Lie to me


It’s a simple question – would you rather know the absolute truth about everything, or would you rather live in ignorance?

When I was younger, I was adamant that I wanted the truth. I didn’t care how much it would hurt me, if I looked fat in those jeans or someone didn’t actually like me but felt they had to pretend – I wanted to know damnit! Now not much has changed with age, I’m still a truth seeker… which is not a great personality trait when you’re on a medium like Second Life, the land of ‘anything is possible, unless it’s wanting more group spaces then you can get stuffed.’ The truth in fact, may not even have a place in SL. It’s a digital world and everyone starts with a lie – their avatar (I don’t care how close it may resemble you it’s not you hehe), and for many it ends with lies as well – not necessarily harmful lies, but mistruths all the same.

Now don’t me wrong, I’m not condoning lying (in fact it’s a pet hate of mine), but if you want to join SL and become a pony (which I’m pretty sure you’re in RL because of the whole lack of opposable thumbs/total lack of thumbs issue) you should be able to do it! Go and neigh yourself crazy, gallop around the mountains and get all jumpy around storms (I’m going to pretend that’s all you do as a horse because… uch). Be whoever you to be, SL’ians, but just remember – you may elect to be blissfully ignorant, but the person you’re dealing with may be a truth seeker. Do both of you a favour and work that out first.

And that, readers, is my 1L advice for the day! <3

I’m lounging around in:
Mesh Body – Eve by Absolut Creation
Skin – Elsa (Latte) by DS’ELLES (Eve and Physique appliers available)
Hair – HIIRAGI by Argrace
Bra and Panties – Lingerie with bows by MoDANNA (Cupcake Anonymous Hunt Prize – 5L – Search in store Feb 1st-28th!)
Bracelet – Leash Bracelet by #187# (Only at Olala Event from Feb 1st)
Sofa – Baroque Pose Sofa by DS’ELLES (20 poses)

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