If I were a boy, and 2 Men's Mesh Body Reviews up now!!


Great news, I’ve just published my first two Male Mesh Body reviews!! You can check out the Tellaq – Broderick Mesh Body Review here, and the Kauna – Tauso Mesh Body Review here!

I’d love to know what extra information you guys would like to see included in these reviews – it’s a little hard to assess them the same way I do women’s bodies because quite frankly, I’m not a guy (even with my fake moustache!) so leave a comment and let me know <3

I’m one of the boys in:

Skin – Ella Natural by AIMI 
Hair – Babette by Blueberry Hair
Shirt – Moon Tucked in Shirt by Blueberry (Maitreya fitmesh version)
Jeans – Dirty Wash Zip Jeans by Maitreya (Maitreya fitmesh version) (currently 50% in store for group members)
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya

The REAL boy is wearing:

Skin – Invictus Tan Skin by (red)sand
Tattoo – Tattoos to Kill by Reckless
Ears – Ear:Gen 4, Stretched by AITUI
Hair – ARATA by Argrace
Coat – Corto coat by [Deadwool]

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  1. I guess I’m looking for the tipping point, as happened with the girls, where the mesh version of a body is significantly more desirable to the opposite sex for the niggles to be worth living with. However I would need to be able to continue to shop at the stores i like, as there are far too few good ones for guys as it is, without being restricted further. I also would need to be able to wear a skin I wanted to wear, not a skin i had to pick from a limited range (so the appliers would need to get more established).

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