Maitreya v4.0 is OUT

To get it, just wear your body (or detach/reattach it) or redeliver it 🙂
The new update includes bento hands, new nail types and 14 hand poses!

Remember you can update your outfits too by using replace links:

Update Saved Outfits
1. Go to any saved outfit
2. Right click on Lara 3.5 and select replace links
4. Drag Lara 4.0 into the blank area
5. Click start

You can do this with the hands and feet too, and don’t forget the HUD!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the biggest changes (Skins & Options tab). Review is being updated 🙂

♥ Daria

21 thoughts on “Maitreya v4.0 is OUT

  1. Love the new shape and hands.. but the hud hangs.. No matter what I do, I can’t edit layers.. and in a lot of dresses I wear my nipples are sticking out.. Highly frustrating

  2. I keep attaching/reattaching my old version and have not yet received a redelivery.
    Sim is full so I can’t get to the redelivery board.
    Why not just send them out in a notice?

  3. Nice to get this! Though I notice that clicking the logo on the HUD no longer minimises it – we have to click the tiny minimise button instead. Is this intended, I wonder?

  4. I am using Firestorm 5.0.1 (52150) and when I right click on Lara 3.5 there is no replace links option. Any suggestions as to how I can find a replace links option to make updating to the new body in all of my outfits easier than wearing each then detaching all of the Maitreya 3.5 parts and adding the 4.0 parts? (I have about 90 saved outfits. LOL)

      • Ohh that’s probably what my problem is! I don’t have a slider for hands – perhaps because I’m not wearing a Maitreya shape? (just the body, not the shape or skin)

        They are lovely hands, though…just a bit long.

        • Oh the hand size is controlled by your edit shape, so for example, the same place you would go to make your breasts bigger or smaller, is where you can find the hand size adjustment (right click on your body and go to edit appearance).

          • Found it! – was under the ‘torso’ tab. Yep, you can make the hands smaller, but they still look disproportionate to me – very long, almost alien-looking fingers and an odd wrist – maybe it has to be that way given what Bento hands are expected to do. Hand gestures look great though!

  5. Its also worth noting that the new hand poses in the Maitreya HUD seem to also work with the slink Bento hands (and I assume other makes)

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