avi’s. the solution I came up with was to use the Slink Alpha, granted it meant buying the body, which I had prior to finding the Maitreya.

  9. Hi Daria,

    I am currently contemplating getting the Lara body. A quick question: If I save an outfit, does the body save the alphas I am activating via the hud, or would I need to activate them every time I wear the outfit?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for an amazing blog!

    • Hey Gano!! Aww thank you <3 When you save an outfit the body alphas don't automatically save BUT there are 'save slots' for alpha combinations (ie. you typically use the same alphas each time you wear jeans, so you might save slot 1 as the alphas required for jeans). Plus recently Maireya has released an 'auto alpha' system, so with any luck designers will start including that (auto alpha automatically hides the part of your body that it needs to each time you wear it). Get the Lara body, it's a great body, I love it <3

  10. I love this body. I’ve tried Sink, Venus, and this one (Maitreya) so far. This is why I keep coming back to Maitreya. First of all, I’ve always worn a LAQ skin, and LAQ has an applier that solves the ever annoying neck problem. Also, for some reason, appliers (Maitreya or Omega) just seem to work well on this body. I had more trouble getting Venus to cooperate. I haven’t worked with adding Slink feet because I’ve been really happy with Maitreya’s shoes. (I always have been, even years ago). The Slink skin didn’t have enough texture for me (even with LAQ applier). I really do like Venus. I just have too many problems wearing what I want, when I want, without getting frustrated. So, yes, I highly recommend Maitreya’s Lara. 🙂

  11. Hello. Since one week I have the Lara body. In your ‘best bits’ list you mention that ‘the alpha’s – the pieces over the breasts make wearing low cut tops a dream’.
    However, I am having trouble with that. When I put on a mesh top or dress (without appliers) with low cut (I have several variaties) there is always somewhere a glitch of the alpha peeking out. The same goes for a strapless straight line top. This means I cannot wear the top/dress at all. I am talking about a normal S or M sized mesh top/dress or fitmesh top/dress. So not specialy designed for Maitreya Lara body. Am I doing something wrong or is this a fact I have to live with? Thank you in advance for your answer. Kind regards, Zia Branner

    • Hi Zia 🙂 I know it can be tricky when trying to use standard fitmesh with a mesh body, there never seem to be enough alpha cuts around the breast area 🙁 Much of this will depend on your size – have you tried adjusting your shape to make the breasts smaller or higher/lower? Fitmesh for standard avatars will always cause issues with mesh bodies I’m afraid, because it will always be fitting the hidden system body beneath your mesh one, so will rarely work, but standard non-fitted mesh should work if you adjust your shape. <3

      • Hi Daria,
        It is a bit of work, but for every outfit I like to wear I adjust my shape and save the shape in the same folder the clothes are in. So almost any regular mesh outfit I am able to wear. I make breasts smaller (or bigger), with more gravity, etc. etc. Works very well! Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi Nina 🙂 You can modify the height and size of the body for sure. It’s fitmesh, so it responds to all of your normal sliders 🙂 Slink shoes won’t work with Maitreya feet I’m afraid, but you can use your slink feet with the maitreya body and make them fit that way for sure! The body has 10 skin tones built in, but you can buy appliers for others too! <3

      • Thank you for your previous response, one more question:
        If i wanna spend my Linden for once, what is the best body, that will work with slink shoes ?

        • Hi Nina,

          Very late response, I know, and you’ve probably got it all sorted by now, but just in case anyone else is curious…

          I use eStyle shape & skin on my Maitreya Lara, which is editable, so I’ve made my avi 7ft 2 tall and slim (not anemic, just slim).

          Why so tall? Because most of the guys I dance with are over 8ft tall and there’s nothing worse than dancing with your nose stuck in someone’s navel….!

          I could be quite wrong here, but I think for tall and slim, it’s got more to do with the shape you’re using than anything else – look for shapes you can edit.

