TMP – Men’s Body

The Body:

The Details:

TMP male options
Designer – The Mesh Project
Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet and fitmesh boxer shorts.
Number of clothing layers: Dependent on body type (Basic has 2, one tattoo and one clothing/Deluxe has 3, two tattoo one clothing)
Skins tones included – 36
Save Slots for Other Skins – Other skins are “installed” into the main HUD, no limit I know of
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 6 slots with Deluxe version only (the only version to come with the alpha HUD)
Save Slots for Appliers – Applier clothing items are “installed” into the main HUD, no limit I know of

The HUD:

meshprojectmalehud (1)

  • The body and skins are well detailed, with 32 shades to choose from (if only they included system layer skins for heads as well)
  • This body is probably one of the LEAST body builder type bodies out there, which is saying something because it’s still quite muscley.
  • The body is sexy, let’s face it… it is a hot body 😛
  • Lots of alpha cuts, which are really needed for this body so it’s great they’re there.
  • You need to buy the Deluxe body to get the Alpha HUD, and trust me, you’ll need that HUD. This body is built with it’s skeleton a bit ‘off’ from the system skeleton, so standard mesh pokes through the neck, arms and butt areas.
  • The body has trouble fitting a lot of standard mesh pants, your butt needs to be basically flat (because the system body one is flat, really).
  • TMP haven’t provided the model for the body to other designers, so fitmesh for this item (aside from fitmesh purchased from TMP themselves) is rare, meaning squeezing into standard mesh is the likely outcome.
  • Clothing layers are available on the Basic and Deluxe bodies, but very little applier clothing is made for TMP…. and I mean very little.

64 thoughts on “TMP – Men’s Body

  1. You really need to add about ’30’ to your arm length dial on your shapes, and in this one also add to head size – because this guy looks like he has a T-Rex arms problem (… He cannot ‘use his equipment’…) and a shrunken head. 🙂

    It makes the bodies in the reviews look bad when the shapes are deformed in that manner. 🙂
    That said, if this is the ‘least muscle bound’ male body out there, I guess I can understand why I don’t see people using male mesh bodies often. I’m surprised none of the competition has done anything more normal or ‘bishonen’.

  2. I have this Body and have been running around in it for a while.
    Like the previous reviewer says you will need to adapt your shape. Not a major problem as long as you have an eye for proportion!
    It has a lovely smooth, young nubile appearance. It is easy to use and the alpha hud is great, although trying Demos for mesh clothing is a must.
    There are some beautiful skins available for the heads though not enough in my opinion!
    Clothing is limited from ‘the shops” but as I say demo all mesh clothing. Women’s Jeans fit well and let you keep your butt!
    I’d recommend this body for younger looking avis

  3. At $L 5000 & given the problems it has, this body is a little pricey. I highly recommend getting the free version & playing around with that for a while before you decide if you want the Deluxe version. Don’t waste your money on the Starter or Basic versions. – I have the free version for my male alt, & it looks fine as long as you’re not planning to wear anything more than the boxer shorts it comes with.

  4. i did look into this body and decided not to buy it since you get no option of making anything for it unless you are a know designer with an inworld shop

  5. I am saving for it, but I don[t think I will get it – 5000L is too high if it does not fit most of the clothes and even if I had all the lindens for it, I would be left with none for clothes that are compatable. Too bad, cause it is a very good looking male body. I love the free body they provide – I hope they lower the price – girls have the maitreya that is a great body at a good price, I wish the guys had the same. Thanks for your review, and all the coments of the people on this page. It helped a lot. <3

    • TMP Body does fit pretty much any mesh clothing. Alpha Hud is for that reason. Alpha Hud could do with a little tweaking though.

  6. SoulStripper Fearsum

    TMP Men’s Mesh Body Feluxe

    Had this body for a few months and love it. Works great with mesh clothing. The Alpha HUD could do with some tweaking as in making the alpha sections thinner around the waist and hips and maybe halve the alpha sections horizontally and vertically. Would work better with mesh pants when making parts of body alpha.
    Apart from that, I love it.

  7. For $5000 I expect that the customers are allowed to create their own tattoo and clothing layers. To be forced to open an inworld shop to create something is silly. Also not much information on the webpage and in the basic package. At this time not a good idea to buy it.

  8. 5000 for the male version with an alpha hud. 2500 for the female version with the alpha hud. Unfair and stops me from giving them my money.

