Mesh Body Reviews

NameWhere to get itMale or FemalePrice# foot heightsBento Hands?# of layers# of Skin Tones includedOmega?Can I wear SLink hands/feet?Can I wear SLink shoes?# of Alpha Save Slots # of Applier save slots per HUD
AdamAbsolut CreationsMale2,950L1Yes222YesYesYes500
Aesthetic - maleNiramythMale2,799L1Yes2ManyYes (NOT for skin/tattoo layers)NoNo00
Altamura - Africa, Andrea, Francy, Sarah, Stefany & Tanya (full mesh body/head combos)AltamuraFemale2,699L3No34 head, 8 bodyYesNoNo00
Altamura - DanteAltamuraMale2,499L1No34YesNoNoMany via save slot boxMany via save slot box
Altamura - Sofia AltamuraFemale2,499L3No38YesNoNo
Belleza - Freya, Isis & Venus bodies FULLBellezaFemale2,499L each (4,499L for all 3)4Yes37YesYesNo93 per layer & 3 outfit
Belleza - JakeBellezaMale2,999L1Yes37YesYesNo93 per layer & 3 outfit
eBody Original &
EPOS - AchillesEPOSMale2500L3No310YesYesYes100
Eve - Slim & PulpyAbsolut CreationsFemale1690L each3Yes36YesNoYes6+10
G.Inc - Perfect BodyG.IncFemale1,399L3No36YesYesYesNoneNo
Lena - Perky & LushKitties LairFemale899L Not includedNo25YesYesN/ANoneNo
Maitreya - LaraMaitreyaFemale2,750L3Yes310YesYesNo105
Nardcotix - DavidNX-NardcotixMale1,750L1Yes110YesFeet onlyNoNoneNone
SelinA - Alice,
Bette, Dana, Jenny, Kit, Marina, Shane & Tina
MBA SimFemale2,995L1 includedYes36YesYesNoNone3 slots per layer
Signature - AliceSignatureFemale3,000L3No324YesNoNoNoneNone
Signature - GianniSignatureMale3,000L1Yes312YesNoNo80
SkingSkingFemale1800L-2000LNot includedN/A25YesYesN/ANone0
SLink Physique - Female (both)SLinkFemale1,250L or bundle for 2800L (bundle includes hands/feet)Not includedN/A - Available seperately36YesYesN/A8None
SLink Physique - MaleSLinkMale1,250L or bundle for 2800L (bundle includes hands/feet)Not includedN/A - Available seperately36YesYesN/A6None
The Mesh Project - Deluxe FemaleTMPFemale5,000L3No536NoNoNo5Unlimited
The Mesh Project - Deluxe MaleTMPMale5,000L1No336NoNoNo5Unlimited
Tonic Curvy Beauty TonicFemale2,000L3Yes310YesYesYesNoneUnlimited
Tonic Fine Beauty TonicFemale2,000L3Yes310YesYesYesNoneUnlimited

What are these reviews?

I’m often asked the same question both in-world and through my blog – what is the best Mesh Body out there? Unfortunately the answer isn’t so simple, because there isn’t one *best* Mesh Body on the market (and I’m not trying to be politically correct here, I just honestly see pros and cons in all of them), however there will be a *best* mesh body for YOU – it all depends on your taste.

To help with this decision, I’ve decided to write mesh body reviews – a mixture of my personal opinions and the facts about each body’s inclusions, limitations and features. Now please note that I obviously don’t have every single body on the market listed here, and that is simply because I will not review mesh bodies that I haven’t worn for at least a week, and if for whatever reason I’m not sent a review copy or I’m unable to access them of my own accord, they won’t be listed here. As always my standard disclaimer applies –  the reviews may become out of date (I’ll do my best, promise), all pros and cons are my opinion (love it or hate it) and if I get something wrong, I’m always happy to be corrected <3

Not sure what I’m talking about? A few definitions for you:

Alpha Cuts – Each body comes with a selection of alpha cuts (parts of the body that can be made invisible to increase the body’s compatibility with normal mesh clothing), because remember, a mesh body cannot ‘wear’ an alpha like a system body can. Where the designer ‘cuts’ the alphas can become important with a mesh body, because you don’t want to have to make your whole chest invisible just to fit into a crop top!

