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Now keep in mind people, I’m not a guy, and men may have very different views on what looks good than I do… but guys, if you get this body, help everyone out and leave a comment with your thoughts <3

Designer – Kauna

Price – 2999L

Mesh Body Type – Body only

Includes – Alpha HUD, 2 skin tones, tattoo layer, 2 types of facial hair, 2 types of hands (open and relaxed) and 3 sizes of feet


The Body and HUD:

(Note – the HUD has a transparent background and is quite large, but can be minimised easily)

Kauna   hud

  • I like that the body isn’t overly muscley like most male bodies (don’t get me wrong, he’s a very fit guy, but at least he’s not on the ‘roids)
  • The HUD is easy to understand – click on the area to alpha it out, turn tattoo layer on for tattoos… it’s self explanitory
  • The body doesn’t have the smoothness and detailing that I’ve come to expect from female mesh bodies, however the male mesh body market is very small at this stage, so we’re yet to see how far designers can be pushed when creating these characters.
  • The hands and feet are adequate, but they’re no sculpted beauties like Slink for example. The hands in particular could use a little more smoothing, and the nails a little more detailing.
  • It needs more alphas – primarily under the knee and the chest I found this most noticeable (fitting shorts and open shirts/v neck shirts is almost impossible)
  • I wasn’t a fan of the skins offered, but I know this designer is working on more (plus fitmesh clothing for this body, including the briefs I’m wearing in the pic above, which will be available in the designer’s store in Feb).


3 thoughts on “Kauna – Tauso

  1. Despite my age, I am rather fit and still broad through the shoulders and chest. This has been my primary problem with mesh fitting reasonably, as I see no point in completely altering myself merely to get a coat to fit. I would also like to appear at least vaguely close to my age, which is why I passed on the otherwise well-made SLink feet, as they appear to have been removed from a 20-year-old.

    Having preface that, I read this review and found the images promising. I have tried the demo (which only includes the Medium-sized feet, incidentally) and was generally pleased by its fit. I had to made very few adjustments to my normal shape to look ‘correct’. The legs are sturdily built, the demo skin is nicely textured. My only hesitation at investing in this mesh form yet is that the chest and arms were still too thin for me even with the pectorals slider maxed. It does allow the garments from this creator to fit nicely, but it is still not quite right for me yet. Of course, the HUD helped with the fit also.

    I am considering asking him if he might include some additional torso variations in the future of his product.

  2. I have bought this mesh body and love it a lot. It’s very nicely painted, and i have even made my own tattoos for it and they work great. The Designer is a very friendly bloke, and has been helpful with supplying me what i needed to make my tats. I do have a few concerns with this mesh body that i have been asking the designer about, but he is a busy guy and says he does not have the time to make the adjustments i have suggested, which all in all are very valid points, as you have pointed out in your review.
    1. Alphas Alphas Alphas. there are not enough, the main problem areas are as you have suggested, the chest area, and the knees area, and even the arms area, above and below the elbows. Low cut shirts, will just not fit, tank tops are impossible. the front chest and stomach only have the 2 alphas. Additonal alphas are needed desparately here, or you will be limited to wearing full buttoned up shirts / high neck shirts. Arms, have the same problems as knees, the alphas just aren’t enough above and below the joints, even some casual high neck dress shirts, are problematic if they have rolled up arms in their design. The stomach / waist area is also an issue, the division between the wait and the upper body, it one alpha called the ‘wait’, and it it perfectly parallel to the ground, meaning most pants wil not fit at all, some pants slightly lower in the front and high in the back. Wearing pants without a shirt is 50 / 50.
    2. And my second biggest issue, is related to the waist area i mentioned above. The back of the mesh body sticks out above the butt, changing shape does not hide this area, so adding alphas around the waist area, above and below what is currently there, would be huge to making a large majority of pants fit. Essentially the best way i can think of describing this, is that the waist is cut very high towards and on the back of the body. Alpha’ing out my butt, makes a sharp flesh line stick out through clothes.even adjusting butt to zero does not fix this. Alpha’ing out the assigned waist area, hides to much above the pants, front and / or back….

    All in all i knew what i was buying when i bought this body, and it is a great design, I’ve had so many compliments on how well it looks… but i am leaning towards purchasing a new mesh body, until the designer can get some updates done on his alphas.

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