  9. Thank you for this review. I’ve been walking around for a week now trying to make a decision on this upgrade. The 5000 $L is too pricey if the Hud is not where it needs to be, and the fact that the female version comes with the hud and the male version does not at the 2500 price is too one sided. Thank you for helping me in this decision. LOVE your review.

  10. Don’t buy if you want to use clothing. Fitted mesh for standard avatars won’t fit. Standard sized mesh clothing won’t fit mostly too. Nice swim/sport pants and shirts for the TMP body are available. But even many clothes that are labelled as “TMP friendly” won’t fit.

    Nice body if you want always go naked or in swim pants, for wearing long pants – like jeans or chinos – unusable at this time.

    • thats not true at all, obviously you dont know how to use it, it fits all my mesh clothes i had for my primy body and trust me my shape is huge , not the tmp midget once , i hate when people give false info cuz obviously they don’t know what they talking ABOUT! WTFFF

  11. I have the TMP body with the alpha system and I truthfully say that I can generally wear most pants and some shorts with ease. Where it becomes a problem is shirts. I’ve had a terrible time fitting any of my Tank tops and also fit mesh tank tops. Shirts also break through at the neck and their isnt a way to resolve it that I have found. So please if people know how to fit previously owned tank tops I would be so grateful. I only wear it because it looks way better than the default body. When other options come along I will probably be moving on in hopes of a better experience.

    My two cents. If am wrong, show me how I am wrong.

  12. I have the TMP mesh body the expensive and other than a few tweaks for the alpha hud and a fix for the neck it would be 100%

  13. My biggest gripe – and I have no clue why it does this, or how to prevent it – is that quite often when I TP somewhere, everything looks fine on MY screen, but sooner or later, someone will tell me “oh by the way… did you know your body is invisible?”. They see all my clothes and attachments – just not the body itself. Then I have to relog so they can see me

  14. I have been using the deluxe TMP body for some time and it sure looks much better that the standard one.
    There are some dissadvantages though that I believe need fixing in an update.
    First of all if you use it with the standard head, the fat slider has to be 0, or else the body detaches from the neck.
    There is a very big difference between the standard and the TMP body in the love handles, in the TMP this slider has to be much higher, which makes it difficult to use with fit mesh clothes, you will have either to have two shape versions or to be changing your body shape to fit the fitted mesh clothing.
    It doesnt fit well with the standard sizes, again making you to adjust your body everytime you change clothes.
    The waist from the side is to thin and the butt is coming out to big, giving you a funny girly figure. Also it gives me the impression that the lower body is coming a bit to the front
    The ankles are not very nice.
    If they fix these issues in an update, I think their body will be amazing.

  15. My boyfriend has had the tmp for awhile and frankly seems to be nothing but trouble. Constantly I get online and he has no body but according to what he sees its just fine. Only way to fix this is to relog. Has gone to them repeatedly, they redeliver, works for a bit and starts it up again. Honestly he has complained constantly about this mesh avatar. I just hope someone like Maitreya or Slink takes up making a mens body, 5000 for something this complicated is insane.

    • Ahh yes the vanishing body attachment! Unfortunately this issue is occuring more and more (and happens with almost all bodies). I’m not sure what causes it honestly, and I’m not sure LL do either. Don’t worry about male bodies though, we have Slink, Belleza and Eve all working on male bodies at the moment!!

  16. I just bought it and i have to free up some anger here:
    Besides that the shopping experience at TMP is horrible and everyone i asked agreed on that one. That one aside.
    The entire system of this body sucks donkey balls. What really grinds my gears is that i just threw out 12k for the body and the head and the head does not even got a skin. The body has 32 skin options. The head NONE. Instead you have to buy every single effin shade you have in the body. for 1000 per style per skintone.
    Why am i so angered: i have no skin that would match the body and i thought a complete overhaul would be in order:
    Do not try this. I’m burned.
    I do not even looked at the other bodies (bad hands/feet, the ‘roids). This one would be perfect if all this bullshit would not be around it.
    That being said. Pick up the body maybe, but do not get temped for a split second on the heads. Don’t. I just throw this entire TMP thing on the dumpster and go back to legacy body.

