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Hi MAddicts,

Firstly sorry for any technical issues you guys may have stumbled across in the past week. As MBA grows, so does traffic, but I hope I’ve now managed to rectify the issue 🙂

Part of all this techinical chaos has me reviewing the blog, and what potential changes I might make to make it more useful for you MAddicts.

So with that in mind, I’m considering a few things, including potentially focusing the blog more on the ‘reviewing’ side of mesh bodies/heads and upcoming technology (though this is just me thinking out loud, I’m not sure yet); and I’m considering the idea of scoring mesh heads/mesh bodies – like a review system. The system I’m considering purchasing enables me to rate certain features of items, and for you guys to do it too!

You can see an example of the layout here, to get an idea of what it would look like, and you can click here to see what the user (you guys!) rating form would look like (obviously these are examples only lol).

So with that in mind – would you guys find that useful? If so, what features would you like to see rated? I’m thinking perhaps:

  1. Price (an assessment of price vs what you get for it; not a ‘lowest price gets the highest rating system)
  2. Third Party Compatibility (this takes in to account Omega compatibility, SLink compatibility, standard sizing compatibility etc)
  3. Features: hand/foot options, alpha save slots etc (bodies) and Expressions/animations (heads)

I would love your feedback guys! Please leave comments below with your thoughts and/or rating suggestions!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing (pic 1):
Mesh Head – Sarah by Catwa (fatpack edition)
Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza
Skin – Mila by Belleza Catwa applier
Lingerie – Eye Candy by Rebel Hope (Available at Fameshed)Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Lux heels by Rebel Hope (Available at Fameshed)Includes Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes
Pose – Adoration by Bang!

Boda is wearing:
Nothing HA! Just kidding… but seriously, not much!
Mesh Head – Anime by TMP
Mesh Body – Deluxe male body by TMP
Skin – Tan appliers by Avenge

11 thoughts on “MBA – Have your say!

  1. For me the most useful, is first knowing the price compared to what we get, then second, knowing what the ease of use is…like is the body easy to set up. Is the hud easy to use…Is the body Omega compatible and what kinds of skin creators are available for that body…in the review. Having the spreadsheet is useful to see at a glance, but having some samples of what kinds of skins you can get for the body would be useful. There’s also the fact that some of the heads need eyes, some hairs won’t work with some heads and whether or not the body comes with hands or feet, expressions for the head and if future updates will cost. That last part is a killer for me. If the body or head has updates that cost money then I want no part in it. And the rating system you are thinking about getting would be AWESOME!

  2. Since you are running WordPress look for the WordFence plugin. It will show you which search engines are knocking the site to its knees and who is trying to crack your admin password. You can use it to block or restrict both.

  3. Useful ONLY if it is based around useful metrics.
    In addition to the 3 things you have listed above, I suggest a few more:

    Script memory
    Script time
    Avatar Complexity (Advanced -> Performance Tools -> Show Render Weight)
    And a wireframe screenshot.
    Modability – how easy can you change things. Is it even Mod? If not what options does it have?

    Also key to know, is whether ‘features’ can be removed or are optional.
    – Case in point, SelinA lets you pick which layers to wear – thereby reducing lag a LOT. Lena Perky/Lush is Mod, so you can remove layers you’re not using – thereby reducing lag a LOT. Belleza, much as I love it (the only body I use), has all the hand, feet, and breast options always worn, increasing lag a LOT.
    — This is important information for the lag conscious consumer. You need to know what that body is going to ‘cost’ you in terms of lag, so you can make smart choices about the rest of your look (self-expression isn’t the ONLY reason I have become an SL Nudist… these bodies are getting too laggy to wear clothes).

    This old review site for furry avatars had a great format for rating them:
    Click through a few and look at what metrics they considered important and what they didn’t. It kind of evolves between the old and newer reviews. They same things they were looking at, are important for mesh bodies also…

    (As for the people who say Mod is too difficult to support and too much for the users to handle, SL has gotten by just fine in the furry community with nearly universal use of copy/mod avatars since 2003. Modability is a very important metric to track – how customizable is the product. It is a key reason why some less popular bodies still continue to sell despite so little support.)

  4. The first person’s comment about “if an update costs money…” reminds me:
    In any user voted rating system, you need to allow people to re-vote and thus change their vote.
    If somebody is perfectly happy today, and then an update costs money… that person’s opinion might dramatically change.
    – And this works the other way too. If features one doesn’t like get fixed, the opinion might change. My review of Belleza more or less panned it as bad product. Then some updates came out and I ended up buying a copy for every single alt I have, even for some alts I don’t use… just because I like it that much. And my second review almost reads like a biased obsessed fan…

    I notice that on the ‘what body do you use’ poll, once it tracks that I have voted, it doesn’t let me enter a new different vote. That’s a problem, but not a serious one because everyone knows the results of that poll are just which user groups can get all their members to come click the button most… But for a ratings system, that is not a tally but likely an average of people’s results… updating your vote would be important.

  5. Well, wow. Pussycat covered pretty much everything I wanted to say, plus some. Well done to her! So, um, yes. +1 to her posts and what she said.

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