Jellydolls are coming to SL…

Hi MAddicts!

Firstly just a quick note for designers – thank you all for the huge amount of interest in the Mesh Body Addicts Fair! You can find the application and information by clicking HERE 🙂

So this week I thought I’d take some time out to to investigate a new feature (I guess it’s a feature) that LL is working on as part of the official viewer. After reading about it for some time on the amazing Nalate’s blog (which if you’ve never seen, you should, she’s incredibly informative) I decided to get the ‘quick graphics viewer’ (read about that and more here)  and give it a go myself.

After the intial panic of not knowing how to use the viewer (it’s been some time since I’ve used the official viewer), I managed to teleport to Blueberry (the last location I was at) to suss out what these Jellydolls (or jelly babies as they have been referred to – but are technically called Muted Avatars) look like.

The big question for me was simple – was this going to cause problems for those of us that wear mesh heads/bodies? The Quick Graphics viewer essentially measures all avatar’s Rendering Complexity, which is

“a numerical score representing how difficult it is to draw an avatar, ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. It is affected by your avatar’s shape, clothing, and attachments.a complex formula that makes up a render weight.” – Taken from the info article here.

Essentially, the higher the render complexity, the more lag is created for those around you, and yourself. For that reason, the viewer sets a limit (which for me was 80,000 but is apparently allocated depending on your computer’s abilities?) of the highest Visual Complexity level it will accept, and after that everyone becomes a Jellydoll!

It’s important to note that you can change your own limit to be higher, and you can (at least on the Quick Graphics Viewer) right click on a person and choose to render them fully despite their Avatar Rendering Complexity number.

Jibberish? It’s not, though whether or not I’m explaining it well is another matter.

So, what do they look like? Here’s some for you!

jellydoll2 jellydoll

Now what you’re seeing is two Jellydolls – the viewer shows their ARC above their heads at the top, then it shows the distance they are from your camera view, then finally at the bottom their size (I’m assuming that’s more relevant to objects than people).

Now my inital thought was – okay simple, I’ll look at the mesh bodies and see what their ARC is – but then I realised something important. Textures form a really big part of ARC – so whilst my Maitreya body was at around 10,000 – when I changed skins, it jumped right up to 12,000! That said, the numbers aren’t hugely high for mesh bodies alone – but when I added hair my ARC jumped up another 2,000 – 30,000 depending on the hair, and the same for clothing, which got right up to 100,000 on its own!!

So, there’s a definite science to it, and I’m still learning about how all of this will affect the mesh body/head community. If it does become a feature in Firestorm and other viewers, it will definitely decrease lag, but at what cost? Personally, as long as I can override it, I’m happy – and in some cases, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to see some people as Jellydolls haha.

What do you think?

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Alex by LOGO
Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza
Skin – Lia by Glam Affair (Available at Kustom9)LOGO applier
Hair – Sharon by Mina Hair (Available at Shiny Shabby)
Tiara – Oakley Tiara by Blueberry (Exclusive item at The Epiphany)
Outfit – White Corset/White Panties/Lace Stockings Transparent by Addams (Available at The Epiphany)Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes available – GATCHA items

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  1. I like it – although I’d like to be able to define what colour I appear on other peoples viewers when I am a jellydoll 🙂

    I think this is a better way of dealing with lag than the mass-derendering that a lot of us do at shopping events. At least people are still ‘visible’. I wonder if it can be time managed or radius managed as well? I’d like to apply my jellydoll limit to different values for different distances so I see fully those closest to me but not so much those outside chat range, for example. And I’d like to be able to jellydoll people initially when I arrive somewhere and then have the limit slowly relaxing so that I can manage the load on my computer…. getting past that first moment of arrival in a busy sim.

    I sometimes travel and am stuck on low quality hotel room wifi, so the jellydoll option might make life easier for that too. I’m interested to see how this develops.

    Thanks for the post Daria x

  2. I don’t like the thought of converting beautiful SL bodies and faces to colored silhouettes. I must be vain, but I have invested a lot of Lindens and time in creating my mesh SL image and I want others to see it. I also like to see what others have done with theirs. I’m like you, when jellydolls come to Firestorm, I hope they can be disabled because that is what I will immediately do.