  17. I bought the men’s body some time ago. I also bought the head at the time, but went through the “heads have no skin” surprise. I still don’t know how to do it right. I think I may have one, but It was such a pain, I don’t bother. Aside from the head skins, I simply love the body. I know all the complaints, and I can start to agree, until I look at the mesh body next to a regular sl body. Is there a learning curve?. yes… And why they set up their shopping system like they did, I have no idea… What a pain in the rump. When I recommend TMP to a friend, usually girls, I take them and go through the painful shopping experience with them… Get in and get out. There are so few options for men, and this one worked out well for me. I don’t understand why pants wont fit for some people, that’s what the alpha hud is for. I can get most oddball clothes to fit fairly well, but when something says try a demo before you buy, then buy the silly demo! some tank tops can be a pain, but… I have a few I bought from some shop on the list of websites that support TMP, and I have some very good tank tops. Really quite happy and am sold on the mesh. And if you have trouble seeing mesh, it probably has a mix of things doing that, from graphics settings, to bandwidth in game, as well as at your house, and your computer itself… Just my 2 cents. Even though I read that there isn’t very many vendors for TMP, I found more than I can ever buy… there is actually a bit of stuff, even for the guys… of course, the girls always have the advantage in sl for clothes

    • Some great thoughts Kamper! The strange thing about the head is that the skins are there, you need just eyebrows lol. So if you buy eyebrows from theshops, you’ll find that you can click on any tone and it will take you to the eyebrow selector… just click on the eyebrows and it will apply. Weird I know, but it works!!

  18. I’m a blogger but for women’s fashion. Naturally, I get a lot of people asking me questions about skins, mesh bodies, etc. I own 4 mesh bodies but I don’t consider myself very knowledgeable on them so I send them to your site. Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me what’s the best skin for the men’s TMP body. Naturally, I was stumped. What do I do? I come here 🙂 Can you advise me on this so that I can give him some ideas? Thank you!

  19. ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS BODY! I’vs had it since release, and cant get enough, goes well with the head, granted the Alpha HUD is not the best, i find their use for getting rid of certain parts (minimal) like tiny triangles on the chest and such a bit over the top, and not letting me do enough w/ tank tops. Any lady friends that I have had have been very… enthusiastic about it. Maybe i should try some new ones? what do you think? im just having trouble finding good looking hair but other than that. love it.

    • ROFL @ Enthusiastic ladies. That made my day hahaha. You know I love the TMP body, but the lack of fitted clothing and updates does worry me a little. I’m really hoping that they keep their promise of an update soon <3

  20. Hello, here’s what I did to avoid the body vanishing: I just attached body, hands and feet to different spots of the skelleton, not where they would go when you wear them. Sounds weird but it worked for me.

    • Yep exactly right! most mesh tends to be attached at the same point (right hand or centre), both of which are usually used by other items, so attaching them in empty attachment points usually fixes the issue 🙂

  21. The Style hud has issues , items don’t show up though they came from their shop. Customer service can be a slow process but they get it done in the end. It is way expensive. Take 20000L with you and go ahead and buy 15000 worth of their casino chips. Save the last 5k for items their as not all take their chips. Overall a little more difficult than it should be to apply the clothes.
    I love the look and skin of the avi. I used my standard avatar shape as theirs are rather odd and short with girlish thighs. Make sure to pick a skin color first and be sure to purchase everything else the same or you will have splotches. I’ll tinker with this a while but not sure I’d pluck down this much again next time especially if I can’t get my deadwool outfits to work. Maybe girls like to tinker on the details but for me I’d rather put an order in for what I like and have it done for me and delivered.
    One last note the aeros men’s giggly parts works wonderfully with this avatar.

    • I`m really, really trying to like that Adam skin, since it has so many nice features, but I just can’t…

      Anatomically speaking, some of the muscles shapes are all wrong… Like alien looking wrong. Try to make a bulkier avatar, and see what happens to the shoulders (deltoids specifically)… Add to the total absence of traps, and you have something that is just wrong, and awful looking, imo. The nipples are way too high. And the abs a bit off as well (the upper part of it). Both TMP and SLink got it way better. The Aesthetic is also almost dead on, but on a much bulkier way (like ‘roid user way).

      For now, I guess I’ll have to keep using TMP with some cool skins from Peau and the like.

  22. i’ve been using the starter one for quite some time, few weeks i suppose.. anyway, yeah gotta go deluxe.. great body, for us males that don’t want to look like a steroid wrestler type of look.. highly recommend it, give tmp body a try with the free one and see how you’d like it.. i have no regrets, word up..

