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 The Details:

Name – Gianni
Cost – 3,500L
Designer – Signature  ( for more info see their website by clicking here)
Current Reviewed Version: v3.5 (April 2017)
Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet & HUD

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes – bento enabled
Feet – Yes
Skins tones included – 12 built in skintones (no system layer skintones included)

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing layers
Save Slots for Other Skins – 6 tone save slots
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 8
Save Slots for Appliers – N/A


Omega – Yes (out of the box compatibility)
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – No
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – No

 The HUD:

hud-2 hud-3 hud-4 hud-1

The best bits:
  • I love the shape of this body – it’s reminiscent of TMP’s mesh body in the sense that it can be both muscular but not overly so, which I really liked.
  • The body is very compatible with standard sized clothing and classic fitmesh, which was a really nice touch. More and more fitmesh is becoming available for this body too, which is great.
  • The skin that come with the body area really nicely textured, and the ability to tint them is useful as well.
  • The hands are now bento compatible which is great for using bento AO’s.
  • I just like the look of the body overall honestly, I think Dario will be wearing this one for a while.
  • I love that the feet have alpha cuts on them to hide the toes/mid foot, very handy for non rigged shoes and boots!
  • The HUD has the ability to send you an update (click the ‘update’ button on the top right). Big time saver.
The worst bits:
  • There seems to be a bit of an issue with Omega applier skin and the nipples on the body, but there are Signature appliers available at quite a few stores now anyway.
  • The body comes with some great skintones, but no system layer skins, so the first thing that happens is you spend half your night trying to tint the body to get it to match your existing skins. Of course this will change over time as more skins come out, but for now it would be nice to have some system layer skins for the face area so we can match 🙂
Best suited to:

Men are loving this body and I can see why. I know some people are skeptical of Signature because of their past releases, however this is a new generation for them, which is evidenced by the fact they’ve already has several body updates go out – so if you like a masculine look, definitely give it a demo!

42 thoughts on “Signature – Gianni

  1. I just bought a Seven Deadly Skins skin, Sid, for this mesh body, and it looks really good. Seven Deadly Skins sells an Omega applier for Signature mesh bodies and I was really impressed with it. I have a lot of tampering with the Alpha HUD to do still, but over all, I was very pleased with this mesh body.

  2. I was at first using the omega skins from labyrinth then I switched default skin and I just matched my head to the Gianni skin. Mainly cause the omega skins right now for guys are not very well detailed!

  3. The shape is good, with the exception of the biceps, that are too big and don’t match a slim body. It looks like a guy who goes to the gym and works out the arms only.

    If they don’t fix this, TMP will continue being the only good alternative to slim bodies, unfortunately.

    Slink also has a slim shape, but the quality is not even close to this Gianni and TMP. I can’t wait to see the Maitreya mesh body.

    This is a good mesh body, but if you want a slim shape with good proportions, this body is not for you.

    • well The Problem is it isn’t meant to be a tooth pick thin body if you want that Then TMP, Slink, and Adams are better choices. This body from the way the Dev Kit looks and the creators own Pictures show it to be in between The Thin Bodies of Three I just listed above and the Overly Muscled Bodies Like The Aesthetic and alike.

  4. I am still shopping, I tried demos Signature, Adam and TMP. The Signature is my fav, except for 2 things.. The hand are AWFUL!!! I They look like noob classic hands, they are very coarse looking. I wear Jomo, Jomo would do good to make an applier for this mesh body’s hands. I did IM the designer, I included pictures of some competing hands and Jomo, the designer didn’t offer that there would be improvement soon. 2nd problem the neck has a line with transparent gap, this is also reported by Strawberry Singh in her review of this body. I solved the problem by inserting a flesh colored prim in the neck, (I informed the designer as well because it worked).. That is extra piece is now included based on a group update that I received. I just wish the designer would listen about the hands..
    Bottom line I am waiting.. I would buy this now if I could get applier for Jomo hands or Signature upgraded them.

  5. Best body out there! looks great easy to find clothing nothing about this has a bad comment. Skins are not hard to find I know of a few places making Signature compatible skin…7 deadly, Crazy White Boy and P I think too, I’m sure more have it but those are places I have shopped. If I could change something or see something changed in the next update would be the alpha hud its a bit hard to see with tiny slices and I would like to be able to hide _ torso front , Torso back etc and they REALLY need to fix the remove legs that goes up onto the torso. It should only remove to where the standard avatar legs remove 🙂 other then that 10 thumbs up!!

  6. best male mesh body around!
    appliers from 7 deadly s[k]ins for the more teinted type guys
    appliers from Clef de Peau for the blondes….perfect ….