Clothing Layers – Mesh bodies often have two clothing layers – one designer for top/pants, one for panties/bra. The panty/bra layer is usually like a ‘painted on’ layer (much like system clothing on a normal avatar), however the top/pant alpha layer often sits a – or so back from the body, and has certain features (ie. doesn’t dip in between the breasts, the layer goes straight across, to create that realistic mesh-wearing look of your clothing). If you’re not sure what I mean, look at some of my posts with sweaters/tops on, you’ll see the clothing doesn’t dip in between the breasts, it goes straight across. Amazing!

HUDS – Each body has a HUD that controls certain features (skin appliers, layers that show etc).

Omega Appliers – Put simply – one day, a creator noticed just how many appliers were required when buying mesh bodies/body attachments in SL. Slink, Azz, Booty, Lolas and the list was only getting longer! So they decided to create one single universal applier that could apply clothing to any and all of those body parts or bodies. One applier to rule them all! Now it hasn’t quite worked that way – Slink and TMP are not on-board with the Omega appliers and as such their products do not respond to Omega Appliers – but most others (including Belleza, Maitreya, Lena) do! Want to know more? Check out the Omega webpage HERE.

83 thoughts on “Mesh Body Reviews

  1. This review is missing TheMeshProject body, which has great breasts and shoulders (probably the best of all). It also offers a free version that comes with many skin tones to match the skin of the avatar. It’s only drawback is that it’s not compatible with SLink feet but it comes with its own hands that are excellent.

    • Hi Margot – I agree, and I mention TMP on the page as missing too. Unfortunately they’re not sending out review copies to bloggers, and I can’t assess the alpha layers and overall usability of the item without having the full body to wear around for a while, but here’s hoping at some point I can get my hands on one! <3

      • I hope you can. Inthe meantime you could play with the free version and use the free dress and pumps that fit like a glove without the need for alphas. I’ll go take a look at Eve as I ignored her existence by now. Did I say that this is a very useful and informative article? It is. ☺

  2. Good idea Margot, thank you 🙂 and thank you for letting me know you’ve found it informative!! It means the world to me to know that people are finding it useful in making decisions about mesh bodies!! <3 Merry Christmas!!

  3. I have the slink body and head. Still getting use to them. I’d like to try more skins but having a hard time finding them for the body “AND” head….any suggestions.

    • Oh definitely! Many designers make appliers for the head now, I would recommend checking out:
      WOW Skins

      All of those designers make skins with Visage heads. Also check out marketplace, just type ‘Visage’ into your search, you will see lots of options come up 🙂 Perhaps I should do a Visage skin special blog <3

    • Oh it’s coming! I had all of them up there but started re-writing them to be more informative. I was hoping to catch Slink’s update before I wrote it but that seems to be delayed so might just have to bite the bullet and write it 🙂

  4. Hello!

    Mesh Bodies and Heads are COMPLETELY new to me … out of all the ones that are out there now, which do you find is your favorite in your opinion? {Especially the heads}
    Thank you so much in advance! =D

    • Hey Kylla! It’s totally a personal preference thing, but personally I use Maitreya and belleza bodies and a Lelutka mesh head most 🙂 if you’re new, I recommend looking at the ebody- it’s designed to fit standard mesh and works perfectly with standard fitted mesh 🙂

  5. This blog was very helpful also. I was taking a friend of mines out to get updated to mesh bodies. But i didn’t get the ones listed because I’ve been hearing great feedback on the Belleza body. I would suggest adding that to list. Heads up. 😀

  6. The Quick Graphics Viewer will soon be released (3 to 6 weeks – my guess). It shows people the Render Complexity Information of their avatar and will tell us how many people are NOT rendering our avatar as the render cost is too high. It would be nice to have Render Complexity Information for the various mesh bodies.