  23. there is a strip right at the base of the neck at the top of the hud that always and i mean always sticks out through most clothes the hud needs to extend up to the base of the neck not where it currently ends and it does this even with clothes meant for TMP bodies. and why do all the fitted mesh pants sit far enough out from the body that you can slide a entire had around the waistband. and why do the legs have to be the way they are so that most shorts wont work cause the cuff is halfway through your knee.

  24. Love the TMP male. I did buy a body shape. But didn’t love it. Does anyone have a favorite? Looking for more definition on arms and legs. Clothes are tough and takes time to work out the clothes. But once I get I’m I think it will be worth it. Not to sure about 5000$L for the head. And I didn’t see a demo for it. Anyone have any mesh heads they would recommend?

  25. All of the fitmesh clothing looks weird at the waist. It bulges out in the front and back, giving you a weird sort of snowman/pear shaped appearance, regardless of what your actual settings are. The body seems to be abnormally thin from the side, with no real way to tweak this without adding to the Belly slider and making yourself look slouchy. Even the Body Fat slider seems to make you grow side to side, but not front to back.

    It looks great naked, but that sort of limits your options when you’re looking for a fun hangout.

  26. Is TMP Ever going to freaking update the body? Does anyone know anything? You sure can’t get a word out of them about anything.

  27. Well this sucks its now 18th April and still no updates and their lack of info about such things is just terrible Its sad that some minor problems could be fixed via updates but no nothing I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! other male mesh bodies offer far more removable ears and slink compatibility to name just 2 I have waited a long time for some form of update but NOTHING and I highly doubt their will be an update ever I mean how long has this been out and its still BETA totally unaceptable

  28. I couldn’t agree more! Some mesh bodies, like Signature, are receiving an update per month, which constantly improves it. Menwhile TMP gets none, while still forcing its users to go through what is probably the worse (and most insecure, since is done out of SL) shopping experience in my almost 11 years of SL. Definitely steer away from it for now.

  29. I have to agree with the last few comments, TMP after how many years is still in the “beta ” stage ?? REALLY, nothing fits it , the alpha hud I have to squint to see it, and half the time I cant even find the tiny silver dot on my screen it just kind of poofs off ( no clue why) and the body, I went along for nearly 4 days thinking I looked pretty sharp.. then I got a IM saying psst you know you have no body right ?? And the cost is way out of the park . I think im total for the body, skin,700L EYEBROWS !!!! and the rest was nearly 15k all together. For me in the end to take it off and delete it . And so you all know , I contacted TMP asking about the rumor “Omega” update that is going around . I was told by TMP and I quote ” we have no plans of any updates, and will not ever be in the Omega system, we the creators feel that system is not safe enough ” you can be your own judge on that comment. I have now moved on to yet another body. Deleted Slink, TMP. Aesthetic, Adam first 3 never get updated and Adam was just to strange shape.

  30. Well, it’s nice to see some well-deserved rebellion against TMP. Enough is enough. As far as I’m concerned this product is dead. I’ve waited and waited and waited waited for an update. This has been the biggest smack-in-the-face company that I’ve ever dealt with in SL.

    It’s time to get real. How long do you think they are going to keep their servers online now that the money is drying up? When their servers go…poof, their customers will be left with nothing usable. Does anyone honestly believe that they will now issue a free update fix and keep this system going when their chance of getting any new business is realistically gone? Does this company seem like they would do anything out of loyalty? I predict that their next update will be draining the accounts and removing all life support for these avatars.

    It could have been a great product, but even if they do manage to fix the known issues, who wants to wait a couple of years until they get around fixing the new issues that show up?

    Regardless of what happens at this point, customers who pay this much money should not have to be this vulnerable and crippled when it comes to keeping their avatar current. This customer has jumped through the last hoop TMP will ever put in front of my face.

  31. As owner of more mesh bodies than tmp, i would recommend : do NOT spend your money on this.
    No updates
    Worst shopping there is on SL
    Totally overpriced 5 times…also for the official add ons
    Bad support
    NO responses for real support.. just some interested other resident who can’t help at all.
    All heads look the same… walk around and you see all clones around you.

    go for Adam, Slink or the really nice Gianni … omega compatible, more versatile…AND you get updates!