  12. I love love love the Lara mesh body! At first I tried Glam skin but was not happy with that particular skin. It was way too light for my taste and the next one was too dark and orange. I found an amazing skin at League that you can get an appliar for that makes it perfect. Plus the appliar allows you different options for breast cleavage as well as blurred nipples. Which allows you to wear lace tops with no worry of your nips showing and no alpha conflict with a clothing appliar. Hands down Maitreya mesh body is the best, the hud makes it extremely user friendly and more and more designers are creating to fit all mesh bodies. I don’t even use my slink feet anymore. I love being able to dress without having to worry about extra parts… Hands and feet etc… The foot options on the hud makes it absolutely the best easiest! Well done Maitreya!!! I highly recommend Maitreyas Lara!

  13. Has anyone had any issues with layers glitching? Like, the texture being all broken up? I’m having this issue and can’t find any information on it or any fixes.

  14. This is one of the best bodies in SL at the moment, but for me it was a big disappointment 🙁 I guess I was so in love with the Maitreya clothes that I had very high expectations. First of all, since someone was asking, you CAN make a normal size(as in not anorexic) shape with it, even a curvier one, but if you go beyond that, the body looks very distorted and a weird bulge will show up on the side of your thighs, this body was clearly made for skinny shapes. So no, my dream to have a curvy/chubby body was not fulfilled with Lara, and it’s my fault for rushing to buy it without testing it properly, I just trusted it will make all my dreams come true, which was foolish of my part. Event though you can use all sliders and adjust the system shape, the body is not designed to be bigger.
    The second and most important reason I was disappointed are the layers! Yeah you have 3 layers, but if you want to wear something on each, then good luck! Either they will alpha one another, or just put a white texture all over your body. But wait! You can use the mask mode feature, which will fix everything and you can see all your layers in their place; but that’s just until you teleport to another sim and everything is screwed up again and friends ask you why do you have blank white skin?
    I’m currently saving up for Belleza’s Freya, I just fell in love with those curves, and this time I won’t rush anymore 🙂

  15. (Has anyone had any issues with layers glitching? Like, the texture being all broken up? I’m having this issue and can’t find any information on it or any fixes.) someone asked this question & i dont think it was answered & this is the same reason i came here bcaz i cant find an answer to this question anywhere….when teleporting my body breaks up. it looks broken on the hips the knees,ect. in other words, i can see thru those parts on my body & other people can see it also…idk y this is happening & wat i can do to fix this…right now to fix it i detach the hud & reattach it or i tp home which fixes it but there must b a way to fix this so it never happens ….plseeeeeee help!!

  16. i have another question id like to mention while im here…i noticed some clothes dont come with underpants & im having a hard time trying to hide my crotch area..if i try to add a panty a bikini or hose eithers shows over my clothes or it replaces the clothes & im left wearing just the undergarment…so far the only rememdy ive found is applying an alpha mask there using the hud…but if im dancing & i lift my leg u can see the open hole the alpha being very cautious now of the clothes im purchasing to avoid this problem..either clothes should b made 2 hide this area or there must b a better way to hide it …does anyone have any suggestions to this ??? thank you!!!

    • Hey Pat! For fitmesh clothing for Lara, I use either the fitmesh panties that came with the body (with the bows hidden), or the new hipster panties on sale at Maitreya. Both fit under most fitmesh dresses and remember – right click on the panties and select ‘add’, not ‘wear’, this will add them to your outfit rather than replace whatever is already on your body at that point 🙂 I hope this helps! <3

  17. Hello! 🙂
    My maitreya Mesh body hud(V 3.4) seems to be frozen(nothing happens when I click on the buttons), I can’t get it to work. I know I can get a redelivery, but I don’t know how it works, any tips? Thank you!

    • Hey Roxy 🙂 The first thing to check is that you’re in an area that allows scripts – if you are and it’s still not responding, make sure there are no other HUDS on your screen that might be covering it (some huds when minimised still ‘cover’ your screen but are invisible so you don’t see them in the way). IF all that fails (and that does happen), just try to detatch it and reboot, that should fix it 🙂

  18. I paid for the Maitreya mesh body and have the confirmation number and such but received the demo version of it instead….i need help finding out where or who to send this information to get my full version of the product. Can you please help me?

    • That’s really bizzare!! Try using one of the built in skins and see if it’s still there – if it is, make sure you don’t have a socks layer on at all, and that you’re not wearing any other kind of feet or nails with them.

