Maitreya Update v4.1

Maitreya Update v4.1

Maitreya Mesh body has been updated to v4.1! The update includes a fixes and changes based on feedback, including:
– You can now minimise the HUD by clicking the logo on the top left hand corner again
– There is now a “cycle natural hand poses” button on the HUD (this gives your hand animations when you’re not using a bento AO)
– Built in “ankle lock” (Yay!)
– Addition of a mini hand pose HUD
– Fixed an alpha auto-hide error
– Fixed a potential issue with nail polish vs gloves (alpha glitch)

Re-attaching your current mesh body or wearing it on login will trigger the updater. If for some reason it doesn’t, you can hit redelivery.

<3 Daria

1 thought on “Maitreya Update v4.1

  1. Ha..I didnt notice the ‘ankle fix’ addition. Thanks now I can delete one link in all my outfits and save some room. Every little bit counts when you have over 2000 folders!

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