  32. I got the Deluxe Mesh Body and the Mesh head. I love them both. Yes the body isn’t perfect and has room for improvement, but if you don’t understand how to use it then yes your going to look like a clone. With so many varieties in skins and add on’s I don’t understand how you will look like a clone unless you lack creativity. The TOP two mesh bodies I personally feel are by TMP and Slink. Best looking bodies and I use them both. I don’t look like everyone else who has a TMP or Slink. If you find it pricey that’s understandable, just move along and find something along your price range. I have no issues applying tattoos, eye brows, beards, etc. I have no issues with clothing. I wear the best of the best and I shop at male events. I don’t shop on mp for my clothing. I am honestly happy with my TMP and I use it as my main. My wife loves it as well so they obviously did something right.

  33. First we will state the obvious to most that have been watching. Yes it is still in “BETA” now this normally means updates should be expected at least every three to six months, I’ve had the deluxe body and head for well over a year now. In that time I’ve had zero updates. Now that said some of the flaws other reviewers have pointed out could with a little time and effort be repaired in an update but still we have none.

    In the this “BETA” stage time with TMP that has yielded absolutely no updates and sketchy hear say information at best other mesh bodies have made advancements that far and away exceed anything the current TMP mesh body is capable of. I wear the male but other friends with the female mesh body are in the same predicament. They have seen zero updates or even mention of updates.

    The price is huge as many others have pointed out,a full set up can range from 15.000l$ to 20.000L$. At twenty thousands that’s eighty U.S Dollars ladies and gents. Now pricing aside again as many have pointed out the experience of shopping with TMP is nothing short of a nightmare and I am putting this nicely when so many other choice words come to mind.

    The customer service has more than once proven to be unreliable and at times down right rude. Their views on outside creators tool to help improve their product as it stands have been deemed “unsafe” by the creators behind TMP. If couple all this with all the above mentioned reviews of countless issues that any one with just an hours experience with these bodies can point out I myself see that investing into TMP was nothing short of a mistake.

    The final impression of the product,company and creators behind it all left me feeling like this was nothing more than a fast cash grab product and no real intention of future improvement ever existed at all. I would NEVER recommend the TMP to anyone nor would I suggest creators waste their precious time creating anything for the TMP bodies because as of this posting time the future of TMP looks very grim and even with enormous time invested I have to question if their creators are even capable of catching up with the advancements other mesh bodies have all ready made.

    TMP=Just don’t #TMPEPICFAIL

  34. TMP Doll is good looking.
    That’s a big PRO.

    Negative is
    It is difficult to find clothes that fit. Usually you can`t wear your old mesh anymore. If you say something different, let me show you those gaps between belly and your pants, open shirts and jackets or elsewhere.
    The price is a no-no.
    But the biggest problem I see: TOO MANY men are wearing that doll. Some comments blame ppl for being uncreative, not modeling the body/head. I can tell you from one sim corner to the other, if that body is a TMP-Doll. Even if you use a different skin, tatt….
    The biggest mistake is to wear an Aeros. It makes you looking like a clone or the result of the biggest incest ever.

    Here you see the clone party…
    (not mine)

  35. Got myself the free version. Looks fab on the naturist resort. Good enough for that. For all of the above mentioned reasons I won’t waste money on the paid version but stick to my fugly Niramyth when I’m dressed.

  36. I used the Deluxe version of this for quite a while. It does look great, esp nude and is far easier to match skins with the included neck shaders then any other mesh bodies I’ve used.

    The biggest drawback I had with it is, as others have pointed out, you can’t just buy any clothing without trying the demos first (and don’t spend your L$ if a demo isn’t available unless you’ve already seen it on someone else). Some mesh clothing works great with it but unless it’s advertised as being made with the TMP body in mind there will usually be clipping somewhere (though, the few items I got that had a resizing HUD included I was able to make look good with a bit of tinkering). Usually around the waist for pants/shorts and the neck for shirts/jackets (and just forget about and tanks, most underwear, and anything with straps that aren’t made specifically for TMP bodies).

    However, even some creators that say they made their clothing for the TMP body didn’t hit the mark. I’ve tried quite a few demos and made several purchases that had pretty severe clipping issues with the default TMP shape.