    • Well, it is hard to acknowledge and it takes some time to accept that all the effort we put in looking good is just for ourselves and what WE see on our screen. If others will see it too, we cannot control at all. It depends entirely on their computer, viewer, settings and internet connection.

      And yes, if the jellydolls reduce lag, this will help tremendously. Looking forward to not being immobile anymore in crowded places. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words and mentioning my blog.

    It is possible to turn the feature off entirely. BUT… the feature is also protection against graphics crashers used by griefers. So, avoid the ‘unlimited’ setting and use 250,000 to 350,000. I use 180,000 for now, but it depends on my mood.

    The prime motive behind this feature is to reduce lag. So, the Lindens added incentive to use the ACI information. When you jump into a region the viewer will tell you how many of the avatars in the region refuse to render you. Oops…

    So, if I’m out dancing showing my stuff and hoping to get hit on, being a JellyDoll on that delicious piece of meat’s viewer is never going to do. So, I need low ACI outfits.

    There is more pressure for designers. When attachments are added to the avatar, the ACI pops up on screen. I can tell if the hair do I tried on is adding 2k or 120k to my ACI value. (I have a do that is 1k, wow.) I have a sculpty do I love that is like 150k… 🙁 I feel bad wearing it, so almost never do. I just haven’t been able to toss it out.

    Now I’m in the place of not buying anything without a demo… AND… checking the ACI cost.

    The good news is my mesh feet, shoes, dresses, etc. tend to keep my ACI down in the 70K to 150k range. My classic clothes, sculpty do’s and shoes, and other older stuff tend to bring my outfits in well over the 150k mark… out side the bedroom of course…

    But, be careful. There is poorly made mesh that with a single item can drive your ACI way over 500k.

  4. This is actually very interesting. This could be a great way to “force” the second life designers to make “sensible” clothing, items etc, and in return give us a much more lag free world.

    How i will feel about this when my hair with the moving bunnies in it is exploding my ACI will be a completely different matter =D

  5. why bother with a mash body if people see it as a jelly baby, if second life didn’t want people to make mesh should have told the craters not to, i love my mesh body and head and pay a lot to i know it lags but my sl hubby not mesh yet some land will not let him in says he as to many scripts on so hair skin and clothes .

      • The primary cause will be transparencies and polygon count.

        “Most” of the mesh bodies are fine on both of these. On the official forums I recently listed all their numbers, quoting below.

        Using a transparency though multiplies the score of any item by 4. Using a 1-bit transparency (alpha masking setting in the “Alpha Mode” option of texture choice in the edit window) does NOT multiply it.
        – This is why if your mesh body is MOD, or has ‘mask mode’ in the HUD – you NEED to set everything to mask mode.

        A lot of no-mod clothing cannot be so fixed. And is often also stolen 3D content from art sites like Daz 3D and Renderosity… so not optimized for online 3D gaming… which means it will have high polygon count… and so create MASSIVE lag.

        The transparency thing is a reason why hair, especially flexi hair – is often a major contributor to lag… If you’re numbers are spiking – first remove any flexis that have transparencies. Then remove jewelry and other finely detailed mesh. Remove items one at a time and note by how much your draw weight drops – so you can know exactly which items are bad (and then put back on all the good stuff).

        As for the bodies, here are the numbers for the brands I and my alts own (except for Eve. I have Eve somewhere, I recall buying it, but didn’t see it on my alts):

        Render Weights and Scripts on some choices

        (in all cases these are using only the hands/feet/body of that brand. No brand mixing, and only full copies, no demos):

        Belleza Freya: 9388 and 384kb
        Belleza Isis: 10478 and 384kb
        Belleza Venus: 9642 and 384kb
        Maitreya 3.5: 9398 and 448kb
        Lena Lush (modded to remove layers): 12022 and 192kb
        Lena Lush (un-modded): 60544 and 192kb
        Slink Physique: 13892 and 848kb (but slink lets you remove all hands/feet scripts, after that: 256kb).
        TMP: 11561 and 512kb
        SalinA: 15826 and 768kb
        [BANNED] Dea: 7782 and 128kb


        Draw Weight:
        Female: 6476 (5285 on plantigrade)
        Male: 6220 (4836 on plantigrade)
        Femboy: 6434 (5170 on plantigrade)

        Script Usage:
        Body: 48kb
        Digitigrade Legs: 16kb

        • Oh… yeah that isn’t ALL the mesh bodies like I said at the start of that reply… Its just the ones I own. If someone wants to get these numbers for another mesh body…
          Turn on the ability to see your avatar complexity score (Advanced Menu -> Performance Tools -> Show Render Weight).

