Heads, Hands and Weekly Fitmesh Finds!

Hi Maddicts!

It’s that time of week again – Weekly Fitmesh Finds time! Now before I get into all that, a few updates this week that might be of interest to you 🙂

1) Vista have released their male bento hands! The set is 999L, andincludes 12 hand poses and skins by Clef de peau and Akeruka, plus it’s Omega compatible so you can grab the installer for those as well. There’s no male AO out yet, but it’s coming!

2) Catwa has released  their second bento mesh head, Kimberly – Now the first question I’m imagining that you have is – why release another bento head? Well, think of it this way – the system head has a default shape (that sexy bitch Ruth). Every system head is a variation of Ruth. Bento head creators are creating new default shapes – so each bento mesh head has a different ‘default’ look, and has different looks that can be achieved using it. Kimberly for example is shaped more like Gwen by default, mainly in the nose area. All that aside, the functionality is the same as Catya, with the same HUD system and number of animations included and all that jazz. She’s just a different variety of looks!

3) 6DOO has released a mesh head (called HUCI-01) – I spotted this one while wandering around SaNaRae today. Their mesh head is definitely more of a realistic look, and I put the demo on (hence the white things coming out of my head and my head falling back against the backdrop) and jumped on their animation test feature. This one is the sneeze animation, which is quite cute. I’m also wearing their skin in this, but the head *is* Omega compatible. HUCI-01 is priced at 2,925L, and though the setup wasn’t really clear, it looked like the animations hud and skin were sold separately by Happy Despatch, but I couldn’t really tell.


As promised, when I learn about new releases, I’ll always put it up for you guys!

For fitmesh finds, see below the credits. Hugs!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Kimberly by Catwa Bento mesh head
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Shape – My own
Skin – Alena by Insol (Available at Uber)Catwa applier
Hair – Ice by Truth Hair (Available at The Epiphany)Gatcha
Crown – Kingdoms Crown by Truth Hair (Available at The Epiphany)Gatcha
Jeans – Una jeans by Bueno (Available at Uber)Includes Belleza Isis/Freya & Slink HG sizes
Dress – Aurora by Just Because (Available at Uber) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Arianna sneakers by Reign (Available at C88)
Background – Louvre by SEUL (Available at The Epiphany)Gatcha


This week’s locations:
Dead Dollz
Kinky Monthly
L&B Swear
Pink Pearl Designs
Signature event

8 thoughts on “Heads, Hands and Weekly Fitmesh Finds!

  1. It’s worth noting that the Vista male hands are only for the Slink Male body and that they will be releasing versions for other bodies in the future. According to what I read, hands for the Signature Gianni body are in the works (YAY!) with the other bodies following.

  2. I grabbed the 6DOO head and it is adorable! Definitely my favorite to come from a designer who isn’t one of the big names in the mesh head game. It’s rigged quite nicely, which was my main concern. I was happy to find I didn’t have any weirdness when playing with the sliders. The head comes with a skin and Maitreya appliers for it, but you can buy the animations HUD as an extra and there are really pretty skins by Kiiko (I think that’s the name?) right next to the head. Violetta either has or will have a skin out for it too. I’m crossing my fingers Enfer Sombre will release some skins for it soon as well (hint, hint, if you’re reading this).

    And yayyyyyy for the Catwa Kimberly head and the male Vista hands! Kimberly is as fun to play with as Catya and I love that the Catya animations HUD works with it. And my fiance looks so much better now that he bought the Vista hands and his fingers move. I got so used to my hands being animated that I felt his avatar looked like a Ken doll with the static hands. He’s just hoping he will find a Bento AO he really likes as he’s super picky about that.

    So over the moon with everything Bento is bringing us! Thanks for keeping us in the loop! <3

  3. Yep, I don’t wish to be the doom and gloom though I like the fact that Gianni are gettin updates and their is even a new Tellaq body that doesn’t look have bad though I am waitin on reviews for it. Just for the guys the updates are still on the lite side and I am not seeing much. It is like all these Bento changes are nice for the bodies and all but it knocked us back to square one. Any progress we did see was quickly erased with these changes. Hopes my concerns aren’t brushed off and some debate actually occurs to get makers to see some of our concerns even if it is a minority here in SL.

    • I hear you – but it’s comforting that Vista have released male bento hands now at least. I think unfortunately that men’s products will always/most often come second to women’s, and that’s to do with profit margins more than anything from what I’m told. Men just don’t buy as much as women do, so designers do women’s first (understandably) to get that income generating, which then sustains them while they build the men’s versions. It’s smart thinking, but it is a bummer for you guys!

      • Really, if that is their logic they need to grow a brain, Men don’t buy more cause of lack of stuff to buy. I would guarantee that if the Makers would offer us more options and content, then we would be buying more. The cause is not that we don’t buy more, the cause is their isn’t more available to us to buy!

  4. i agere with Wes -My husband is always buying outfits and products for my avie. he found the swag bag too fem for his liking, he is disapointed & suprised that there isnt a bento body for men released yet, not even a beta- someone needs too pull there finger out- and grab the market.

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