It's all about perspective….


Working title – “You’re supposed to be me in this picture right? Then how the F#$% did you get down the stairs?”

Now we know why I don’t let my brother name my blog posts O.O

When I decided to try and take this picture, featuring myself in place of my RL brother (who is the one in the real wheelchair), I had misty eyed notions about writing a little about MS, and the heart shredding pain that comes with watching this disease take over the life of someone you love…. then reality hit me (and by reality, I mean my brother. Literally by the way, for the record). Not one for sentimentals, he was quick to remind me that the house behind me has stairs…. and that no-one in a wheelchair wears high heel boots…. but he loved that the wheelchair was blue (like his). Great feedback (I guess?) haha.

Well bro, this one is for you. You make me laugh harder than anyone in the world ever has or ever could, even when you’re picking on my blog pic 😉 <3

I’m rollin’ in:

Mesh Body – Lena Lush by Kittie’s Lair

Skin – Monica Tan by WOW Skins (Lena Appliers used)

Top – Shirt and Sweatshirt ELOC by CV

Jeans – Gabriella Silver Tab Jean Pack by BlackLace

Boots – Overknees Roxanne boots by Kittie’s Lair (Fitted Mesh for Lena Lush)

Hair – Aspen Hair by Truth (December subscriber gift)

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