Lelutka update, Catwa & Bento!

Hi MAddicts,

First up – Lelutka users, GREAT NEWS! There’s an update for your heads, and it includes (finally) DIFFERENT LASHES!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this, it’s the reason I stopped using my lelutka head really. The new HUD looks like this:

HUD V1.6

Additionally, Catwa is at it again, and this time she’s released another female basic head, Helena. The head is quite different from her others, which I think is a good thing really. One thing I noticed about it that I like was that it felt quite masculine in bone structure, and really made me want to mix it with my Tonic Fine body and go for a more androgynous look. In fact, I’ll do that later on 🙂 You can read all about the basic head range here.

Now, on to the topic for today’s post – BENTO!

Today I thought I’d answer some questions that have been floating around more recently surrounding the release of “Project Bento”. Now for those who haven’t caught up on what bento is, it is essentially the addition of some new bones and attachment points for the second life skeleton. Now don’t panic, it’s not going to break your SL or change your ability to wear what you currently wear etc, but for the curious, here’s some quick Q&A about bento!

1) What is bento?

Bento is a project name that’s been given to this new addition of bones to SL skeleton. It’s not a program or a new viewer, it’s just a name given to this project in particular. Once this is rolled out on SL, the new features this will offer users are (taken from the wiki):

  • 11 new limb bones – For wings, additional arms, or extra legs.
  • 6 tail bones – Include your tail in avatar animations.
  • 30 New hand bones – For finer control over hand animations.
  • 30 New face bones – For complex facial expressions
  • 2 New head bones – For animating ears or antennae
  • 13 New attachment points – Associated with the new bones.  Accessorize your new limbs!

2) Why do I care if there are more bones or whatever? What does it mean for me?

Well on a day to day level it might not effect you at all – but it will enable creators to make some truly AMAZING things, like wings that flap (and are rigged to bones! so it’s not frame by frame animation, which is super heavy render wise), SL hands to be posed, facial expressions to be created (for the SL head and in turn, mesh heads) and much more! So it may not mean much now, but when you’re buying all this awesome stuff and enjoying the extra features you can play with, it will mean something to you! hehe.

3) Okay, so will all my old stuff still fit and work properly??

Yes! Nothing about the base of the avatar skeleton is changing – it’s just being added to! To see the features of bento, you will need a viewer that has capability built into it (like you did when mesh was first introduced to SL) but that will happen in due course as an update to your normal viewer ( I assume, I’m sure Firestorm will).

4) Okay so when?

Well, bento is already in the testing grid (something developers use), and word has it it will be rolled out in SL in the next few days, HOWEVER – bento is still very much in testing. Dan Linden has advised that whilst the server component will be ready very soon, the viewers are a while off yet, I assume to allow for more testing, so we still have a while to wait my friends!

Hopefully that answered at least some of your questions (and/or quelled your fears) about bento!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Helena by Catwa
Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza
Skin – Nanny (Asia) by Glam Affair (Available at Kustom9) – Catwa applier
Hair – Fenella by Truth Hair (Available at Uber)
Bikini top – Carla Escultural bikini by Addams (Available at Uber) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Skirt – Elise Maxi Skirt & Elise Chain belt by Just Because (Available at Uber)Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Redlight showcase by Exposeur

13 thoughts on “Lelutka update, Catwa & Bento!

  1. Ever since I heard about Bento, I’ve really just had one question: Do the new face bones mean that mesh heads can be rigged to react to face sliders? That is, will creators be able to make mesh heads that can be customized?

    • I know this video was made as a potential capability video of Bento, but I never was entirely certain if the all the bones were kept in to make this possible. But I suspect they were.

      Either way! It will allow for MUCH more customization with mesh heads than we currently have, even if it’s not as good as displayed in the video.

  2. Yes, Audie, but we shouldn’t assume that all the existing heads will be retrofitted to take advantage of the new bones. Catwa has expressed concern that the changes to the facial dimensions (like lip width) will mess up the animations she’s already made. I wouldn’t expect her premium heads to change, but maybe the static one. We’ll see who responds and comes out with Bento-compatible heads.

  3. The new blend mode to the eyelashes of Lelutka update only can be used whithout eyeshadows, just mask mode will not conflict with it. So dab -.-

  4. Well 2 things I liked your first picture Though if it where me I would have used the Bikini top from Just because as well, but thats me 😛
    2nd On Bento I always viewed it as something that is best for furry community especially when you have to switch between an Rigged Mesh Full FUrry avi like the BG Solarian to human one (Belleza, Maitreya, etc..). Since Curently when I switch between the 2 I have to relog so the rigging points reset correctly. If Bento where live I wouldn’t have to relog. This is also mentioned in Pussy Catnip’s Blog as well 🙂

  5. I think Lelutka mentioned that the Simone head is going to be what they use with Bento? Quote: “Simone will be the face we work on going into 2016 to bring the Bento options available in the future to Lelutka.” Now whether or not that means Simone is ‘Bento Ready’ I don’t know. 🙂 Also I hope the new lashes come with a solution to the eyeshadow problem the Simone head has. It has given me grief.

  6. P.S. Hey is that a change to the mouth expressions I see on the Lelutka HUD? Is that a faint smile in the second spot where there used to be a pout, or do my eyes deceive me? So Pleased!

  7. I was so excited for the new eyelashes, but I discovered the lash alphas glitch with eye makeup when blended. I’m back where I was before – hiding the Lelutka lashes and using Fate lashes instead.

  8. Same here Dojiba. Purchased the Laura Hurley “Lilou” applier and the eye shadow does not show. Will look for the “Fate” lashes. Thanks, thought it was just me.

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