MBA Events


Mesh Body Addicts Events are speciality in-world events focused on providing the mesh body community with easy access to the best in mesh body compatible fashions, and enabling designers to showcase their brand and mesh body compatible items to a wider SL customer base.

Event idea contribution

Mesh Body Addicts is a community made up of each and every reader, so please feel free to leave event ideas in the comments field below!

Current Events


Mesh Body Addicts bi-monthly event: Next round 10th May 2016.

Running every second month, this event will focus on showcasing the best mesh body fitmesh designers in SL, complimented by high quality applier, skin and shoe designers.

The event includes several ‘permanent’ designers who will be featured in each round, including:

  • Absolut Vendetta
  • Blueberry
  • Cynful
  • DE Designs
  • Enfant Terrible
  • Hucci
  • Insanya
  • Just Because
  • Masoom
  • Method.
  • Moon Elixr
  • [sYs] Design
  • T.M.B
  • Valentina E
  • Vinyl

Designers, to apply please click HERE.

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