    Lastly, I only bought a few items of clothing that made use of the appliers, but they all looked absolutely awful. Make-up, tattoo, and nail-polish appliers can look awesome on it, but every item of clothing that was applier based just looked like it was tattooed onto the skin.

    All in all, the body does look awesome, but if someone hadn’t insisted on buying it for me I’d have never spent L$5,000 for it. The lack of an alpha HUD on the lower priced versions limits clothing options to the point that you’d be better off getting something else or just getting the free version. I also hate the whole idea of having to load credits onto a HUD just to buy anything from the creator.

  37. Having owned this body (TMP Male Deluxe) for quite some time I have to agree with many of the comments about lack of upgrades (we were promised one LAST November…yeah, that’s right an official announcement almost a year ago and still nothing), price, the stupid applier process, and the total and complete lack of developer support (although they did finally put out a free mesh kit recently).

    I have learned the hard way, as others pointed out, to ALWAYS check demo’s before laying out any money for mesh clothing. However, over the 18 months or so I have owned the body, I have seen mesh clothing support for TMP get MUCH better. A couple of designers are pretty much a 100% fit for me (Yasum and one other I can’t think of at this writing). I tried appliers a couple of times…I wasn’t really pleased with the results….

    That 2 layers of tattoos? Forget it…one layer works…if you try adding a second you end up with a horrible mess. And skin support from the truly great MALE skin designers (Birth being my personal favorite) is pretty non existent.

    All that having been said, the TMP is still, hands down, the best looking male mesh avatar body on SL. Even using the included skins, it looks damn good. Unless you want to look like the hulk (please feel free to join the other nirmyth aesthetic ‘enzo’ and Tellaq lovers), or some metrosexual wimp (Slink, Adam, etc) then this is really the only good choice out there. And believe me, it pains me to say that considering I know a great number of female friends who have a large and wonderful selection of bodies available to them. Once again in SL the guys get short shrift…but then most men don’t shop like women. Hell, most guys don’t even want to hassle with a mesh body, much less shell out 5k Lindens, so in a way it’s understandable…the market is geared more to women because women BUY stuff.

    For my part I will continue to enjoy my TMP body even with the shortcomings.

  38. I know this is an older post and I hate beating a dead horse but here is the rundown, seeing as I don’t feel like starting my own blog for this stuff.

    Slink – Looks 1 step better than default, horribly rigged, not versatile and the HUD is a cluster f*ck.
    Adam – Much better rigging than Slink. HUD is one of the best for men’s mesh bodies. Shape takes a LOT of tweaking and you WILL need a body applier because the skins are horrid.
    TMP – WAY overpriced. Nonstop issues with alphas. Disappears. The HUDS are hands down the WORST. Customer service is nonexistent. And my biggest complaint… the alphas don’t go high enough on the back of the neck causing some clothing to be useless. Unfortunately also one of the most versatile and smoothest meshes.
    Signature – Best body option. Great HUD. Omega ready, don’t even need a relay. Its 2k less than TMP and has all of the fine details that TMP has. The only downside is muscle mass. Your torso muscle sliders at 30 with TMP on are about the same as an 8 or 9 on Signature. A sacrifice I’ll gladly make.
    Epos – Don’t make me laugh or waste my time.
    Aesthetic – Do I even need to say anything about this grotesque, and somehow popular, hideous mesh body??

    • I love this review and completely agree. I’ve had boyfriends that have had all these bodies and Signature looked very much like TMP without the headache. 🙂
      The slink looks still blocky.
      Eeeewww Aesthetic. Hate that guy!

  39. I couldn’t see a review of TMP head for men. I bought one, lol. It looks great with a scarf, sort of. I don’t have the patience for this but I can’t play at all now. That said, I’ve tried every mesh body with it (demos) and none of them fit. Is there a hack I can use to create a seamless fix? I could just toss it aside, maybe I should. I’m guessing that none of the other body designers have compatible builds because of business decisions. There’s no way I’m splashing out over $10 more for a seamless neck. I’ll just retire the guy. But do you know of a potential fix, I think mesh is beyond my skillset but I’m open to it.

  40. I read on TMP face book that one of the owners left and went to signature. This not official, but a comment made by the user.

  41. Well the TMP body is fine. Now the people who run their update group are a joke. We were discussing how people we’re always naked in group chat. I said, yes my visit to TMP is not complete without seeing a mesh ass hanging out. So I was removed from the chat haha. Needless to say I stopped using their product. And still no update I here so probably still the raggedy Andy shoulders and other bugs. Still limited clothes. Glad I left.

