Mesh Body Review: Eve Slim & Pulpy v9

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Hey Maddicts,

I’m back, and knee deep in catching up on some new reviews for you guys! Now I know some of you get a little confused about how I put my reviews on pages rather than in posts, so to fix that I’ve decided that I’ll do both – post the review and put it on a page so you can easily find it using the menus above! Yay 😀

With that said, I present to you the review for the latest (version 9) of Absolute Creations’ Eve Slim & Pulpy Mesh bodies!

<3 Dar

The Details:

Cost – 1,690L each or 2,950L for the full box (includes both bodies and extensive wardrobe options)
Designer – Absolut Creation
Body Name(s) – Eve Slim, Eve Puply
Current Reviewed Version: v9
Includes – Fitmesh body with feet (three heights) & bento hands, HUD & wardrobe HUD. Full box with both bodies and a variety of fitmesh clothing & applier clothing can be purchased for 2,950L
Complexity (body with hands and feet) – Approx. 6000
Add-ons Available – Pregnancy add-on, Slink feet adaptors (pointy, high or mid)

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – Yes (bento enabled)
Feet – 3 heights (flat, med and high)
Skins tones included – 6 skins, each with two cleavage options.

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – 0
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 10+
Save Slots for Appliers – 10 for each layer zone in each wardrobe HUD.


Omega – Yes
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Compatible with high, pointy and mid Slink feet when using adapters (available for purchase in store)
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – No

The HUD:


The best bits:
  • The wardrobe HUD, never scramble for appliers again. You can save applier tops/bottoms etc (yes even Omega ones) in this wardrobe and scroll through to select!
  • You can purchase two body types for one purchase in the full pack (Slim and Pulpy)
  • Omega compatibility (relay system)
  • The complexity of the body has dropped significantly to approximately 6,000 with feet and hands included.
  • Compatibility with slink shoes (using adapter) so your slink high shoes don’t go to waste.
  • The hand section of the HUD includes a variety of hand poses PLUS lets you create your own bento hand poses and save them into the HUD!
  • The addition of vagina options – I know this will be popular. I used an Omega skin (ys&ys) in the pics above, and found they looked better ‘down there’ than the built in skins did too, so it’s good that it won’t affect your skin choices. There are three levels of…. well here’s a gif (Obviously, this is a mature image):
The worst bits:
  • The Alpha cuts around the pelvis still aren’t overly ‘jean friendly’. The curve of them makes it hard to fit low cut or even normal cut jeans or pants.
  • HUD system isn’t overly user friendly for beginners
  • Most mainstream skin makers are not making appliers for Eve (except those making Omega appliers, which can be used with Eve)
Best suited to:

Users who are looking for a body with functioning gentialia, users who participate in role play/fantasy play (the body has a lot of fit mesh clothing for this genre I’ve found), users who wear skins that have Omega Appliers available.

1 thought on “Mesh Body Review: Eve Slim & Pulpy v9

  1. I participate in role play (fantasy) and I would never buy this body. First, it’s not the best looking one (breasts, shoulders, ankles…), second, no, for fantasy clothes, for role players, there is not a lot of fitmesh clothing available. Actually, mesh clothing designers mostly release for SLink, Belleza and Maitreya. A fitmesh option is very seldom added to the package. And the clothes made by Absolute Creations are… well, perfect for SL escorts…? Anyway, with this pussy thing, it’s definitely a body that will please SL escorts…
    Also, I have yet to see bento hand accessories (rings and other adornments) made for Eve hands… Most of those on the market are released for Vista and Maitreya Bento hands….

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