Mesh Bodies 101 – How to use a Mesh Body (starring Maitreya!)

So last night I was wandering around the Maitreya store when I was approached by a girl who wanted to buy the mesh body, but wasn’t sure how to wear or use it. It occured to me that for many people, the mesh body topic is very daunting (hell, it was for me to start with), so I thought I’d write a really basic picture-tutorial on how to use the Maitreya Mesh Body. Most mesh bodies are similar, but if you’ve got one in particular that you’re struggling with, let me know and I’ll write one for that too <3 So here we go!

Step 1: Unpack the bag/box of the body you’ve bought


 “Wait, are those blocks or feet?”

Step Two: Add the full body alpha that is included with the body


 “I think I lost weight…”

Step Three: Add the body, plus hands, feet and HUD



Step Four: Adjust your shape if you wish to. You can use your own shape (mesh body does not cover head, only neck down) and you can still use your normal body sliders to edit the shape if you like (for fitmesh bodies):


 “Yes, you can still make them really, really big!”

Step Five: Add the HUD for any applier clothing you wish to use and apply it (Maitreya will prompt you and ask which layer to put it on, I’ve chosen underwear layer because it’s underwear). Other bodies (like Belleza) the HUD will include options for each layer, so just choose the applicable one.

Not seeing the clothes even though you’ve applied them? Make sure the layer is set to visible on your Maitreya HUD. In my case, you can see the shirt and pants are active because they’re coloured in white at the bottom of the HUD. Make sure the appropriate layer is active! If it isn’t, just click it to make it active.


Step Six: Want to use clothing that has Omega Appliers? Go to LovenLust, join their free group then walk upstairs in the big building to buy the Omega kit applicable to your body (usually 1L or 3L).

Unpack it. For Maitreya, you must wear the HUD contained in the pack every time you want to apply an Omega applier. For Belleza and other mesh bodies, just press the ‘Install’ button on the HUD in the pack and presto, you’re done!


 “Helloooo up there!”

Step Seven: With the relay on your screen, open the product with the Omega applier, open the applier HUD and select to apply!


 “Yay I can still wear sexy underwear! Thank you Blacklace!”

Step Eight: If you wish to wear normal mesh, just add the appropriate size as usual… but wait, my butt is poking through!!! I can’t apply an alpha layer, what do I do? Open the Maitreya HUD and select the ‘Alphas & Layers’ tab, there you will see a selection of body areas you can click to make them invisible!


“My butt is not THAT BIG!”

Step Nine: Once you’ve applied alpha to the necessary areas using the HUD, you’re set!!


Questions? Suggestions? Something you’d like to see me do a tutorial on? Leave a comment! <3

In the final pictures, I’m wearing:
Skin –  Anna (No. 8 Natural) by AIMI Skins
Hair – RIN by Argrace
Lingerie & Dress – After Hours Leather Mesh Dress by ~Blacklace~ (Omega appliers included)

0 thoughts on “Mesh Bodies 101 – How to use a Mesh Body (starring Maitreya!)

  1. Lovely intro tutorial. You asked about ideas for other tutorials – I’m not sure how far you want to go, but I have to say its a great resource idea, so here are my few ideas (based on the questions I see in the various self help groups that keep coming up).

    1. Why did my lower leg tattoo disappear when I wore my undies! (so, a note on alpha glutting and how to toggle the “mask Mode’)

    2. How can I save my applier clothes in an outfit? (so – wear the HUDS when you save the outfit etc)

    3. I just received an update – how do I update all my saved outfits to use the new body! (so – description of using the “replace links” feature in firestorm)

    4. What should I look for when shopping for mesh clothes? (such as, be aware of necklines and hemlines, try a demo….buy/wear one size up.., hunt for body-specific fit mesh clothing).

    I think those might start a “Mesh bodies 102” 🙂

    Whims xx

  2. This is helpful though I have yet to use the Omega applier, just got the bod last weekend. Not a fan of Lolas but my skin (not made any more 🙁 which I still like very much used to have built-in cleavage. Any tips for developing a cleavage with the new Maitreya bod? thanks in advance!

    • Hey Pet 🙂 I would suggest getting a skin that has cleavage (if you use Glam Affair, they now have appliers for ‘cleavage enhancers’ in their store to match their skins). It’s all about the skin as far as cleavage goes (for now) <3

  3. Can anyone tell me how I use alpha textures on the Maitreya Lara body? A lot of clothing designers include the alpha texture files with their products – not just the wearable alpha layer that you would use for the old factory avatar. Can we apply these to our mesh bodies somehow? It’s frustrating that some of my outfits are unwearable because they do not line up with what the HUD gives you to work with.

    Help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Kelly 🙂 The old alpha layers won’t work on mesh bodies (because they only work on system avatars). To alpha parts of your body, look in the Maitreya HUD at the alpha tab – you’ll see a picture of a body with cuts/squares all over it. What you do is click each square, and that square then becomes invisible on your body. You do this until all the parts that are poking out are hidden 🙂 I hope this helps <3

      • Thanks for the reply. Maybe I wasn’t that clear though. What I meant was that some content creators are including both the system avatar alpha layers and the source image files they would have uploaded to create them in the first place. Can these be applied to the mesh avatar? Hope that clarifies.

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