  42. I wish I had read this first.
    After spending an eye watering 17K+ on the head and body hell even eyebrows I contacted the TMP online shop assistant as I could not figure out how to add my own tattoo layers using the hud etc.. .
    It boasts that you can add 2 layers in the deluxe version.

    Anyway.. Here is how the conversation went.. But to cut it shot..
    It is now gathering dust in my inventory and I wasted A LOT of my money.

    (severus.koskinen): Hi NameChanged, do you have a moment?
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): sure how can I help
    (severus.koskinen): Well I have bought the body and head etc.. I make my own tattoos, how do I get the applier?
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): after the update there will be personal kits
    (severus.koskinen): When is that? or can I get hold of a creators kit So I can make them? I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I make TMP tattoos always had to say no as only used Omega
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): the creators kit is on hold
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): till the update
    (severus.koskinen): Do you know when that is? This means Im going to have to put everything on hold till then after spending 17k
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): for a tattoo?
    (severus.koskinen): yes
    (severus.koskinen): its not a tattoo per say it is my scars.
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): well I dont know sorry
    (severus.koskinen): People know me by my scars
    Personal Shopper (diorprincess): 17K? what did you buy?
    (severus.koskinen): head body skin.. eyes eyebrows..
    (severus.koskinen): I did not think it would be difficult to get an applier.. Dam
    [03:19] Personal Shopper (NameChanged): after the update
    (severus.koskinen): There are so many people on sl marketplace. I had no idea you had stopped giving out appliers..
    (severus.koskinen): Ok when is the update as I can’t use anything now till it comes out
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): I have clue
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): sorry
    (severus.koskinen): So Im stuck then correct?
    (severus.koskinen): I can’t add any tattoos because I’m being blocked then?
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): till the update you can’t use peronal kits
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): Nothing else I can do for you
    (severus.koskinen): After spending so much, I am sure you can appreciate just how I am feeling
    (severus.koskinen): I can’t even get one kit to add my face tattoo even though hundreds of people already have it.. I am being told no.. Is there anyone I can speak to about this?What kind of skin cannot add tattoos? I bought the deluxe because it said you can apply two tattoo layers that’s False advertising.
    (severus.koskinen): I cannot even add ONE
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): you can buy tattoos
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): Sorry I cannot help you any further
    (severus.koskinen): I have tattoos I just need someone to give me the ability to add it
    (severus.koskinen): ok I want a refund you cannot even tell me WHEN the update is coming out I could be waiting months
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): We do not refund
    (severus.koskinen): you do not give people the tools they need though.. There are hundreds of people that make tattoos why can’t I make the tattoo?
    (severus.koskinen): why are you not giving out the appliers till this update (which you don’t know when it is)
    [03:26] Personal Shopper (NameChanged): You really want to let me say this all again?
    (severus.koskinen): I am not trying to upset you or be a bad shopper but can’t you see how frustrating this is?
    [03:26] Personal Shopper (NameChanged): I cannot help you till the update
    (severus.koskinen): which you don’t know when it is.. Jesus christ.. this is the worst
    (severus.koskinen): I need to speak to someone about this.. This is ridiculous.. Why can’t I use the old applier till the update give me one good reason?
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): Because the stylemode hud is being updated
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): and we never had personal kits before
    (severus.koskinen): And that stops it working then?
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): you can only use the kits if you are a designer
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): not for personal use
    (severus.koskinen): I am a designer
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): do you have a shop?
    (severus.koskinen): yes I do
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): you need at least 25 items
    (severus.koskinen): I have more than 25
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): there is an link in my profile for designers
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): you can apply there
    (severus.koskinen): I did months ago
    (severus.koskinen): never got back to me
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): right
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): because it is on hold
    (severus.koskinen): I waited a month..
    (severus.koskinen): nothing..
    (severus.koskinen): 2 months..
    (severus.koskinen): 3..
    (severus.koskinen): I get about 3 requests a week to use tmp appliers on my scars I always told them the same thing..
    (severus.koskinen): I tried.. they just never responded.. I never for a minute thought I would be treated like this after I bought the stuff myself. I really don’t want to have an issue I’ve had insane customers myself. All I want is just an applier to add my own tattoos.. Ideally in the future I will add it to my store and marketplace but for today I just want to wear my new skin with my scars and not have to stick it in a folder and leave it there till some update comes out.. which I don’t know when it is. And then apply simply to be ignored all over again.
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): well I cannot help you with this I am sorry
    Personal Shopper (NameChanged): Can I help you with something else?
    (severus.koskinen): No.. I can’t use the new tmp stuff.. I feel let down.. marginalised, unimportant and I’m going to have a coffee because I just wasted a ton of money and then treated as if its my fault.. I wish you a good day and that all your other customers are far happier than I am. I doubt I’ll even be told when the update is out .
    [03:38] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