          Remove EVERYTHING you’re wearing, write down the number, then add the mesh body and note the new number, and just math out the difference between the numbers.

          Script count is sillier… its in About Land for ‘reasons’…
          About Land -> Script Info (tab at bottom left of window) -> Avatar
          – Look for the mesh body, and any hands / feet that need to always be worn with it.
          – Share your results with us. 🙂

          And on ‘Alpha Mask’ – obviously you CAN’T use that mode if wearing applier based clothes or tattoos. Just be aware that once you start wearing applier based clothing your body might start spiking up in lag. It is supposed to according to LL’s help wiki on this subject, because a transparency should spike it up. But when I tested it with some old clothes I made back in the day… they only added ‘916’ to my score – a trivial value. I suggest that if you wear any applier based clothing, you just check the number before and after, and if it doesn’t spike up – then don’t worry and tell people who hassle you to actually look at your score. 🙂

          • @Pussycat Catnap: Tried your suggestion and took off everything I was wearing and put on the SL Female Start Shape and the SL New skin. My render weight was 1459. Replacing the SL Start Shape with my Maitreya Lara body, shape and Maitreya mesh body alpha, render weight went to 8010. Adding the Maitrey hands increased the count by 1732 each. The Maitreya feet increased it by 2012 to 13486. Adding my Lelutka Simone head drove the count up by 7596 and the Lelutka Kennedy Swish hair added another 2845 for a total of 24,971 in my birthday suit.

          • @SteffanieMichelle: That’s about the size of it. You seem to have gotten a higher score than I with Maitreya – which is interesting. My score above is with hands and feet worn. Yet yours was almost 4000 above mine.

            You aren’t using Singularity are you? That viewer uses the old V1 ‘ARC’ system that has meaningless values (ARC was a random formula the lindens made way way way back – of guesses. Avatar Complexity is a new 2014-or-so era formula based off of looking at logs and data on how taxing different things are on the Second Life system). So the old ARC system will report some things that are not important as dramatically high, and ignore other things that cause actual issues.

            (As far as I know, Singularity is alone in using ARC. I know Firestorm uses the proper current formula).

          • @PusstCat Catnap: I tried it again and got down to 1000 With SL Female Start Share, New Skin, Redgrave eyebrows (which I can’t get rid of) and basic eyes. By the time I added Maitreya Mesh body alpha, Mesh body, Lara Shape and both hands and feet I went to 13414, still 4000 higher than yours and I am using Firestorm’s latest viewer. Not sure why mine would be that much higher.

          • @SteffanieMichelle

            Do you have your clothing and tattoo layers set to ‘mask’ or ‘blend’ mode?

            The 4000 higher would make sense to me if you were in blend mode. I got 916 higher with my mesh body when I was in blend mode. And I would guess different mesh bodies would be impacted differently with it.

            (That’s just a guess though…)

          • @Pussycat Catnip: I tried again and switching between mask and blend mode made no difference in my render weight number. Strange. Thanks for all your help and guidance.

  6. I’m not fully knowledgeable about the SL servers, but could it be that they haven’t kept up with the growing number of users and and the new mesh designs? Maybe they should focus on fixing the lag issue on their side by beefing up the their server power.

    • This issue isn’t caused by the servers – it is caused by people’s graphics cards.

      The only fix is to either use better optimized goods, or buy everyone in SL a $2000 top of the line graphics card…

      – we know the second option won’t happen.

      – But the first one actually might… after all, we had this problem 6 years ago with resize scripts, and we got the news out, and people stopped selling and buying bad resizers – then merchants started using the linkset-resizer which was NOT laggy.

      BUT the issue is also NOT caused by any of the current mesh bodies. So if you’re happily wearing your mesh body and someone accuses you of lag because of it – see the numbers I posted in another comment. Even if you ARE laggy, the reason won’t be your mesh body.

