Dev – Nana

The Details:

Cost – 3300L
Designer – ::dev::
Current Reviewed Version: v1.3
Includes – Fitmesh body,  Bento Mesh Head, Bento Hands, Feet (Flat & High), Body HUD & Hand/Expression HUD

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – Yes (with 13 animations and makeup options) – Bento
Hands – Yes (bento enabled)
Feet – Yes (Flat & High)
Skins tones included – 10 tones (head and body)

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 5
Save Slots for Appliers – 10


Omega – Yes – Installer activated
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – No
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – No

 The HUD:


The best bits:

  • This type of body won’t be everyone’s style obviously, but for those that do like the ‘muscle’ look it offers a well designed muscle look and an easy to use HUD.
  • Omega compatibility is great, plus it’s an installer so that’s always a bonus.
  • I love that the hands and head are both bento enabled, and the head features mouth movement with chat and blinking too.

The worst bits:

  • The body comes with a head that it’s designed for, and although it does offer a ‘neck’ option for standard/other mesh heads in the alpha tab, the join is much lower than the standard SL head/other mesh heads, so to make it fit they’ve created an artifical/mesh neck. I’m not a fan of the neck, it’s not sculpted up to meet the chin naturally so it looks quite odd. That said if you plan to use it with the included head you’re fine.

Best suited to:

Users who love that fitness muscled woman look!

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