  7. i was shocked when read that i have to pay for a demo! but inworld it´s a free demo, so i think that´s ok.
    like the hud, best i seen so far, the body looks well.

  8. they updated the body and hands and feet and all look great but my issue is there hud and many other have the same..when you tp 2 or 3 time you have to relog and it sucks ..i have a few huds and it the only one that does it..if i knew hud sucks i would not got the mesh body

    • Hi James, is it the HUD that’s falling off or the body? Sometimes this can happen when you have more than one item attached to a certain attachment point. Instead of just wearing or adding the hud, right click and go to ‘attach to hud’ then select a spot that doesn’t have anything else attached to it, that can help.

  9. Signature recently did an October update on Gianni. they’ve fixed a few things that were nagging and now I’m finding this to be my go to mesh body. TMP , slink, and adam I’ve mothballed in favor of this. Now if only we had more mesh head variety. Hoping with Bento coming soon we’ll see more options .

    • While there isn’t a great variety that I have found, I do think there is enough to work with. Catwa – Jackson seems to work well with it as well as Adam (I have both heads and like them both for different purposes). Finding the applier I wanted to work with was the hardest part and Catwa seemed to work out better for me because of what I wanted in the end.

  10. It looks pretty nice and well done. But they body should come with the head. The price is very high. A very expensive product. They should realize that after a costumer had bought a body (L$ 3000) and then a head (L$ 2000), he still will want to get different skin applies (L$ 2000) and some clothes. I don’t agree with the price, but I do recomend it those who have money for it.

  11. This is gonna be my go-to mesh body (and head). The system was on sale, like 30% off. Super-easy setup with included skin. The matching head was $2k and is largely static, but with three separate texture finishes, from young buck to weathered frontiersman. I can imagine updates coming for it. The best part is flawless transitions over the course of the body/neck/head. Very easy to use altogether. A few issues, no Slink shoes, but three different alphas adapt to almost any shoe you need. I ramped back the torso muscles with the slider, and the blown out super-biceps are more natural now. Great alpha control. Not perfect, but most of the way there. The Alpha slices are tiny, so just be patient and you should get the hang of it easy enough.

  12. Having just bought the Signature mesh body, it seems easy to set up (though the instructions could be improved) and looks good from above the knee upwards. The knee and below look a little odd.

    If you want an avatar with body hair, you can buy an add on for $L1500. The torso hair is very good. There are 5 different hair patterns to choose from and it looks realistic. The leg hair is terrible. It looks like a 4 year old has crayoned random straight lines on the legs. I dislike the Aethestic avatar for being unrealistically muscular, but Signature’s leg hair isn’t in the same league as Aesthetic’s and for $L1500 it should be. it’s like they got to the top of the legs, got bored and just shoved in something from circa 2008.

    For the sake of men who don’t like avatars that look like they have bathed in hair removal cream, improve the leg hair urgently and offer an update to customers who’ve already shelled out.

    • I just want to make sure to dispel the rumor that Aesthetic is “unrealistically muscular”. You find men with that body a dime a dozen in West Hollywood and Washington D.C., so let’s stop saying that.

      On Signature, the HUD is fantastic. The alpha chunks are perfect and plentiful, and I’ve really enjoyed the body.

      My complaint currently is that removing the beard is not intuitive. It takes quite a bit of work on my part to become cleanshaven.

  13. I am new to Mesh shapes, body, and skin. Who is able to help me set this up and get clothes to work with the Signature Gianni body?

    I need help.

    Thank you

  14. Is there an alpha part for around the ankle on Gianni?…it seems my friend can alpha the feet and the lower leg..but there is one part, the ankle that still shows…hard to wear shoes that the ankle doesn’t overhang.

  15. I am having the absolute worst time trying to get a clean neck joint with this Signature body. I first tried the Signature body and head. Same skin tones. The result is always the same, even with the neck fix on. The front looks fine, but the back looks terrible. The back of the neck is darker above the line. So I then tried the Catwa Daniel head. Got matching skin tone appliers for both head and body from L’Etre/Doux and Nivaro. Same exact thing. This can’t be me. I know what I’m doing. I’ve had great success with several different bodies. Aesthetic, Maitreya, Belleza, and even TMP. Yet this Signature issue is going to be the death of me. And as I understand it, should there be an update to Signature, we’ll be expected to pay for it, which is BS.

    • I’ve had the same issue with using the Catwa Daniel head (Justin head as well) and applying matching skin tone appliers from various creators ..the skin on the back of the neck is always darker above the line where the front looks fine. If anyone has an idea what is going on .. or if there is a solution .. would be interested hearing.

