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  1. Hi, you seem to be an expert in mesh bodies and outfits and I was just wondering if you could do a video tutorial for those of us who are only just evolving into the mesh body era of sl. I have no idea how the omni hud works for example or how to apply my outfits correctly or little lone how to apply my skin to my mesh body… or my tattoos. If you could create these or point me in the right direction I would much appreciate it.

    Sami Buscaylet
    (Melody Sunset)

      • Hi, Just wondering if you ever made a video? I am also new to the mesh world. I can’t seem to find any other body besides the Maitreya Lara. I purchased it but it doesn’t seem to work with my Meghindo skin. I would love a basics video so I can understand what all the different appliers refer to ( lolas, tango, wowmeh, phatazz) Thanks!

  2. Hello. i love your blog and your reviews especially. I was hoping you could tell me which of these bodies allows for the biggest (thickest) avatar possible excluding Sking and Fusion. While i love them both, Fusion is just way too much of a hassle because you have to attach so many body parts like arms and torso and breasts and butt, etc etc. Which just defeats the purpose of having a mesh body in my opinion. With Sking (again love their shapes) the breasts are just not alright. their latest bodies do come with great looking breasts, but their clothing layer sinks into the cleavage. It doesn’t stick out like most bodies/mesh breasts do. So if there’s a logo on your shirt, it’s just gone.

    I’ve messaged Sking and left a notecard, but it’s been over 2 or 3 weeks and I’ve just been ignored. So even though I prefer their bigger/curvy shapes (not the muscular ones), I’m left to just find another body, but I don’t think their is one that comes remotely close to Skin or Fusion. People talk about the G.Inc body, but it’s really small in comparison. I’m just wonder if you might know of anything that comes close. People like me obliviously don’t care much about mesh clothing because we’d rather have our preferred body types.

    Anyway, thank you for your time.

    • Barbra, I think we may have similar tastes in body styles,,, I’m a bit ,,well,, Plump in RL,,,, There I admitted it! I’m looking for something that looks like a RL BBW girl with a bit more to love! I gave up on the super slim hourglass supermodel, style, it just isn’t ‘me’! I’d love to find a Mesh Body that shows off my curves and looks like me in RL (Or what I’d like to look like ;>. Not Fat, but a ‘Well Formed Big Girl”, something like a Torrid Model, or the Roman’s “I’m No Angel” Models. check out Ashley G… on the SI Swimsuit edition. Lets here it for “Real” girls!!!!

  3. i think teh Lena Lush is a nice realistic curvy body, that takes Omega appliers. it doesn’t have very good alpha cuts, (at least not yet, we hope it does soon lol , who knows) but since you say you like applier clothing anyway, it may still be a great choice for you . but it depends what shape you are going for, some prefer the Slink Hourglass. and there is also the Eve Pulpy. there may be others. I THOUGHT that Belleza made one too? was it Freya? but for some crazy reason last time i checked that was teh one of teh threee in teh pack that did not have demo, which is absurd in my opinion,since if you are after a curvy body you need to try it first. ( if they were only going to give a demo for two ofthe 3 why do two similar ones and leave out the curvy demo??? o.0 lol) but i havent been hearing about the Freya much all of a sudden, so i dont know what thats about, maybe ask the creator if possible. ( i have heard similar stories about the creators of Sking having bad customer service).

  4. I am looking for at the best Mesh human female avatar. My fiancé has the male mesh body from The Shops/The Mesh Project. I can get the female version of that one, but it costs $5,000L, and is a pain to control. Also, if I get that, it’s another $5,000L for the mesh head. Then there are other things you can get, but they all cost $L making the total ridiculously over priced. I don’t have $10,000L plus to spend on my avatar. It made me search for other mesh avatars. I have a demo for LOGO, and Maitreya. LOGO are Mesh Hybrid avatars, and I love Sadie and Chloe both when using my skin. However, the hands and feet don’t appear to be decent mesh, or mesh at all. I would need to try to find mesh feet and hands, which could be problematic. The LOGO HUD comes with so many options, which is awesome. I love being able to change my expression with the HUD. It’s a very easy HUD to use. The Maitreya Lara demo seems to have just about everything, but the HUD doesn’t have all that the LOGO HUD has. Maitreya Lara’s mesh body does have feet and hands, which eliminates me from having to buy some and the frustration of making them look right on my avatar. When it comes to the breasts, that where I don’t like the Maitreya Lara mesh body. I can’t get my cleavage to be the way I like it. I am torn between LOGO, and Maitreya really. The Shops HUD is just too complicated for me, but I like the idea of having a body from the same store as my fiancé. Besides these three companies, are there any other companies that create awesome mesh or hybrid avatars? I am willing to continue to shop and try demos.

  5. I have a maitreya body, logo head and deluxe body factory skin. The combination is gorgeous IMO. But what one person thinks is the best may not be what you think is the best, keep trying demos and I also asked avi’s when I saw them in world what they were using if I thought they looked fantastic.

  6. You should really try the belleza body. I am so happy with it; better breasts than lara, very good alpha channels and it comes with hands and feets mostly matching the slink shoes too (and a hood so that you dont need to change from flat to high feet manually). You will get 3 different bodies in the pack, it comes with omega layer and there are a view very good designers where you can buy fitting mesh clothing for the 3 belleza bodys. OK, for the lara body there are more designers; but the tendency for mesh fashion for belleza bodies is rising 🙂

  7. Hi there! I just started to go back onto SL and I have noticed this mesh trend (seems to be happening on IMVU as well) and I’m a total newbie on SL’s mesh bodies and I was wondering which one would be a good starting point so I can get a job on SL and earn more $L so I can get more!

    Thanks in advance!


  8. I have the SKING Katana body. I love it and all since it starting to have mesh bottoms in it. I do sometimes want to be able to wear mesh dresses and stuff I wish there are bbw bodies you can do that with I don’t want get smaller just to do it tho. 🙁

  9. Hi! 😀 Have you tried the Vika Mesh body? I have seen it but i looks new since there is nothing for them yet much. I like how it looks but i dont like the skins that goes with it. I was just wondering if you seen or tried it 😀

  10. Hello I have a Maitreya Mesh Bento body and SL classic head I would like to know what skin is compatible with for this or if I can use the skin that comes with Maitreya body to the head and how can I do this? Please in desperate need of help. Thank you.

  11. After gone and returning back its Mesh this,Mesh that. It’s very confusing I would love to hire someone to help I like quality I seen Lara, bento am looking for a complete noncomplicated if anyone’s willing to help I would souly appreciate. I do host at different venues. Please pretty please and Thank You. MsBunnibun…

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