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Hi MAddicts!

First things first – this week I’m doing one of Strawberry Singh’s famous Memes! The topic this week is ‘Ask me anything’, so I’ve set up a little page for you guys to, well, ask me anything! I’ll choose some questions to answer in my next blog post, so go ahead and submit your questions HERE 🙂 They can be Mesh Body or Mesh Head related of course, but also any questions you have about blogging or me in general are welcome! <3

Okay so today I’m revisiting a topic especially for the Belleza crowd (and those with other bodies who may not be familiar with it) – Mask Mode!

Please note – this tutorial is brought to you by MS Paint. MS Paint – the creative side of work laptops 😛

Now, I recently posted a tutorial about Mask Mode, but it’s become quite a hot topic once again because for the first time, Belleza users now have access to this function for their bodies, and it’s causing a few headaches 🙂 So let’s get into it!

Clickity click below for the tutorial!

What is Mask Mode?

In SL, we know what alphas are. What we don’t usually know is that there are several ‘types’ of alphas – that being Alpha Blending (a type of alpha that is used when making ‘sheer’ clothing items because it allows creators to choose sheerness levels between 1 and 8 for example), and Alpha Masking (a type of alpha that only really has two settings – completely invisible or solid). Now Alpha Blending is great, but when it comes to graphics cards and multiple alpha layers – well that’s where we get that annoying ‘glitch’ that always happens just as you land in a crowded sim… minus your applier pants 😛

So, since all mesh body layers are ‘Alpha Blending’ type (with the exception of the skin layer, which has no transparency in the layer to glitch with) – creators like Maitreya and now Belleza have built in ‘Mask Mode’, which for all intents and purposes, is simply a way to help avoid the glitching issue where possible. So let’s take a look at how it works.

1) Mask Mode rule one – Mask Mode does not like sheer applier clothing 🙂

Blend Mask

Think of Mask Mode like a caveman. It’s good at what it does, but it really only does a few things haha. In this case, it really only lets you have full transparency or full solid.

2) Rule Two of Mask Mode – It CAN help you wear tattoos and/or other layers at the same time!

All you need to do is make the layer with the solid texture, ‘Mask’. Now this bikini is solid in texture, there is no ‘sheerness’ or in it, so I can use mask mode on this. By making the whole ‘underwear layer’ Mask, this mode gets rids of the conflicting alpha around the bikini by making it completely transparent (thus we can see the tattoo underneath it now), and making the bikini texture itself, completely solid.

tattoo bikini tatt

The tattoo however, has lots of ‘sheerness’ so if I put mask mode on my tattoo layer, I’ll look like I’ve got some kind of ink rash you could only get from getting a tattoo in prison:


I hope this mini tutorial has at least helped a few of you understand the practical uses for Mask Mode, as always though you can leave a comment with questions and I’ll be happy to help if I can!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing (first pic):
Mesh Body – Venus (V3) by Belleza
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Skin – Jayma (Bronze) by WOW Skins (Lelutka head & Omega body appliers used)
Earrings – Mara by Rebel Hope
Hair – Sabine by Elikatira
Bikini – South Beach Bikini by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed)Belleza Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Sarong – Sarong by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed)Belleza Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Shoes – Bayside Sandals by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed)Belleza, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Pose – Sunny (5) by oOo Studio
Raft – Raft Navy Love by Chez Moi (raft comes with many single and couple animations, colour change blanket and flag and more!)
In the tutorial pictures, I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Hair – Lena by Elikatira
Skin – Milla by League (Lelutka appliers used)
Tattoo – Veda by Reckless (TMP and Omega appliers included)
Bodystocking – Sheer Bodystocking (black) by AviCandy (Slink, Omega, Maitreya & Belleza appliers included)
Bikini – Naomi Summer String Bikini by ViVi (Includes Omega, Lena & Slink appliers)

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  1. I’m super late to the party, but I have a question and you seem to know a lot about mesh bodies! What mesh body has the best behind, and do you have any resources on shaping them to look natural and not distorted?

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