MBA Fair 2016 – Shopping Guide

Hi Maddicts,

THE MBA FAIR OPENS AT MIDNIGHT!!! Below you will see the Shopping Guide for the Fair, which includes just SOME of the amazing items on offer to you.

How do you get to the fair? Well there are two full sims (not mirror sims, they are both filled with different designer stores) but they are connected, so you can cam shop across them if you want to.

Sim 1:

Sim 2:


The Fair has so much amazing stuff – but being the Maddicts here, here’s a little highlight of the new Mesh Heads, Bodies and Mesh body parts at the Fair!

I hope you all enjoy the Fair as much as I have planning it. A huge shout out to all the designers and bloggers for their incredible work on this project – and a special thanks to Ashton, Raven and Boda for helping me out <3

Love you Maddicts!

<3 Daria


19 thoughts on “MBA Fair 2016 – Shopping Guide

  1. why there is some designer stores not ready? Its really a shame and a waste of time.
    Seems like the rest of the people’s time’s worth’s caca. It is very respectful less!

  2. Boooo. The sims refuse to accept my Teleport, saying the regions are full, but according to the map it’s only 40 people on each of the sims, and a full sim should accomodate 80 people. I’ve tried for half an hour now, but have to give up for now. RL calls.

  3. bremes i was there last night for early access and only one store was not set up are you sure you was rezzing properly cause the only one not set up at the time of early access was valentina e.

    Keiser Koba sim owners can control how many people are let on sim less people allowed on a sim during a huge event the better cause script counts and lag.the fair is open for 20 days keep trying.

  4. Same shit today. I understand that you wish to keep the lag as low as possible, but I’ve managed sims with much higher scripting than vendors count for, and it’s seriously no problem allowing at least 60 people on the sim without ruining it for everyone.

  5. Tried again now, at 3.30 AM and it’s still full, even when there’s very few people logged into SL. With 119 vendors and only 80 people allowed on the sims, the math tells me that most likely are the sim full of sellers, making no room for customers. This must be pretty bad for business too.

  6. I’ve managed to get in on two occasions, the first being a long visit, as there is so much to see, and I bought a few outfits as well as getting a number of demos that need more time to think about. I agree, getting in was difficult but no worse than any other fair. Once in, getting in to the second sim was just as difficult having to continually walk into the sim crossing for maybe 5 minutes or longer so check out one sim fully before trying to cross. I really like the roof logos for camming around finding shops though.

    Lag was a serious issue until I turned complexity down from my usual 150,000 to 10,000 so everyone appeared as jelly babies and then I was able to get around quickly with fast rezzing outside and inside stores. Why some residents insist on wearing lag inducing high script attachments to come to a packed fair, is quite beyond me, but complexity allows me render them all as coloured blobs. Just wonderful!

    Well done Daria on a great Fair! I bought some lovely fashion items and came across a number of cool stores I’d never heard of before. I’ll be back for another look before it ends.

  7. Lag and never getting in on the first few days is so common with these kinds of events, I don’t see a purpose in complaining about them. Whether or not there are 40 or 60 people, it takes a lot of time to browse the whole thing and you’re going to be stuck for days unless you hammer it with a tp hud. I waited until the 6th before trying and I got in easily, who needs that stress?

    That said, this is extremely well organized. I love the logos on the tops of the buildings, to make it easy to find people. I’ve grabbed a bunch of demos and have found some interesting new stores. I would have liked to have seen more material for alternative bodies (not Slink, Maitreya, or Belleza) as those people need fairs like these the most. Maybe you could make that happen at the bi-monthly, or a special event on the normal sim.

  8. I think the map on the top of the page has the two Sims mixed up.

    Guilia is actually Sim 1 on the left, while the map at the top of the page here, shows it as Sim 2 on the right.

    The map above is an upside down mirror image of the actual layout in-world.

    Watch for this if you’re looking for a specific Vendor!

  9. Hello, i recently purchased the Belleza Isis body …. I love it however i am having an issue with the glam affair body applier ( India tone ) and wondered if anyone else is having the same issue… When i apply the glam affair body applier to Isis… Under normal windlight settings it looks great, but when i put on advanced lighting model… My India skin tone turns an ugly greyish blackish tone with streaks ….. Is there a simple fix for this? Is anyone else experiencing this and if yes were you able to solve it? I love glam affair skins but i will not be able to use them with my gorgeous new belleza body 🙁

  10. I don’t know who is going to read this, but hopefully some creators! Please make more men’s mesh heads and skins, there is so few variety , it’s really sad. I didn’t go to the fair yet, but I will check it out to see if there is anything new.

    • Hi Paris, I did read yoour comment and hope that my addition in the post that follows yours supports yours and adds something to it, have a great day, Paul

  11. I heartily support Paris request and would like to add it might be a good thing when creators make more clothing for men that gets us out of the neanderthal era 🙂 There are men that like to look good and attractive as well. Look at marketplace at the amount of “Apparel” for women and men.

    Furthermore I suggest to organize mixed events. It looks like there is a tendency to do that seperately for men. We live in the 21th century, which is an era of joining the feminine and male energies. I think SL could be a reflection of that. The separation feels a bit like a divorce before there has even been a marriage.

    And last but not least we live in a time of sharing with eachother where strange enough the focus seems to be fiercely more on Lindens, than on expressing, creativity and live (second) life with love and fun and see that as a very worthful addition to eachother.

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