LeLutka Mesh Heads Review


Guess what – LeLutka mesh heads are out!!

Now I promised a review of these heads, and those of you who have followed my blog for a while would know that I’m always hesitant to review products that I haven’t been able to wear around for a while and get a feel for – which meant of course, that I had to buy one! (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it….)

About the LeLutka Mesh Heads

Lelutka Heads

After a few hours of playing around with the Demos, I finally settled on the Leda head, but let me tell you it was a tough decision! I can honestly say I would love to wear *all* of these heads. They are designed and sculpted so smoothly – and when used with the stunning skins of Glam Affair, it’s no surprise I love them so much. Glam Affair has always had a way of highlighting skin and blending high fashion with wearability that I’ve admired, and Aida has delivered just that with the skins for this head.

So let’s get down to it – what are we buying? Well, each head is 2500L and comes with Glam Affair skins built into it. You also get…

  • Head with 10 skin tone options from Glam Affair
  • Applier with 3 eyeshadow options
  • Applier with a lipstick
  • A gorgeous hair designed to work with the hair base for the head

Of course you also get the HUD, which as you can see below gives you a *lot* of control over everything from blinking, mouth open/close, shimmer effects (you will love this one, it allows you to make your makeup/elements of your face more detailed and shiny), eyelash tinting and much more.

lelutka hud

So how does it compare to others on the market you wonder? Well you can already tell I do like these mesh heads, which is slightly unusual for me because I’m not really a great mesh head lover. I’ve always felt mesh heads made my face too ‘stiff’ and I suppose that’s one reason why I really like these. The shading and soft glow of Glam Affair’s skin tones reduce the stiffness and make the skin more vibrant and ‘lifelike’ in my opinion, which is a huge plus.

 Any Drawbacks?

There are of course, always draw backs. For me, I would have *loved* to see these heads come with an expression HUD. Whether you’re a photographer in SL or not, everyone loves taking pictures, and I think this feature would have really changed the marketplace in terms of mesh head offerings. Also, the faces (lips particularly) do seem a little…. Sad. I like to keep my avi’s mouth luscious and slightly upturned in a mysterious but happy way. I really wish I could just lift the corner of these lips up juuuuust a smidge.

Additionally, one concern I have is the ongoing availability of appliers from other skin creators.

LeLutka/Undivided has already announced that make up ‘Developer Kits’ (the kits designers use in SL to make applier items) will be available on the 6th April, which is great – we should start seeing a lot of gorgeous make up options from other designers from mid-April onwards, however as far as other skin makers are concerned, the only statement I can see is that certain ‘selected designers’ will be invited to make appliers for the head. Now for me this is no big deal, I’m a Glam Affair addict from way back – but for the rest of SL, does this mean that you may be buying a head that you can’t ultimately use with your favourite skin designer’s skin tones? In addition, this will reduce the ability to ‘customise’ your head. One thing that I learnt with Slink Visage is that a skin tone – its shading, highlighting, colouring and features, can absolutely change the appearance of a mesh head. So the question lingering is…. Which designers will be invited to participate, and to what extent will they be able to ‘individualise’ the heads?


Now before I wrap up the longest blog post in human history, I had a question come to me in relation to the Glam Affair skin sets that were for sale next to the heads (this is for you, Sharon!). Sharon asked if these packs were just make-up options, because she tried to demos but couldn’t see anything else in the pack. These are head appliers ONLY. Why? Well something you may not be familiar with is that almost all skin designers make very few changes to the ‘body’ of the skin when it comes to appliers for mesh bodies (this is why you can just buy one in the colour you like and it’ll be useable for every face skin you buy from that creator). These packs aren’t necessarily make-up only; they’re a skin for the head, if that makes sense. The demos are there are I encourage you to flick through them – they’re quite incredible, but basically, they’re a skin for your head only.

But Daria, why would Glam Affair do that? Where’s the system layer skin??? Well, the LeLutka head is NOT compatible with the system SL body, so there’s no need for a system layer skin, you only NEED the head. After that, it’s a simple case of applying your Maitreya built-in Glam Affair skin to match and bam – you’re done! (if you use Slink Physique, you can buy Maitreya’s appliers in their store).

So, mystery solved! Now if only I could find a way to buy all the Glam Affair ‘head skins’. I’d die happy.

Alright so, in summary, for those not wanting to read my diatribe:

  • 3 head options, all of them unique and gorgeous
  • Different head ‘skin’ options available for purchase by Glam Affair at the LeLutka ‘Undivided’ room
  • No expressions – but blinking, eyes open/closed and mouth open/closed options in the HUD
  • Make up developer kits available on the 6th April, but skin applier kits only available to skin makers selected by Undivided
  • My thoughts? Well I really like the heads, but I do wish the lips weren’t quite so sad! Would love to see a bit of lift up in the corner of the mouths (a bit of a smile!)

And don’t forget to join the LeLutka group in world – there is a little lipstick on a table near the heads that has 6 ‘head skin’ options in it to play with for free! And for you Maitreya users, v3 is now out, so if you didn’t get it make you sure you head into the store and get a redelivery, the new HUD includes 5 save slots of alpha selections AND 5 save slots for appliers!! Don’t worry, I’ll update my review page soon!

So tell me, did you buy a head? Why? If so, which one?

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Leda by LeLutka (Skin tone included, using included eyeshadow) – Available in the Undivided Room, south side of the sim
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara v3 by Maitreya
Hair – Desperately Wanting by Exile
Pose – Subliminal 5 by Ma Vie.

0 thoughts on “LeLutka Mesh Heads Review

  1. Great review! These heads are something else. Probably the best I have demo’d thus far. Although, I did not buy one, it is a steep price of L$2500 that I personally would rather keep, plus not look like everyone else with the same head … Anyways, I did like the Aria and Ever heads. I don’t know if it would be possible to make heads as fitted mesh in the future, so when you make changes to your shape it would effect the head, but if that time ever comes, then I may consider dropping L$2500 on it.

  2. The heads look cute. But as you said, they do look sad. The lips droop but also the eyes are downward sloping. I think it’s Leda that made me think of a crying girl. Ever is my favorite. But I will not buy one because I feel that the cheeks are too round. I llke the lower cheeks to cave in a bit more so you get more contour in the lower part of the face.

    So, I still prefer TMP. I use Maitreya body so the support for it is a plus. I’m hoping that the next version or so will be changed a bit.

    Great post, Daria! Thank you and Happy Easter! <3

  3. My problem with these things is they are always young and white. You can apply some other color, but then its just ‘painted face’ mimicry.

    A further problem with having no shape dial access is the ‘clone army’ one… everyone will look the same. Mesh bodies being fitted avoid this, but mesh heads don’t respond to all those shape dials…

  4. I fell in love with all three heads and after 2 hrs I went back and purchased the Ever Mesh head. Yes the 2500$L is a bit steep but if the head fits the body then its meant to be. The Hud is simple and easy to use as well as the appliers. I’m happy I can still wear my mesh eyes, eyelashes and piercings. With that said, I have Maitreya Lara v3 and Ever Mesh head, it completes me. I can’t complain it’s simply beautiful being all mesh! I look forward to this mesh journey and by all means if you get tired of the mesh head you can always you back to your regular head.

  5. I am so happy with the Lelutka Mesh head. Finaly a substitute for TheMeshProject head. The only thing I had to do was to tweak the size of my head just a little to make it feel more natural.
    Deetalez aready announced that the appliers will be available at 23th of april. I can’t wait 🙂

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