  7. Very very cool. I was hoping someone would make something like this, to the point I was debating doing it myself as best I could. You did it better though. Except, the one thing it’s missing is saying whether the bodies are mod or not, which is needed for some of the fancier texture mods. If you decided to add that info, that would be awesome! But either way, thanks for the handy table.

  8. All the links I’ve tried here, for the reviews, are dead on 10-4-15 and I notice most here is from late 2014. Are there new links and updates or is this site no longer relevant?

    Tks, it was helpful, though, the chart was!


  9. Sorry, I see now that the web site is current and I found the FB group, etc and it’s all been very helpful. The links on this page probably got too old or something and moved on :), but I’m finding tons of great info. Tks!!!

    Eti 🙂

  10. great comparison!! doesn’t belleza have 16 different hand poses though? not sure where 10 came from oO – you can also switch left and right so you 32 different hands actually.

  11. What happened to uLukie Bodies. I saw a few blog mentions see a lot of appliers for it but there appears to be no inworld store nor is there a store on the MP. Did they change their name? or just quit SL altogether?

  12. Recently Slink updated, there is now a way for Slink to use Omega with the new Slink mesh stuff and an installer from Omega. 😀 So yay! to that. Now for the reverse, a way to take Slink appliers to use on Omega stuff. I *still* find stuff that only has Slink appliers and I use an Ebody which is Omega only. >.<

  13. You should make a status tht Says IF yo can wear normal mesh clothin with it or have to buy a specific type to fit the body like aesthetic

  14. I think this is the only website/blog I have used for SL in my 7 months on SL. It is a great way to shop ahead of purchase. Suggestion: For your table above, can you divide it by Male and Female, and Head and Body? For example, the first two links Adam and Aesthetic-Male, Adam links to head not body, while Aesthetic links to body, so I am not sure which your table is describing (though pretty sure it is all body). That way it would be easier to compare just female bodies, or male heads, etc., so I guess I am asking for 4 smaller tables, lol.

  15. This site is great as a resource and I hope it’s still maintained.

    I have this vision of creating a Wonder Woman esqe look and wonder what body might have the ability to achieve the proper muscle tone. I can’t stand how ones like skiing are with huge asses and massive steroid bodies that look so cartoonish.

    Can any one reccomend a body for this? Tall and athletic, muscular but not cartoonish, I love how the Adam body works and hope there is a female body that scalable.

  16. im new to mesh bodies but I’m in need of advice on which one I should buy , I’m looking for one that can do mega?

    wear SLink hands/feet?

    wear SLink shoes? basically with little >~< restriction , I don't really care about how many skins included because I use all my skins from 7 deadly and a whole bunch of other unused skin so I think I'm ok in that department , I know each body has their con but I'm not trying to just find one easy to use just because I'm beginner and then two month later regretting ir then having to buy a whole new one just because I took easy way out , I don't mind a petie body as long as I can make boobs or butt bigger if needed and one that comes with slink hand in feet any recommendation would help

    • Hey Tink! It is a hard one – that table will show you at a glance what bodies let you use slink/hands feet and/or are compatible with slink shoes though, that might help! Maitreya, Belleza and SLink are the most popular according to most of my polls, and they all allow you to use slink feet so that might be a good starting point? The MBA Sim is a good place to start looking at bodies and demos secondlife://MEDS/62/80/23

  17. There is a Male body that is totally getting ignored and it deserves a lot of attention. My RL Fiance’/SL Husband has it and its hot. You have to make it your own because at first glance the default face is somewhat unattractive. Its the Story Leaf Warrior mesh body with head. You dont have to wear the head. Its completely compatible with Omega and other mesh heads. The cost is fair for a body with a head. Id like to see this body get more attention so that there is more options, i.e. skins and clothing, available for it. Maybe review it and include it in the body chart?? That would be great!!!