      • I have that same problem with my fingernails and toe’s every time I log off or take the body off and back on. I found refreshing the skin I use fixes it. My problem now since to be every since the update mostly when I tp, I see myself just fine, but everybody else only see’s my head,hair,hands and feet. 🙁 The only way I have found that fixes this , is to spend most of my ingame time going home to take everything off and putting it back on. I’m getting so frustrated with it, I’m about to just go back to my system body.

  19. My only dislike of this is that you have to click mask mode for tattoos (on the layer you’re wearing the omega applier on) when you wearing omega applier clothing as the tats will disappear so if they could fix that small issue then I would be 100% happy otherwise I’m pretty much 99.5% happy with the body!

  20. I love this body theres only two things i would change , the shape of the boobs i dont care for my boobs looking like torpedoes becuz of the way they are shaped the nipples sorta point upward which is unrealistic no matter how much gravity i take out of them they still point upward like a flower growing toward the sun and the amount of slits for the alphas i would like to see a few more in the upper legs and butt. OTHERWISE this is my favorite body

  21. i love everything about this body! i have the lelutka head and tmp, plus fiore . lately i use body with tmp head, plus glam is best skin. my love my maitreya body<3

  22. I am late, I just now come across it and I tried on the demo of several brands .. this has beeen best! I haven’t bought it because I don’t really know what head mesh I should get and where to shop fot clothing fitting this body. I just came back to the game after a long hiatus .. I wish someone would do a complete tutorial on youtube for this product 😉

  23. This looks like what I want but just try to find it!. I have been looking for days and the stores that claim to have it make it so difficult to find that I usually give up and leave. Why can’t a store have a detailed directory to takes you to the area that you want? Shopping for a specific item on SL in nearly impossible. Dang it, I have Lindens that I want to spend — make it easy for me to do that!

    • If you use the Firestorm viewer, the Area Search option is a big help. I used it to search for “Lara,” double-clicked on the listing, and it gave me an arrow right to it.

  24. Will my Maitreya clothes and shoes work with the Lara Body (minus their alphas) or are there upgrades available to work with the body. Would love to still be able to wear my shoes especially when I get my new bod. Yes I’m getting it..but want to know.

  25. Hi, I dont use the lara that long but im loving it;)
    Only question i have is when i buy maitreya fitted clothes all fit exept the boobs part.
    The shirts are often to big at the boobs and make me have bigger boobs that i got;))
    Maybe a idea to make also s,m and l sizes fitted for maitreya.

    • Hey round 🙂 The difference with mesh bodies is that the clothes made to fit it will grow/stretch with the body, so there’s no need for sizes. Unfortunately the fit (like around the breasts) that comes down to the designer and how well they fit it and weight it when they create it. I recommend taking a look at stores like Blueberry and Just Because, they make an amazing fit <3

      • Hi 🙂 thanks for the reply. Indeed i found Blueberry and they fit perfect.I will have a look at the just because shop ty ;))

        xx Reb

  26. I tried the demo, but I wasn’t impressed. I find the TMP body much better! Maitreya Lara’s boobs are too small for my taste, even if you set the slider at 100. And worst of all, the feet are HUGE, and they don’t respond to the shape slider! You have to make your shape taller (like in 2 meters tall!) if you don’t want to look like Bigfoot. The TMP feet do respond to the shape sliders. I also find TMP’s butt, hands, feet, and overall shape much prettier than Maitreya Lara’s. Plus you can change the hands’ pose. Yes, you can use Slink hands and feet with Maitreya, but I don’t like Slink hands and feet either. As for TMP’s HUD system, it works perfectly fine for me. IMO, the only advantage Maitreya has over TMP is that there are much more mesh clothes available for it. That’s the only reason that made me consider buying it… but for now I’ll stick to TMP.

  27. okay, one thing I don’t see is “a gorgeous round ass” on mine. I bought the Slink first, loved the ass, then bought Maitreya and could not get used to the flat ass. It is flat at the top of the cheeks where it should curve in from the back and gives an overall appearance of flatness, too. Now, Belleza gives a lovely ass, perfect, in my opinion. So, I’m back to trying the Maitreya since the latest update and no matter what shape I wear, no matter how I play with the sliders, still flat! Any thoughts on this?