  16. I had this same problem did some research seems that different mesh programs create different mesh materials so if you use 2 creators mesh you will never get a flawless match. Catwa was by far worse then the Gianni head but the Gianni head was way over priced for some shit that don’t even have a tongue or teeth just blinks . Advice : try change your wind light…….. but to change the topic Catwa bento also has a shitty bulge on the neck to the signature body when your head turns to the side …for 5k and nearly 4kfor a body total of nearly 10k or 40-50 rl bucks depending on where you live it should be perfect. Seems to me lots of these creators think they got a gold mine so they take the money and run. They need to know that more and more creators are closing in behind them. FIX YOUR STUFF!!!that is all I have to say 🙂 hope this helps someone save money or fix the ugly issues a bit.

  17. Got the new mesh body.. like the shape.. but legs are several shades darker than the arms and torso. How to correct this?

    Any ideas, please.

  18. I struggled for days getting the Signature head + body(applier skins) applied so that the lines at the neck disappears, but after some research i found some other suppliers(sorry L’etre). Next was the hair because not any hair(or rigged) fits the head, so i ended up with a bunch of hairs. Still i think the Gianni mesh head + body looks great.
    Lure skins gives you all(+omega) skins in one box and looks great. No seams, no low detail faces.
    Dura hair, Exile, Edelstore has fitted hair(rigged doesn’t work unless you want to mess up your head shape)
    Etham has great clothes for Signature, but still you need to check demos because alphas is a nightmare especially with tank tops.
    Labyrinth definitely have a few nice beards

  19. Not a great body for realistic height people, the biceps become absolutely huge even at 0 slider. This would be more suitable for the 3M crowd, they will – due to their height – be at a bigger scale, so the biceps won’t look stupidly large.

    Other big faults with this body, when swimming, the body turns white – unless you turn off any tattoos. Also, in a skybox the body fractures and lines can be seen between each mesh segment.

    It’s an OK body, but one which you should try a demo for if you are relaistic sized, and also at 4000M for everyone… some might be bothered by their body being a mass of mess in a skybox.

  20. As a furry, this body is visually appealing to me and would love to be able to use it but there is an inherent flaw that hurts for me, the neck, I am probably blind as a bat, but there are no neck size Options, and using the Omega Neck fix attachment looks just wonky with the neck. If the neck was abit smaller and lined up with the Omega Neck fix, it would be perfect.

  21. The arms…dude please let us who like be a little less muscular have some smaller arms, now i have to add some heavy tattoos on to hide the magnitude of how big they look. The hud is great but there are some issues with those tiny alpha spots where barely the mouse pointer can fit inside, should been an option to get a large(r) hud .

  22. After some time in SL decided to jump on mesh avatar bandwagon. Tried few bodies, and realized that this one suits my needs quite well regarding the look and bells and whistles.
    One thing that someone should be aware is ARC on this body, which is significantly higher than any other body I tried (Adam, Jake, Enzo, Slink). If you dont pay attention on your clothing, you will easily go way above 150k on poorly optimized clothing and jewlery for example. This was the only thing I havent checked and should have known better considering I spent 10 years in SL and being quite tech savvy with both scripting and building. I really suggest that besides the price of the bodies, this reviews, otherwise awesome btw, should include ARC, since what is the point of your new awesome body when nobody is able to see you…

  23. I can’t get any appliers to join the body and head without lines regarding my Signature Gianni and Catwa Daniel. I am so frustrated with it. I went to L’etre, Lure, Stray Dog and a few other. I used body and head appliers, and still have that unsightly line and just plain old weird connection.

  24. I want to buy this body but they don’t provide scripts to manage alpha by myself, had to attach the hud to make alpha changes (with n slots), not even with their clothes, always have to use the hud to put alphas.
    Really I can’t believe that body makers don’t provide scripts for this at year 2017, hehehe, really a pitty.
    In this case I keep using my TMP deluxe, don’t came with scripts for alpha (by now, is announced in the sdk for a future) but have a little and light hud just for alphas.
    Can anybody explain me why they don’t provide this kind of scripts? They have alphas, they have the way to control alphas via scripts(hud), they have and provide scripts for change and put textures on the body, but they DON’T provide scripts to change alpha. Sorry for my english.

    • Signature now provide a free alpha kit that provides a script that can be embedded in clothes (if they are mod) or in a prim. This means you don’t have to use the HUD every time you change an outfit.

  25. this is great body for guys all works great with a catwa head this site needs updateing its a new hud and stuff 100% mesh outfits and lots of stuff works great and u look and feel good and the ladies dig the look

  26. this is great body for guys all works great with a catwa head this site needs updateing its a new hud and stuff 100% mesh outfits and lots of stuff works great and u look and feel good and the ladies dig the look

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