Mesh Body & Head Survey 2017

Hi Maddicts,

As you all know, I like to run Surveys every 6 months or so on this blog to find out what Mesh Bodies and what Mesh Heads you guys are using. The reason I do this is two fold really – firstly I’m interested to know what’s trending, and secondly I know designers find the information useful when deciding which bodies to include sizes for in their items, what heads to make skins for etc etc.

So with that in mind, welcome to the first Survey for 2017! The survey shouldn’t take longer than a minute or so to do, and it’s designed to find out some key information:

  1. What bodies most people are wearing
  2. What bodies most people prefer; and
  3. What mesh heads most people are wearing

Obviously the survey can’t encapsulate all the possible responses, so I’ve left the option for you to select ‘other’ and provide me with details if there’s not an option in the list that describes you or the body/head you wear.

Please share the survey around, the more people who complete it, the better our data will be. One difference you may notice is that I’ve asked for your SL name in this version of the survey. This is purely for data verification purposes and won’t be published, so don’t worry!

Do the survey here!

Thanks Maddicts, share the link around and let’s see how many responses we can get for this one!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Cate by Lelutka
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Paris by YS&YS (Available at eBento)Lelutka applier
Wrinkles etc – Age Yourself by Izzie’s (Available at eBento)Lelutka appliers
Hair – Shelley by Mina Hair (Available at Ultra)
Romper (straps shown) – Nikita Romper by Blueberry Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes

Pose – My own
Location – The Mill

18 thoughts on “Mesh Body & Head Survey 2017

  1. Congratulations…….I see your photo was chosen by LUMIPro to be featured this month. Great profile shot.

  2. I don’t have a mesh head as yet, but thinking of getting a Maitreya body. Catwa heads do not appeal to me, because the appearance doesn’t look natural to me. If there is a head (mesh) that looks natural and more like real life, then I may consider getting it, but as no one likes to share this info and offer opinion; I haven’t bothered.

  3. Perhaps next time on the Mesh Hands you say for the guys in the future Gals you take into account that new bodies like Maitreya Lara, Belleza Jake , Signature Gianni. All have Bento hands that come with the body just put the ‘The Bento hands that came with your body.’

  4. I was kind of wanting to do multiple choice on the mesh heads question rather than picking just one.

    Also, on the type of clothing, I would have preferred a Both option. You can do some nice fitmesh and applier combinations. There are plenty of hose appliers and even some decent panty, bra and undershirt appliers.

    Should Omega be considered? Maybe a question of whether you purchase Omega compatible items or if Omega support important in your purchase.

  5. Well…….you say ” I know designers find the information useful when deciding which bodies to include sizes for in their items, what heads to make skins for etc etc.”
    I believe that the designers thing the wrong way round.
    Because I often realize that customers do not buy the bodies/heads they like most. But the ones which have the biggest offered product range.
    I am sure that the good bodies which not sooooo much people have, would sell better if there was a bigger product range in fitted clothing. Also the heads which are not used by to many users but also very welldone would sell better when there was a higher range of makeups and appliers ect.
    For example: A friend of mine loves the Adam Body. He was wearing it for a really long time, but since he had to realize that the creators are not offering so much fitted clothes for the body, he now thinks about purchasing a slink body. SLink is his second choice. But he would prefer to have it because there is much more fashion on the market for it than for Adam Body.

    • Hi Anidusa, I totally agree – it’s actually why I asked the question ‘what is your FAVOURITE’ body in the survey, as well as ‘What body do you most wear’ – for this very reason. Many users are changing bodies just to be able to have clothing to wear, so what they like most will actually differ. I want to focus on this point in the survey 🙂

  6. Seems you are getting a few ‘ head’ surveys back from the SL forums too. Passing on this comment from today;-

    “Chase01 said:
    I’d like to thank her for doing these surveys! They are so valuable to the community.
    I completed the survey and also passed it on to my friends as well. :D”

    • Awww Cheri you are absolutely the nicest person in the world, thank you so so much for passing that nice comment on – I really needed it this morning!!! HUGEEEEE snuggles for you <3 <3

  7. i recently plumbed for bento catwa catya as that seamed best option on offer of all heads that catwa do plus checked strawberry singh bold on all heads, so confident in choice. but nice know populatity of other heads! so keep up servey’s.

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