Inspecting people and why I've got the giggles!

Heidi & Hailey

Oh my gosh – so today was an exciting day for me for really, really petty reasons haha. You see, I ran into my first person wearing one of those ‘anti inspect’ shield thingos that you can buy to stop people using the ‘identify’ function to see where you purchased your mesh from. I have been DYING for this happen, because to me, it would make sense just to derender the stupid shield and then use the identify function. However I haven’t been able to test my theory, until now and….. TA-DA, yep you really can just derender it! I laugh because I find it so silly that people don’t want others to ‘steal their style’. It’s second life, there’s an endless world our there and you’re worried about me finding out who made your hair? It was Catwa by the way, shield-lady 😛

Now onto mesh topics, this week ViVi has released two gorgeous applier dresses that you need to check out. In the pictures above I’m actually wearing the Lena Perky mesh body, but she includes appliers for Slink, Omega and Wowmeh too. The reason I’ve chosen to use Lena in this instance is simple because of the skirt layer, it’s so easy!! See, there are no mesh panels between my legs here to make up the ‘dress’ (although the pack does include some for other body types). Lena has a layer that goes straight across the legs, so the applier creates it’s very own ‘skirt’ when applied! Awesome isn’t it? I’ve also styled my Lena up with some ViVi hair, and the latest skin from WOW Skins, Noelle. I’m using the Golden tone (that I absolutely loooove) with make up 1 option. You can grab Noelle from The Big Show from January 10th!

I’m still giggling about anti-inspect shields in:

Skin & Shape – Noelle by WOW Skins (available only at The Big Show)
Hair (left) – Isla by ViVi Hair
Hair (right) – Lucy by ViVi Hair
Armband (both) – Love Armband by MUKA
Necklace (right) – Padlocked Love by ~Lantian Flox~
Dress (left) – Hailey by ViVi
Dress (right) – Heidi by ViVi

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