    • Hey Debs! Belleza is a much rounder body that’s true, especially Freya – with Maitreya, I suggest adding some body fat and using the love handles sliders as well as the butt size slider – or at least that’s what I do 🙂

      • I’ve seen pics of people using the Maitreya body and the back curves lovely into the butt. No amount of playing with the sliders has shown that on me. I have tried multiple shapes to do it as well. I’m stymied.

        • Hey Debs!
          I’ve noticed that the curve you mention has a lot to do with the AOs you wear. Some of my AOs pose my body in a way that the butt is poking out a bit more and the back is curved and others don’t. I hope that helps!

  28. Hello everyone

    I can’t activate the ‘SHOW ALL’ function in the alpha section on the HUD after logging in?
    On logging in I get all these triangular pop ups? Script errors I’m guessing again?
    And now only my arms and face are showing. along with the dress(maitreya)
    I purchased the Maitreya Lara body a few days ago now and all seemed to be going swimmingly until now.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • Hey Angel!

      Ahh yes that’s a script error. Try changing region (go to the mesh body addicts sim perhaps) and see if that helps. If not, take everything else you have off just in case it’s causing a conflict, and redeliver the body, unpacking it in a script-allowed place like MBA 🙂

  29. This is, by far, the best mesh body yet. However, if someone can figure out how to create a mesh body that doesn’t require appliers and is capable of using the standard SL “Outfits” menu to change clothes, that person will become a millionaire overnight.

    I know I’m asking for the impossible. But you’ll never get the impossible if you don’t ask.

    • Hey Lauren

      Glad I’m not the only one with clothing issues for my Maitreya Lara!

      Not sure it will ever be possible to wear standard SL outfits on mesh bodies (I have no idea how it’s done or why it’s different) but that’s why I keep my Eve Slim mesh body on standby – there’s never dramas with alphas and outfits – they just work – the only time I use an (Omega) applier with Eve Slim is for an Omega outfit – and that’s so easy and simple to use, a 3 year old could do it.

  30. The Maitreya mesh DOES make the torso a bit long and the breasts a bit TOO perky; but these things are easily corrected.
    Ihave been making female shapes in SL for 6 years , and regard the Maitreya as the overall best thing out there
    I am waiting for Maitreya to come out with a MALE mesh of equal quality!

    • Personally I think the breasts on the Maitreya are simply gorgeous. They have a nice volume, weight, and smoothness to them that is lacking on the other female mesh bodies.

      However, I couldn’t agree with you more about a Male Maitreya. Just please make it more like a TMP than a whimpy Adam/Slink or steroid abuser Niramyth/Tellaq. If they managed that, I would happily toss out my TMP even though it cost me a mint.

  31. where the hell are the instructions – what a stupid ommission!

    Mesh is great if you want to look like everyone else and believe that skins have no blemishes or freckles, if you want a totally featureless avi go mesh.

  32. Lauren: I’m with you on that! I would love to see a way to use the system layers even if they have to be applied via a special hud or such.

    Tanja: The mesh body is mostly for a smoother, more natural shape. The freckles and moles (yes, I have a few on my avi!) come from good skins. Far from featureless, I get tons of compliments and faves on my Flickr pictures. As far as instructions, I believe a notecard comes with the package telling you how to wear it, but Lara is easy: you wear the alpha, add the body, hands and feet. The slightly more difficult part is learning to use the layers and alphas, but it’s great. What’s more, check out Flickr and you will see so many women wearing this body, but with such different shapes to them!

  33. Having gone for several months as a cheapskate and content with my original body, I eventually had to invest in lindens in order to get a home base so decided to buy Maitreya as well, as everyone said that was the mesh to buy.
    I do read instructions but typically just an overview and, with SL being relatively new to me, it was just one more menu to contend with.
    Initially I bought the odd piece of clothing that specifically stated for Maitreya and so rarely had to worry about removing body parts.
    Having recently bought several pieces of expensive clothing from the same dev that advertised them as mesh but had no demo’s and, coincidentally, been given a free dress from them initially that fit perfectly, with no body adjustment, I was so disappointed that none of them fit (apart from XL’s that looked really bad on me) and required considerable detailed hiding of body parts to wear a M or smaller (if they’re not going to provide a Maitreya specific version, at least give a notecard with suggestions), that I was getting frustrated as I just wanted to play the game and not spend ages modifying the body.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I used the Alpha Save Slots and that helped considerably. It is a pity that you can’t save the current body with an outfit but the slots are fine. However, why oh why can’t we name them?. I don’t know if there is an easier way but I have to have a Notepad file opened to remind me what 1,2,3,etc. are for..

