IDC if it's snowing, you'll never take my heels!


This is one dilemma I wonder if women in colder climates face… how do they part with their heels? Logically, my brain tells me “Very bloody easily when you’re about to freeze to death,” but I must admit in my mind, snow is still a light, fluffy, almost temperature free substance that falls from the sky like little stars.

Maybe I’ll keep it that way. You watch, one day it’ll snow and I’ll run out there with heels and not much on else on. You’ll see the headlines about the stupid girl who ran out into the snow then dropped dead of shock from the cold 😉

I’m pondering death by snow in:

Shirt – Cristy Top by DRBC

Leggings – Lolita Leggings by ViVi (available in other colours & appliers)

Hair – Inna hair by enVOGUE

Hand Bag – Lips Clutch by EB Atelier

Heels – Cassy Heels for Belleza Venus by KC Couture

Mesh Body – Belleza Venus by Belleza (currently unavailable)

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