The Details:

Cost – 1750L
Designer – NX-Nardcotix
Current Reviewed Version: v1.3
Includes – Fitmesh body (hands and feet connected) & HUD.

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (non-bento enabled – bento coming soon)
Feet – Yes
Skins tones included – 10 tones

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 1 – Tattoo layer (body uses only tattoo and skin layers)
Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – N/A
Save Slots for Appliers – N/A


Omega – Yes – Installer activated (for more info click here)
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Slink feet can be used with the body by enabling ‘Slink Feet’ on options tab and hiding your feet in the Alpha tab. Slink hands do not fit.
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – No


 The HUD:

The best bits:

  • I really like the HUD style with this body – especially given how complex some other male mesh body HUDs have been in the past, it’s quite refreshing to see one that is well laid out and ‘makes sense’ for new users.
  • Slink compatibility with the feet is a great bonus – the male shoe market is quite restrictive, so most men will own a loooot of slink male shoes, so giving them this option to use their slink feet will save both linden and frustration.
  • Omega compatibility is great, plus it’s an installer so that’s always a bonus.
  • Though the hands aren’t bento enabled yet, they do come with four hand poses which is a bonus.

The worst bits:

  • The body comes with some great alpha cuts, however there is one glaringly difficult cut I found in the butt area (the two big inner cheek cuts). These cuts make it impossible to wear low rise jeans (or anything but high rise jeans really). I’d love to see this cut halved at least to make it easier to squeeze into standard/other fitmesh sizes, given there’s not much/any fitmesh for this body out yet.
  • I understand the reduction of applier layers in the body (from what I’ve seen, clothing layers aren’t used much by men) but I wish they’d kept the underwear layer at least. Squeezing into fitmesh underwear then fitmesh jeans would be difficult to coordinate – those underwear layers come in handy!
  • The butt on the body is very uhh perky? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good looking butt, but this one is just a tad too round/feminine for me personally. That said if you take the butt slider right down it’s not that bad.

Best suited to:

Guys who primarily use mesh clothing, love a muscle sculpted look but with some ass!

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