    • I agree that setting alphas is annoying. Slots help a little indeed. If you want to save the current body with an outfit, you can:
      1. make a copy of the body and wear it (maybe put it in a sub-folder with a good name, so you can remember what the copy is about, or put it directly in the folder of that outfit)
      2. set the alphas for that specific outfit,
      3. save your outfit with that customized body copy.
      Now when you change outfit, it will load with your customized body copy, with alphas, tattoo etc ready.
      Sometimes I do that, for special cases.

  34. Lilith, I wear mesh clothes as well as applied. Some items you might have to use the alpha hud to hide body parts and, honestly, there are some items that you just can’t wear because the alpha cuts don’t work around them. I still buy and wear mesh clothing and my avi is non-standard sizing.

  35. My sis got this body and it is actually uneven.. one leg is slightly longer than the other.. while it isn’t something that I noticed until she pointed it out.. and no one else will probably notice.. she does.. and she claims it bothers her.. so if you are one who pays a little too much attention to detail like she does.. this body probably isn’t for you..

  36. Thanks for the review.
    I am in the unique situation that someone was so nice that he bought me the Maitreya body. So next to the TMP body(the starter one of 1000 linden) I also got the Maitreya one. It seems to me that the shape of the body overall is closer to my legacy shape than the TMP as is also said in the above review. Especially the hips, thighs, and breasts. I love the options that come with Maitreya and the enormous range of clothes and other things. The build in skin options I find better with TMP. There is a lot more premade coloring and shading of the skin built in and overall the skin seems slightly more natural to me with TMP. The Maitreya hands also seem more defined. As for the shape of the breasts and hips I slightly favor TMP, but that is a personal choice.
    But I would say that Maitreya has a more natural feel.

    If you got the money for it, I would recommend to get a mesh body. Has overal been a fun experience. But then it might be that I just needed an excuse to go on a shopping spree.

  37. I have ” heaven hybrid avatar with animated mesh head ” on my maitreya lara body…and just tried to apply full body and face freckles. They appear fine on body but wont show on the face no matter what i do, any suggestions please?

  38. My biggest gripe about the Maitreya body is the fact that I can only use three appliers for tattoos (I like taking various and combing them for a nice look,) oil etc. How do I get more slots? I got the Omega HUD but I don’t know if that is the trick.

  39. I’d also like to know about combining tattoo layers. With the classic system body you could “add” tattoos so they wouldn’t replace the ones already on the body. With Maitreya I have yet to figure out how to do this. For example, if I had four tattoos (one for arms, one for back, one for belly and one for legs) would it be possible to wear all of them at the same time on the tattoo layers in the HUD without having to take over the underwear or clothing layers?

    • Hi Cindy! Unfortunately there is no way to do this. The reason is that the layers on maitreya cover the whole body, so when you add a tattoo, if shows the tattoo then the rest of the layer is automatically covered in an alpha so that it’s seethrough. This means that any time you add a tattoo, it resets this layer.

      • Is it a limitation of the system that the HUD doesn’t support more than three sets of layers (ex. tattoo 1, tattoo 2, tattoo 3, etc.) and be able to mask through? I’m sure it isn’t a huge deal for most but my OCD is trying to reconcile the fact that I either find a vendor with a full body tattoo where I like every single part of the design or I resign to wearing a tattoo for one specific location of the body at a time.

        • This is why, when I want tatts, I return to my Eve Slim mesh body – no drama, no fuss, no tears.

          I have a set of 4 tatts – one for the belly, one on the top of each arm and one for the back.

          Impossible to wear with my Maitreya, but my Eve Slim handles them like a pro (‘add’ each tatt layer and tatt with Omega before applying clothes – and voila!).

  40. At the moment, it’s a limitation of all the mesh bodies I’ve tried. You get six slots you can fill on your body and that’s it, not including socks and gloves, of course. The other option is to find someone to do a custom tattoo for you. I did this a couple times just by searching MP for those creators who offer this. That way, you can work with someone who will be able to make one piece, but with all your specs for the body.