  7. Personally I think this is a much overdue feature. I’ve always paid attention to render cost (jewellery is usually the biggest render hog in my opnion) as it causes lag way worse than scripts. And seriously some avi’s are running around with 2-300 scripts using 8-12mb of sim memory (that’s 1 avi folks) and then their render weight is 400-500,000. They are a lag monster. You get 2 or 3 of them in a club and everyone wonders why am I getting so much lag here?? If it makes ppl more aware of the impact they are having on others and maybe use the power of there lindens to make designers be more aware of the render cost of the products they are making then I think it’s the best thing ever.Render wight is a bigger problem than scripts. Most ppl have it drummed into them that over 50 scripts is bad, but render concept? most ppl are clueless, if this helps…yay!

  8. Personally I think this is a much overdue feature. I’ve always paid attention to render cost (jewellery is usually the biggest render hog in my opnion) as it causes lag way worse than scripts. And seriously some avi’s are running around with 2-300 scripts using 8-12mb of sim memory (that’s 1 avi folks) and then their render weight is 400-500,000. They are a lag monster. You get 2 or 3 of them in a club and everyone wonders why am I getting so much lag here?? If it makes ppl more aware of the impact they are having on others and maybe use the power of there lindens to make designers be more aware of the render cost of the products they are making then I think it’s the best thing ever.Render wight is a bigger problem than scripts. Most ppl have it drummed into them that over 50 scripts is bad, but render cost? most ppl are clueless, if this helps…yay!

  9. A couple of things…

    @SteffanieMichelle – My blog is about the tech side of SL and what the Lindens are doing with SL. Lag is the target for many of the changes made to SL and has been since I joined, 2008. If you press Ctrl-Shift-1 it turns on the viewer stats (press again to turn off). You can look down the list of things and find Sim FPS. When this is at 44 Frames per Second the region is running at full speed, no server lag. When it drops below that number look at Time Dilation, the closer it is to 1.0 the closer the server is to running in real time, meaning when you click now the server responds now. As the number moves toward 0, more time passes from the time you click until the server responds. Watch the numbers. With 20 people in a region you’ll see lag AND you’ll see the servers, not all but most, are keeping up pretty easily. The problem is not a lack of server power/speed.

    Also, you can disable the JellyDoll feature. The Lab provides us a great deal of freedom in SL, counter to what many want and the general culture. So, you are welcome to disable the feature and dress as you chose. But, do read in my previous comment why 100% disable is not good for you.

    The other side of that is I can enable the feature and not have to render yours or other high ACI avatars and will see you/them as JellyDolls. I am mostly free from the negative affects of your choices.

    As time goes by the Lindens will be adding more refinements to the system server side. They are working to give the server side memory of the ACI sent by your viewer, so that when you and I TP into a region my viewer will immediately know your or others ACI and realize it does not need to download the things that make up your appearance, as I will not need them for my render of the scene. This will reduce both server and viewer side work load.

    The really good news is explained in my: Jelly Babies Grow Up – – Mesh can be WAY less render costly than sculpties clothes we used to use. Check it out.

  10. So, will someone who has their avi loaded with a high render weight see herself/himself as a jellydoll or will only others see her as a jellydoll? If she sees herself as normal, any numbers above her head will have no teaching value.

    • You’ll always render yourself completely, regardless of the cost, but if your complexity is high enough that those around you are not rendering you, you’ll get notices telling you that you’re not being rendered fully by them. It doesn’t tell you who or exactly how many of those around you are not rendering you, but it gives you reason to examine your own cost.

      • Oz,
        Thank you for the clarification. I guess we will all have to wait and see how this pans out.

        On a different note, but one that is common to many SL users: when will Linden accept Visa gift cards for membership payment and to buy Lindens? This should not be all that hard for Linden to implement since so many, many other Internet merchants have been able to accomplish it. You are able to deduct $1 from a gift card when anyone tries to use one, but you always come back with payment denied. After that you are not able to refund the $1. Why not take some resources from JellyDolls and get this code written and implemented and join the rest of the Internet merchants in today’s world. So many of your many users will loudly cheer when it is done.

        Thanks for your consideration.

  11. I’m so disappointed. I understand the need for jelly but just as I was getting into SL again due to the fun of mesh it looks like we’re heading for a wave of minimalism rather than a time of exploration. The most stripped down styles will reign and accessories will be consigned to the wayside if people want to be seen. Interesting times are coming.