  18. I am helping a friend who is investigating male mesh bodies, and I see a problem: clothes. I spent a LONG time figuring out my Lara body, and frankly, I’m thinking that most men aren’t vain enough to devote so much effort to a body. I came to look at my mesh avi as an art project, but figuring out the Omega applier defeated me — the documentation is awful. I now only buy Maitreya-style clothing, and have gotten good with all the alpha cutting, so can wear my older mesh stuff if I REALLY want, but seldom do. From what I’ve read, however, the male alphas are generating complaints: No one body has emerged to be as popular as Maitreya, Belleza, Slink or even TMP (which sounds like a horror), so clothing designers perhaps are at a loss (I don’t really know, most of my male SL friends and acquaintances have small wardrobes). I told my friend to upgrade his skin first — at least he can have body hair, which I find far sexier than the hairless look. He doesn’t like the hyper-muscled bods, and neither do I, nor do some men commenting on forums. I’m directing my friend to this blog and these comments, so I hope others can respond to my comment in a way that will help him.

  19. I would recommend the Maitreya Lara for anyone just starting SL or just getting into mesh, unless they really really want a larger curvier shape (Belleza Freya) or somehow missed getting a mesh body but have the Slink hands and feet with a wardrobe full of Slink shoes and nails they can’t live without (Slink bodies would be a good alternative).

    Is Lara the perfect body? No. But none of the bodies are perfect, and the Maitreya isn’t missing any major feature while having a very pleasing and natural shape and a fully functional HUD.

    Also no other body comes close to having the same amount of current (not old stuff from 3 years ago) content created specifically to fit the shape, making it by far the easiest body to shop for clothing and accessories (look at the poll results of mesh bodies on this site or just inspect people in world and you will quickly see why more designers create for Lara than any other body).

    That said, demo demo demo – and not just the body, go pick up demo appliers, clothing and shoes and see how it all works (or doesn’t in some cases) together before making your choice (events are a great place to pick up a lot of demos at one time from multiple designers).

    The last thing I would recommend is for someone new to buy one of the less expensive mesh bodies to save a few Lindens if the body won’t allow them to use all the items being created for the more popular mainstream bodies as few if any designers create fitted mesh for anything other than Maitreya, Belleza, Slink (some now doing TMP – we’ll see how long that last as the poll shows them low and I rarely inspect someone to find them wearing TMP).

    I would recommend against from TMP – even with the release of their dev kit and discounted pricing, they are still a very closed system compared to other bodies (they don’t support Omega, nor can their skins [The Shops] be used on other bodies) with a record of poor customer service and a shopping HUD that will make most people want to pull their hair out.

    • Oh gosh i have to comment re your remarks re TMP. Horrible shopping experience, rude customer service (i tried with 2 of the supposed ‘helpers’ in the store and they were both unbelievably rude) hugely overpriced bodies and then having to purchase every single item, eyebrows etc, separately…but finally the lack of clothing available to purchase. I bought a body, bought a head and limited clothing..since at that time the only place to buy for TMP was their store (that nightmarish circlular white ball they called a ‘shop’ ughhh) Their shopping hud is a nightmare as well. It almost had me in tears at one point. I agree the body looks good but that is about the only plus. The ONLY plus. They also still have 3,500K of mine which is not refundable ..since yu have to change your linden dollars into their TMP currency. I made the big mistake of putting a lot in there s i thought i would be purchasing again and again. Not. No way. TMP was greeted with such excitement but has been a very dissapointing experience. I finally gave up and went with Maitreya Lara that i love and was able to find a ton of gorgeous clothes in fitmesh for it.