  41. MBA. I just made a comment in the female TMP review. Now with this jelly doll thing out. Is there a way to look at the wirefram/render weight of these bodies, and a way for say texture qulity by a number, and weigh those gainst say their cost to get a more of a score or something? I am learning to be a designer and I want to be able to make high quality for everybody, at a low price, but not have say so high render weight that they blur out and turn to jelly doll graphics for everybody. So any way your review page if it does not already, have an algorithm to output a score style also? I have done the male and female deluxe TMP bodies, and so far have looked at ebody, and grinched at it. So I also would like to do a review of the bodies but on the technical side….like wireframeed /render weight versus quaity. I have seen a few non body items that where bad n both…very high L and bad texture quality. So would be nice to see out of curious if there is a strike it lucky super low render weight, but high qulaity skin texture/qulaity mesh.

  42. I have this body since about a couple of years. It was cheaper than Belleza and the full featured TMP deluxe, while it had some advantages too:
    – a good and usable HUD (TMP HUD looks nice, but it is slower to load and to operate and in laggy places it tends to not work at all) and alpha cuts are still among the bests if not the best (although competitors improved), and now there are outfits that set alphas automatically.
    – I don’t need adjustments or just minor ones to wear it with my classic avatar shape (which I still keep to use, i.e. no reason to wear the whole mesh body when your clothes show just your head and hands). And when I thinker with my shape, I don’t have to do it 2 times.
    – the feet doesn’t look like you need to go to an orthopedic (kidding, I have SLink feet for the shoes, but I can’t like them, the flat version in special way)

    Another good thing, in “jelly dolls” times, is that rendering cost of this body is just about 10k

    At any rate there are cons too:
    – as various other bodies, hands and feet aren’t “fitted mesh”, so they can’t be resized with sliders (unlike TMP and eBody)
    – 1 hand pose only (in current version 3.5). I hope that when LL releases Bento officially, Maitreya will make Bento hands, so that they can be resized and animated.
    – default skin is just ok (I like TMP default ones way better)
    – matching the body skin with a skin you already have is harder than TMP: while TMP comes with “neck faders”, in Lara the neck seam tend to stay noticeable, and the “neck fix” option doesn’t work well always. Maybe a colorable tattoo layer would work better.
    – Only proprietary appliers, besides an Omega relay that work ok for some things, but not in every case. i.e. There was a skin that I really liked, but it was Omega and the feet skin was messed up.

  43. Hello.

    I have an eBody, I like it but sometimes it’s hard to have clothes which fit well. So I tried de Maitreya Lara body, I really like it, the only thing is that I’d like to keep using my slink feet (I made the mistake to get rid of the shoes which were not Slink… I know….) and there’s a gap between the feet and the lower leg, is there a way to change this ?

  44. is it possible to put furry skins on the maitreya and be able to position the hands/feet for them? i usually don’t go full human. i tend to stick to furry is why i’m asking. i got this for my alt though and loved the body shape and stuff for it and was hoping i could maybe get it for my main avi too which is a furry.

  45. Hello. I currently have the maitreya body, and a Logo Chloe head. I cannot get over the neck seam and have tried several different things (combos of different skin applies, hours of adjusting colors etc) to make it less visible. I’m just wondering there is a different head I should try, or if anyone else has any suggestions. Thanks!

  46. Hi Niki:

    Doesn’t LOGO have Maitreya appliers? I’m not logged in right now to check, but I remember I had an issue with the seam at first and it got fixed by an applier and I think it was theirs because I never could use LOGO with an applier. Personally, I have several mesh heads and don’t use the LOGO ones anymore because of the applier issue. My favorites are Catwa (Destiny, Tumble), AK (Camille, Elen) and GA EG (Kirsten, Adriana). Yes, I admit to having more than these, but these are my favorites and can usually be found wearing them. LOGO lost me by not being very user-friendly (ie you can use Omega, but lose ALL their options).

  47. Hi. The HUD doesn’t work. It open upside down and mostly outside of the screen. Sometimes it freezes and I have to reload it from the shop. And I haven’t find any instructions, guides, tutorials or help about how to properly use the HUD. Part of the HUD is self explanating but then another part is space science.