  12. No they wont see themselves as a jellydoll, but maybe they will wonder why alot of the avi’s they are seeing are jellydolls? And start to look at what render cost means and ask there friends, do you see me as a jelly doll? If it gets people talking about his, so much the better. No one wants to stifle the creativity on SL, but what needs to happen is a general awareness of putting in SL terms large textures’ on unnecessay parts of a mesh or having items with a ridiculous amount of vertices, once again causing render lag for everyone who encounters that person wearing that item. Penny Patton has been beating this drum for years That’s from 2013 and it’s good reading for anyone looking at how textures affect performance (nvm scripts, mesh complexity, your net speed and your hardware).

  13. Great feature!!
    Unfortunately there are way to many people that they don’t know that they create lag problems to other SL users with less capable machines. This feature will make both creators and users much more aware of the lag we cause.
    And nobody has to worry that will lose admirers, cause when you are so laggy, people are not able to see you most of the times, you just don’t know it. Now you will be able to know that 3, 4 or more people around you see you as a jellydoll.
    I think I ll switch to that new viewer just right now

  14. This is treating symptoms instead of fixing the underlying problem. Yes, mesh has added a considerable load to the SL servers in recent years, but those servers have not keep up hardware-wise themselves. We still have class 5 servers, where we should be at class 10 by now Fix the servers, more CPUs and RAM, that way everyone can be seen how they should be.

    • Tycho, thank you for commenting on the Linden hardware current state and needed upgrades. I had questioned this in a recent post but Nalates Urriah responded with her belief that the SL hardware is adequate. I believe, like you, that the servers need to be upgraded to fully eliminate server lag at all times before SL resorts to making our expensive avis look like colored shadows.

    • Render muting is not even remotely related to server performance… it’s a completely client-side system to benefit those whose computers are unable to render highly detailed mesh avatars, clothes and accessories…

    • Considering that this is all client side stuff, really, there is no need to blame the servers. The servers are doing their job.

      • It might be client side stuff, but I am not convinced. My PC is powered by an Intel Core i7 running at 3.20GHz. It has 12.0GB RAM, an AMD Radeon 6900 Series graphics card and a 2 GB C: drive with 1.5GB free where Firestorm is installed and where it keeps all Firestorm related files. Since I first saw the info re JellyDolls, I have been watching my ACI and it is running around 34K. I have also started keeping the lag meter open and watching when I am at home and when I TP to various empty and populated SIMs. Usually when I first arrive at a SIM, Client briefly goes red as the world around me rezzes. After that, as I explore the SIM, Client stays green but Server often switches from green to yellow. Sometimes Network switches from green to yellow but usually not at the same time when the server goes yellow. I am beginning to believe that too many of us are too eager to point the point the finger at whomever we think owns but the problem but in reality, or should I say in seality ( a term I have sales marked that means the state of things as one might wish them to be rather than as they are or appear to be) the problem is more complex to fix and hiding behind colored silhouettes seems to be another way of pointing the finger instead of taking full ownership of the problem and fixing it.

        • @SteffanieMichelle – Its good you are skeptical. But, your problem is not the server dropping to slower performance. It sounds like you are watching the Lag Meter in Firestorm, which is different than the stats panel and different from the Linden Viewer Lag Meter.

          That change in the Client, Network, and Server colors is imprecise. Also it is the Lag Meter, which is measuring something other than server performance. It is more an indicator of how out of sync the viewer and server are than it is about server performance. The viewer Statistics Panel is different and more precise, but it to has some of the same problems. I’ll explain.

          All the numbers you can see in the viewer are a mix of server, network, and viewer times mixed into the various values. It isn’t intentional. Its just really hard to separate these viewer side.

          Consider just the server. If the viewer is busy, it doesn’t have the time to hear all the tics being sent by the server. It simply drops that information. The only way to know how many FPS the server is making is to hear what the server tells it. If it is dropping information that is being averaged viewer side the viewer side number departs from what the server is actually doing as more information goes missing.

          Add in the network. If the network drops a packet, depending on the type of information being sent, that information is lost or resent. Being resent means it is late arriving and looks like server lag.

          You can see this mix of numbers if you run the Stats panel and watch its reported PING time while you run a system ping to the same SL server address. The viewer’s PING can climb to 1,000+ms while the system ping is a consistent 50 to 150ms. The only way that is possible is for the viewer to be measuring a different way, which in this case it is. The viewer’s PING is dependent on viewer, network, and server factors to provide a ping value. With system ping you get actual or pure network travel time.

