Mesh Body Addicts now has a forum! This is the place to discuss mesh bodies, mesh heads and everything else mesh!

Read the forum here!

Register for the Forum

Registration isn’t required to read the forum, but you’ll need it to comment or post. It’s easy to register, just click here and insert your email address and username!

Lost your Password?

I can’t see your passwords so I can’t tell you what they are if you lose them – you can however simply reset your password by clicking here.


Want a Mesh Body or Head Designer tag in the forum to take part? Just contact me at and I’ll set you up!

Forum Rules

This forum is for everyone to use and enjoy, so with that in mind there are only two rules:

  1. Please be kind and respectful to one another. Many people are learning about mesh bodies for the first time or are offering their thoughts and opinions, which is fine, but disrespeting and each other or designers won’t be tolerated. Keep it respectful!
  2. Please do not advertise and/or spam on the forums.
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