  20. I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You before I forget. I have been in SL for almost 8 years total. I took a break a couple years ago and just came back this past weekend. My AV always looked good but coming back I really noticed the difference in quality from some others in a club. When I left mesh was just hitting SL and a few places had it for clothes. I tried a couple but nothing ever fit and I just didn’t get the big deal.

    This weekend I ran into some old friends and they gave me crap about looking like a noob. I did a quick search and hit a couple shops and knew I was over my head. Mesh bodies, mesh heads, clothes don’t work, Omega applier what about my inventory? Do I need all new clothes? I found this site and you helped so much.

    By Sunday night had a brand spanking new mesh avatar that still looks like my old Avatar and even have some new clothes that fit and look better than anything I have bought since I started my SL journey. I can only say that because of MBA and all the people that have left comments. I was able to get all the basic stuff done and make sure it was what I need/wanted with just having the demo and following the tutorials. My inventory is full of poor choices made at 3am because it looked good in a pic or on a notecard. This is one of the rare times I won’t have to go back and do it again because someone gave me some bad info or I was taking a shot in the dark,


    My biggest surprise? Never realised how much I missed having toes.

  21. hi….repeating ppl reading your blog..great blog!!…..i got a maitreya lara and a belleza isis love them both…but my belleza hud alpha tab doesnt always shown right i mean the body with all the sections parts for alpha shown like triangles here and there lol…making me frustated when i need to give alpha to my body for an outfit is it my connection or something wrong with it?never happened with my lara tho…thanks so muchh

  22. Hello and thank you for all these useful info! Tonight I have bought the Lucy body, by Lucy Shoes and it’s great. I have noticed it’s not in your list and it surely deserves a place, its price is 1000 Linden and it comes with skins, 3 kinds of hands and 3 kinds of feet. It works with low graphic and its hud is easy to use. I just love it!

  23. Hi! Though there are not many male bodys, I still find it hard to pick one. I am not looking for a Hulk figure, but a “normal” shape. What would you recommend at this moment to use? Please advise :). Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Richard – given your description, I would recommend demo’ing Signature Gianni, Slink Physique male and Adam mesh bodies, they’re the less bulky bodies for men (however remember they are fitmesh so you may need to decrease your torso muscles a little). Happy demo’ing!

  24. Thank you for your reply! I did some demo’ing the past days for many hours, and have tried the ones you recommended. I chose the Gianni from Signature and am quite happy with it. My next step was choosing a head, after reading and watching videos I got the Jackson head from Catwa, also verry nice! But now the hard part; making the both of them match. I spent quite some time playing with the RGB value of the body to make it match the head colour, but I can not find the correct match. I even started to try skins that might work better for the head but it just wont work. I tried it with neck fix from the body aswel the fox from the head. Maybe you can advise me a good matching skin for the head. I am turning into a hermit trying skins and fiddeling with colours. Once again: many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Richard i dont know if you have solved your problem yet but i like to help people and i see you having the same problem i had when i started with my mesh Maitreya Lara body and then my Catwa head. I ended up solving the problem by going to L’Etre on a recommendation from a friend and bougth a face applier there..several in fact lol cos i love L’etre in a specific colour and then got the body applier in the same colour. Simple. No trying to match the hud skin colours anymore, no need for neck fix etc. So give that a go. Oh L’Etre do about 4 face appliers for Catwa heads. The ones on display have been used with the Justin CAtwa head but can be used with others as long as it is a Catwa head. Happy shopping! Jasimin

      • I have a signature body for my alt. I got an Akeruka bento head. The neck line is annoying. I went to L’Etre, but the only blond skins were for TMP. All the rest were darker with dark beards. I tried a bunch of skin demos but it just got tiring. The matching skins made for AKeruka still had a neck line. So I am just not using that alt as much. A bit disappointing.