          You need to dig way deeper into the numbers to see what is happening. The Lindens aren’t shirking responsibility or denying the problems that are theirs. Users however, are pointing fingers because they lack knowledge.

          If you want more proof, open the Fast Timers (Ctrl-Shift-9 – press again to close). As you expand the tree you can see what is using up the render time and slowing things down. Click PAUSE and then run your cursor over the large parts of the bar graphs. The sections of the bars represent chunks of time. Larger means longer, more time. I can never find large blocks related to server side.

          I went bouncing around dance clubs with animations, 20 to 30 people, mesh clothes, streaming music, and lots of movement updates . I get lots of client lag, occasional network lag, but almost no server lag. It is rare. I can turn off shadows and get a major bump in FPS. My system is bottle necked in the render pipeline. So, Jelly Dolls helps me.

          One problem you have is that Radeon card. Their OpenGL driver is weak. Make sure it is up to date. Also, Chrome will bring the viewer to its knees.

          • @Nalates, Thank you for the great information about the complicated issue of Client, Network, and Server lag. I appreciate your taking the time to help us all better understand the underpinnings of SL.
            I don’t pretend to fully understand everything you said but I get it that it is no easy task that the Lindnes are accomplishing.

            My Radeon drivers updated yesterday but I know that they have announced end of life for this card and updates will stop coming in the not too distant future.

            I’m not quite sure about your suggestion re Chrome slowing down Firestorm. My system has IE, Microsoft Edge and Chrome available for use, but I do normally use Chrome. How do I go about keeping Chrome from slowing Firestorm?

    • @Tycho Beresford – The Jelly Dolls feature does fight the underlying problem. In answering SteffanieMichelle I pointed out the viewer stats. You can watch them yourself to prove the point. They show the Lab’s ability to handle lag is more than adequate. We see viewers slowing to 5 FPS while the servers run full speed at 44-45 FPS.

      Those that have high end gaming machines can fully render 20 or 30 people with little lag. Those with more common machines run into problems. So, Jelly Dolls target the client side problem.

      But the PROBLEM is poorly made mesh. The Lab allows us the freedom to upload crap mesh and that mesh is the underlying problem this feature moves to resolve by giving people the info they need to make intelligent buying choices. That puts pressure on designers/merchants to design more efficient mesh models.

  15. Can I have a switch that turns this around and hides any avatars BELOW a certain threshold so that I don’t have to see the ugly ones?

  16. @SteffanieMichelle – Just avoid running Chrome and SL at the same time.

    I tended to have SL and Chrome both going at the same time. I noticed that SL ran way better when Chrome and Firefox are closed. I can have a bunch of other things running, Outlook, Word, and even Photoshop without much affect on the SL viewers. But, when I open Chrome I start getting lockups and mini freezes. That may just be an NIVIDIA thing… or a GTX560 thing…

    • @Nalates, again thank you so much for answering all my questions and helping me, and others, under more about SL. I will leave Chrome and all other Internet Explorers closed as well as all apps except Outlook and see how frequently I get the mini freezes. Even though those are not a major problem, they annoy, if you know what I mean.

  17. OK, for me personally this is stupid… And why is it switched on by default? I cant find an option to switch it off.
    My computer can handle anything and now i see everyone green… WTF

      • The problem with setting it to UNLIMITED is it removes the previously built in protection from video crashers used by griefers.

        When ACI was added the process to render JellyDolls was the same as the griefer protection. They were combined.

        Most avatars have an ACI of less than 300k. Only a very few go over hat value. Setting the value to 350k renders most avatars and keeps griefer protection in place.

  18. And I personally think a problem of constantly reloading textures needs to be fixed and its more important then jellybeans… Textures on my mesh avatar once loaded should stay loaded, but instead the keep reloading over and over and over again… its just stupid and when i want to make a video or shoot some photos sometimes i cant because the textures are reloading and they look like crap until they are fully loaded and once they load, they reload AGAIN… :/

    • JellyDolls is a step down that road.

      Designers making content for SL have not been optimizing content, especially for clothes and other avatar attachments as there is no limit or imposed cost, like there is is for rezzed stuff on land – Land Impact cost.