  48. I just bought the Maitreya Lara bod, but the left hand is invisible/missing – not a good look!

    Any idea what might be causing that? Will have to stick with my old body until I know what to do.

    • Hey RWH – just the one hand? That’s odd – the hands are a separate attachment for Maitreya, so make so you’re wearing them – just got to the folder and right click ‘add’ each hand (you need to add not ‘wear’ or they’ll take each other off because of their attachment points) 🙂

  49. Thanks for replying!

    All good – I think it might have just been a bit of lag slowing the process down at the time…the hand appeared after about 10 minutes.

    I DO so love the body and swapped from Eve Slim to this one just because it’s much lighter on complexity than Eve Slim.


    I’m discovering that when buying clothes specifically designed for the Lara, I’m having to hide lots of body bits – particularly under skirts and dresses – that I never had to do when buying clothes for Eve Slim.

    When putting on a dress/skirt specifically designed for Maitreya Lara, I’ve been having to hide almost the entire torso, right down to the top of the thighs – and that’s not a good look from underneath (c’mon – we all know guys scope their cameras down there when we’re dancing!)

    Any idea why that might be? They’re both mesh bodies – I just don’t understand why with one, you have to hide so much under your clothes where with the other, you normally don’t have to touch a thing.

    Noticed also that a lot of clothes for Maitreya Lara come already with alphas turned either on or off – never had that with Eve Slim – everything is just normal and works.

    It’s a puzzling dilemma!

  50. This is by far my favorite body, i have them all. Yes you can be curvy, another lovely thing with this body, it is very very smooth in the abdomen. Of all the bodies I have tried, this was the only one in which i could achieve a very natural pregnancy look with just adjusting the shape, no need for an additional bump!

  51. I love the body, in general, but it’s really frustrating that a huge number of dresses or tops can’t be worn because when trying to use the alphas for the breasts, you either have fairly large sections of your body missing or your breasts are sticking out. I think there needs to be a separate “page” in the hud for breasts, so that you can actually see the small sections, and a lot more sections added to it. I’m tired of buying clothes to find out that I can’t wear them because of this problem.

  52. hello please help me
    I have bought Maitreya Lara, and since everything is right. I created several duplicates of me for every occasion. But by mistake instead of leaving open the HUD of the body, nail color, foot type, body front / back, and simply detach it, I closed it by clicking on the X and I can not ‘to open it. I was adapting the boots my legs, and I am now with pieces missing legs. The problem is that by opening the duplicates also have the same problem. Use Firestorm and the HUD icon is under the command bar so I can not open it because both x and the hyphen are hidden. I tried to move it with the mouse but does not move, how can I do? I have to erase everything and buy back the package ??
    thanks for your help
    Adriana ( deplove in world)

  53. Maitreya Lara v4.0 Update sent out tonight, April 5th, 2017!

    HUGE Changes and an AWESOME Update!

    First and foremost, BENTO HANDS ADDED FOR FREE!!!

    The HUD has been updated with 2 additional Finger Nail lengths and sizes; and FOURTEEN Bento Hand Gestures, for EACH hand!!

    Very exciting update for Maitreya Lara and VERY WELL DONE, a standing ovation for Onyx LeShelle!

  54. RGB is almost not usable. It is small and covers all colors but its purpose should be for fine-tuning to match human skin. Some zoom in in RGB area should be very useful. It is hard to find new skin to retain my face I grew up with in SL. Finer RGB tool would help.

    Makes me look fat. I have eBody too which makes me look just right but has other issues.

  55. Hello,
    Before updating to the 4.0 Lara body I was able to save any edits that I did to new shapes etc. Now that I have 4.0 it won’t let me save the changes and I’m doing it the same way I always have, so I’m not sure what the problem is. No matter which shape I try or how many times I save them under the Save As(then hitting ok), it goes back to the original shape.

    Can someone please give any suggestions on what it is I may be doing wrong so I can change shapes. Please.



  56. Thank you for the reply.
    I actually just went back on to make sure and the only thing it says is no transfer. I just don’t understand why I can’t get it to work LOL Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow and see what it does, if anything. I redid two different shapes a half a dozen times today and it kept doing the same thing.