  25. Might I suggest you see if PiXeL pUsS will give you a review copy of their ‘Amazon’ physique? I think the creator and I disagree on what ‘Amazon’ means, but nonetheless it’s the only real muscular/athletic female mesh body available that I’ve seen mentioned, and fills something of the niche that the Aesthetic does for the men. The demo pack comes with a range of eight skintones and two shapes. The main shop is on Liquid Imagination.

    (It would be perfect for any She-Hulk roleplayers out there with a bulky shape!)

  26. Like someone else mentioned, the list here is nice but doesn’t state what bodies are moddable and which aren’t.

    A moddable body is a must if you want to get fancy with your avatar customization and also keep your draw weight down by getting rid of unused layers.

  27. Hey MBA, I have a relatively simple question that I can’t really find a good clearcut answer on… I’m a longtime UTI Kemono user, and I wanna get away from that ‘furry’/animal side of things, but so far, I’ve had a lot of trouble figuring out what mesh avatar to invest in… I want something femme, but not busty (as I’m not a very large chested person IRL, and i kinda want something similar…)

    Is there any mesh avatars that handle very small to no chest sizes? I don’t want to get a guy’s avatar because often they’re too muscular, but all the examples I ever see are a bit more voluptuous than I’d like… : o

    Thanks !!

  28. Sorry, but you got it wrong about the Belleza bodies – they are ALL compatible with SLINK feet, shoes and boots (that’s why there is a Slink feet button on the body hud, so you can hide the belleza feet, if you want to wear any Slink)

    I have managed to wear all my Slink shoes and boots with my Belleza body, without any problems 🙂

    • Hey Valeisha, yes the chart states that the bodies don’t work with Slink shoes out of the box, but they are compatible with slink feet (that’s why I have two columns for that) 🙂 You’re right, some Slink shoes will work with Belleza feet, but Belleza themselves have said their feet are not compatible with slink shoes, so I go by that ruling 🙂

  29. Hello everybody

    (I am asking this in 2017)
    I need some help. Currently I have the (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – ENZO mesh avatar, and i hate it. I invested a lot of time and money to customize it, it does look unique, but the sizes included in it is just horrible, every time i buy a fit mesh, or “customized to AESTHETIC av ” it is okay at some parts but not all of them, some of the body parts do pop put. even if I buy clothing with alpha layers it does not work. Please if anybody could offer me a good male mash body would be great.

    Either Slink, or TMP? or any info about anything else

    AESTHETIC Enzo just simply sucks

  30. it seems to me your selection has left out alot of the BBW mesh shape stores i wonder why that is
    ulukie body by usula luckless main store is at the omega sim

    FUSION by violet studios which is very popular
    you can BUILD!!! your mesh avi by mixing and matching body parts using the omega system for clothing
    from thin to thick bbw to even muscle avatars…comes with feet that use slink shoes location

    9s Mesh Bodies by nines ramsay

    A.A MESH which is more for modders for human and furry avis omega applier compatible location

  31. I have bought a Slink Physique body and not happy with the way the skin looks — very splotchy, clothing that rezzes on it flickers badly as though it doesn’t quite cover over the top. Does anyone else have this issue with mesh bodies or is it only Slink that has this problem?

  32. Very helpful. Would like to see an indication of the render cost of each item. I still see many heads and bodies that are the last to fully render in a crowd. When I purchase mesh clothing I try to leave that information in the reviews. Hair, shoes, bento wings and tails seem to be big render hogs.

  33. I do not see a review nor how to here for the Ocacin female standard body. I love how I can make it glow, that is HUGELY important for the sort of anthro dragon I am trying to perfect setting up as my main avatar. However I cannot seem to get the tattoo layer nor clothing layers set up, and there are no appliers available unless one starts setting up shop to develop for it… and I only wish to get things set up for myself before I consider making clothing and tattoos for others. Would you mind taking a look at this body?

  34. thank you for all information about mash body but i still have some problems to choose one ( i dont have experience in sl )so here is my question what is the best mash body ( easy to work with them and easy to find things for them )? Adam or Aesthetic male?

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