      ACI allows those with lower capability computers to eliminate high ACI cost avatars from their render load and maintain better FPS. Those that suffer from texture thrashing can benefit from using a lower ACI limit. Poorly made jewelry will often have 1024×1024 textures and use may be <50 pixels of screen real estate. ACI will put pressure on those designers to do a better job.

      • What does it have to do with my viewer loading textures that have been loaded already…? That seems like a waste of bandwidth to me… I understand the purpose of the “Jellybeans” no need to explain that. But a viewer that nonsensically reloads those “BIG” textures over and over without a good reason, seems like a bigger issue to me…

        • I think you miss understand what texture thrashing is. The texture is only downloaded once. The video card fills up and it starts unloading textures to make room for the texture it needs to render now. In the next frame it needs the texture it just threw away. It reloads it from your local cache. You see the video card behavior as sharp then fuzzy then sharp… and so on.

          By getting designers to optimize their designs and use smaller textures to lower ACI the amount of texture your video card has to deal with is less. The jewelry item using 50 screen pixels instead of being rendered from a 1024×1024 texture uses 128×128 and looks the same. This means it can hold more textures before it has to start throwing away what it has already has loaded. 1024 = a 3MB texture. 128 = 49KB. That reduces the load on your card by 2.95MB. The 50 screen pixels being made from 3MB is more GPU intense than when made from 49KB. So, you get a boost in FPS and use less bandwidth for net downloads.

          JellyDolls can prevent texture downloading. When your viewer renders your avatar it sends its ACI to the server. When an avatar comes into view in your viewer it requires avatar information needed to render the avatar. Now a JellyDoll viewer asks for the ACI and if under the limit you set asks for the assets to be sent. If it exceeds the limit, no request is made. Saving the download and render cost and relieving your video card from having to load those textures.

          One of the big consumers of video memory are the small profile images used in chat. Those are the full size profile images scaled down for use in chat. But, I am told the whole image is loaded into video memory. Because this is classed as a UI image the memory for it is never released. This pushes the video card to release other textures and start thrashing.

          Firestorm gives you the option to turn off those chat images. That along can give you a longer period after login before you start to see texture thrashing.

          The viewers caching system is weak. But, it has been improved a little. The big problem with the cache and video card is the image textures are compressed and encrypted. When the video card pulls them from the cache the system checks to see if the image has been updated. That means a call to the CDN and probably to the SL servers. Even when the texture doesn’t have to download it does have to decrypt and decompress before it can be used. So, we see render lag that many think is the time needed to download the texture.

          I suspect quite often the viewer does download stuff already in the cache. The Lindens are hoping some third party dev will redo the caching system. I know of one that started work. But, I haven’t heard any news on whether they are working on it or not. It is a complex change.

  19. I love the way most people who hate this point out other issues or completely misunderstand the point.

    You can have a good gaming computer but sl is still a heavy program to run. You are downloading all your content on the fly. Most games with beautiful graphics already pre download them to your computer which in sl you can’t do because everything is user created.

    Also it isn’t going to eliminate mesh avatars. My mesh avatar with eyes that are super heavy is less than 50k(I go to 30 without eyes, yes I’m planning to fix my eyes) but some avatars are incredibly high 350-400k. Or for graphics crashers even higher. All this does is create a way for when you go to busy seems not to be lagged out by poorly made meshes. And yes sl has other problems to fix but this was a major one and they fixed it be happy that they are doing something and can move on to something else.

    As for their servers it keeps up with most events larger ones are a bit harder on the servers but server lag can be non-existent quite easily. So changes likes this are important.

    Also you wouldn’t believe the poor impact it does on the game when you basically have a bunch of items poorly designed. Good mesh should have a low impact and not be affected since if anything you can up the cost to render. But the ones that are rediculously high will get affected.

    Finally if you want people to see you buy sensible clothing. I”ve seen people buy heads that had way too many poly it was wasting and they are in large events and lag everyone out.That’s what’s causing the lag. Its the fact your computer can’t load those. Even not 100% optimized but still sensible can be great. The problem is when people sell stolen content made for 3d rendered images to take pictures or make a video out of and then upload it to a game. The purposes are hugely different.

    Thank you sl for this much needed feature. Keep up with adding much needed features.

  20. well, i always derender most avies, specially the ones over 100k, one by one, and at sploders, everyone! (my pc is not tolerating SL… again! i always lag behind)

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