  57. Actually, it shows in my inventory the saved shapes, but when I click to wear them, they are the original sizes and not the edited. So, that makes even less sense. *sighs*

  58. Hi all,

    Anyone else having problem with the body since the update? My body parts (body/hands so far), randomly go missing. The worst part is, that i see them as normal, but my friends tell me im missing something. And i cant fix it with detaching and reattaching, cause i cant detach it (its stuck on me on my screen), so I have to relog. Another friend of mine has this problem as well, and she said its only since the update. Anyone else noticed something similar?

    • LL viewer has the option to reset skeleton. You right click on face, from appearance there is option to reset skeleton. I hope it works

      • Thank you for the suggestion but Im using firestorm any similar option there?

        But the main problem is that i dont see there is an issue. Only when others warn me, cause it looks perfectly fine for me 🙁

      • I had the same issue. First check your other attachments. As in wear only body and head (put some clothes on of course).
        Saw few gorgeous hairs that boost up your ARC upto 200,000 which is hilarious. Whats the point of having them when nobody will be able to adore you? If issue doesn’t go away, try this.

        Check your bandwidth settings if they are not too high (like “well I have 1GB/sec line, I will just put this slider to max”). Also, you might check following in debug settings (kinda-sorta recomended values)
        HTTP Textures on
        TextureFetchConcurrency 16
        MeshMaxConcurrentRequests 8
        mesh2MaxConcurrentRequests 8

  59. Update for Maitreya Lara v4.1!

    Just got an email that Maitreya has released another update for Lara with some new features!

  60. I have the 4.1 update. You know, if there is a flaw it only comes out when you use something, right? That came to me today! My friend put me into an arm binder and I didn’t notice an issue then. But later, I was changing outfits and noticed my binder needed editing so I cammed closer. Yikes! Check the screenshot to see the funny bend in my elbow as if it’s a plastic doll! I don’t like this at all!

  61. I have a issue with my Lara body, one boob is bigger then the other, anyone knows what causes it? How to fix it? It is not skin related, same on all

    • Hey Audrey, oddly enough this phenomenon is technically impossible in SL, yet it occurs sometimes at above 1000m and/or when physics get ‘borked’ in the system. Remove your physics and reset your avatar skeleton and that should help <3

  62. Good morning !, I was also excited about the Maitreya update, but I think by mistake I deleted the Maitreya 4.1 update email! Now I do not know how to update, I have version 3.5! Could you help me? I went to the Maitreya store and wanted to try the demo of my hands … and now I can not take the watermarks off my body! I bought my body 6 months ago and now it seems like I use a demo! please help me!!

  63. Hello! I’m a new user of Maitreya and I plan to draw the texture by myself. I’ve already heard of omega or something. I’d like to know where can i get the psd files that help me draw the textures? And how may i save L$, thus the body is no-mod so that I have to upload every half-done texture and apply them by omega? Are there tutorial websites for that? My apologize to bother you with so many questions…

  64. This is the best body in my opinion. I also own slink but I rarely use it and I do mean rarely. This is nearly a perfect body, the only thing I wish it had was a Pointe option for feet. It is not needed but it would be a nice option.

  65. I have been looking for over a year to find the Lara mesh body and can’t find it anywhere, needless to say I’m starting to get really peeved about it. Can someone post a slurl to where to find it please.

  66. I love everything about Lara 4.0, especially how it adapts to the shape underneath it, but I have a problem with HUD 4.0. If I add it to my screen for a long time, it freezes. When minimized, I cant open it to remove the alpha layer I am wearing. when I leave it open, it freezes. I have to relog to regain control over the HUD, which is embarrassing and mood ruining to say the least.

  67. I’m new to this and confused… When I add the alpha layers, the bento heads, feet, and playing with the skintones I notice the skin does match the head? I heard you have to get a omega relay which would help? I’m familiar with “one click then done appliers” but appears there’s more to it? I have use appliers that work on my classic avatar.

    • I wasn’t more in depth with my first comment. Is there a possibility to apply skintones that works with this body mesh without me having to buy a mesh head? I like mesh heads but it’s nice try on something that you make.

    • Well there’s actually a system coming that will let you do this (use your system skins), called Baked on Mesh. It’s in development now but this will solve your issue I think. I’ll do a video about this one soon.

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