    She logged off by then.. To be fair I needed to log too I was really mad by this point or (but-hurt) I doubt they will add me as a designer now.

  43. Why do you “need to be a designer” to add tattoos? Which they they just screw with you and don’t respond? I doubt they even plan to open it up like they promise, since it’s been years.

    Sounds like a bunch of jerks that won’t be getting money.

  44. Spent an awful 3 hours in The Shops. Online support was horrible. This whole thing with credits too. I bought credits first. When i decided not to buy i couldn’t get my Lindens back. I can gift the credits to someone else but that’s it. Most women i would gift to have moved on to other bodies. So i buy the body and am stuck with $2,000 of the $7000 credits i bought.

    There is nothing in the shops for men to buy other than skins. Well a few things but really nothing. Oh yeah $250 for eyebrows and that was it (not even using them now). When i asked why i could not tattoo blend the neck i was told i need to buy their skin. If you want a boy toy look then their skins are fine but i want a thirty something male. Something between this and Tellaq. I finally got a Ryan skin to work at the face and neck (yes it too is a bit young looking) wish i could have used my remaining $1750 in credits to buy Ryan – ha! I am wondering if one can get skins for this body or if i am stuck with what TMP gives you. I expect the latter.

    Anyway, i have not tried shopping yet for this body so i can’t speak to any experience there but so far it has not been very good. The body is great. I wonder if people can get the free version and maybe use appliers with it …. idk but sure think the lack of customer support – options and integration and monopolistic approach sucks, as does the gender discrimination. If people started getting the free version only and not spending $5K for the deluxe then maybe this company would wake up.

    We’ll see how it goes with the clothing – i wasn’t happy about losing that money, the lack of customer focus and support. This was my first venture into Mesh in late 2017. I’ve been in world for 14 years. With that history one learns patience in SL but i will go back to my other avatar and outfits if things continue to be this complex with mesh. Maybe there are better options out there than TMP.

  45. it’s January 2018. I still use the deluxe version of this body. YES ITS PRICY as F$#K but I wear just about everything I want to wear with it. I wear the latest trends and the women go absolutely bonkers for how I look. I’ve looked at all of the bodies out there recently in an attempt to replace this one. The fact is they look like little boy’s bodies. If you want to look like you re 19 go for it. But if you want to look like a lat 20’s to mid 30’s guy this is your shape.

    Finally, it being 2018 and all. Just yesterday I was at a photo shoot and the photographer loved my head. They couldn’t even tell I have the TMP head on. And that’s what I want to tell you all. The TMP head is a good head. you don’t have pouty lips and all of that… but to be honest, you’re a guy. Be a guy and don’t worry about pouty lips. Who cares if you are blinking or not. The women love it. And I get hit on by men all of the time as well.

    That all being a said… I this late summer I picked up the Aesthetic body. Because I actually talk to people and just try to have sex with them, I’ve learned that most people don’t like the hulk type of bodies. But the one’s who do will go gaga over the Aesthetic body.

    The one thing I will say is that women want to see that you actually care how you present yourself. If you are going to present yourself like a dumb brute, expect what you get. Looks get you the hello. But… treat everyone the same exact way you would treat your favorite person in life and you’ll do very very fine.

    I currently use the Aesthetic body and TMP head when I can. Always in adult things. But I use the TMP body and head as my every day. It got me an awesome wife 🙂

  46. Unless you are truly a masochist then I would steer well clear of this. As said by previous posters, service is appalling, their marketing at times misleading, support from creators is terrible because they won’t let anyone get full kits it would seem, and on top of that the shop hud and experience is one of the worst I have ever come across. Good luck to those who like them, but to me this is just one huge rort. Avoid if you want to keep your sanity.

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