Terms and Conditions

Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly


Designer applications: to apply click HERE

Terms and Conditions

The Event
The purpose of this event is to showcase on a bi-monthly basis, the best fashion and accessories available for the mesh body community. This is a chance for designers to display themselves and their brand to a new, ever-growing base of potential customers. This is your chance to get your name out as a mesh body designer of choice!
The event has very limited places available, as the focus is on quality, not quantity, of mesh body compatible items.

IMPORTANT – The MBA Event is a mesh body compatible event, only mesh body compatible items may be sold. The event will showcase the highest quality mesh body fitmesh creators, alongside applier, skin, shoe and accessory designers. It is expected that designers will create only the highest quality items for this event – it is a chance for you to introduce your brand to new customers, so make sure each round you put your best foot forward and give customers a reason to visit your store and shop with you! 🙂

Exclusive Items
Designers must prepare one exclusive for each round. This exclusive must be a 100% original item and must not be sold anywhere other than the event until the event ends, after which it may sold at the designer’s discretion.

Exclusive items must be new creations, not simply re-texturing of an existing item sold by the designer.

Exclusive items must not be templates (for clarification please contact lildaria resident) – this is your way of showing new customers why they should shop at your store in the future, so make it unique and remember it MUST be specifically fitted to at least one mesh body.

Items that may be sold
This event is all about mesh body fashion and accessories, so all items sold must be Mesh Body compatible/relevant. These may include (but are not limited to):

  • Fitmesh for Mesh Bodies (note – fitmesh MUST include a fitmesh size for at least one mesh body in the contents and must be a fitmesh item, not a standard size mesh item).
  • Mesh Head/Mesh Body skins (provided appliers are available)
  • Applier fashion for Mesh Bodies
  • Accessories for Mesh Bodies and/or heads (eg. Piercings rigged to a mesh body/head, rings fitted to mesh hands, makeup for mesh heads, tattoos with appliers and the like). For clarification, please ask any questions to lildaria resident.
  • Mesh bodies and/or Mesh heads.
  • Shoes fitted to mesh body feet.
  • Mesh Body additions (ears/bellies/nipples/other body parts)

A group of dedicated bloggers will be selectively chosen to cover the event. Designers are encouraged to share review copies with bloggers, and can do so either through the event group, or by sending items to individual bloggers of their selection. Remember, the more bloggers we have showcasing what will be at the event, the more sales for you!

Your Booth
Designers are encouraged to have fun styling their booths, but please keep all items inside your own booth and within your prim count. Designers may include landmark givers and URL givers provided they fit within their booth.

Fees are paid in the event building when selecting your spot for the event. Please note that refunds will not be given except in the event that the event is cancelled or postponed.

The event will be marketed in world and through various websites, including Seraphim and the Mesh Body Addicts blog. Designers must be willing to place a copy of the event subscriber in their inworld store (if they have one). If you don’t have in-world store, once the event location is distributed it would be appreciated if you could add the event to your Picks for the duration.

Event Group
Accepted designers will be sent an invitation to the Mesh Body Addicts Event Group. You are required to remain in this group for the duration of the event. Please note that notices must be kept on at all times – notices will be kept limited.

Contact Person
For suggestions, questions or anything else, please send a notecard or IM to lildaria resident, or email meshbodyaddicts@gmail.com

Designers must adhere to the timeline set for the event. Failure to set up in time will result in their spot being allocated to another designer. No refunds will be given.

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