Weekly Fitmesh Finds are here!

Hi MAddicts,

It’s time for that weekly wrap up of what mesh body fitmesh clothing has been released – so without further ado, look under the credits to find this week’s finds, and the taxi’s for where to find them! Just remember, hover your cursor over the picture to see who made the item, where it is and what mesh body fitmesh sizes it comes in!

Happy demo’ing!

♥ Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Jessica v4.5 by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Megan by Wow Skins (Available at Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly) Catwa applier
Hair – Russina by ICONIC (Available at Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly)Designed to work with Hucci top & dress
Top – Ouani top by HUCCI (Available at Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly) – Includes Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Skirt – Sheryl Skirt by DE Designs (Available at Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Boots – Bethesda Knee Boots by Phedora (Available at Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly) Includes Eve (both), Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Photo taken in ‘the bridge’ prop @ Image Essentials Female Studio


This week’s locations:
Thalia Heckroth
MBA Bi-Monthly
Pink Pearl Designs Mainstore
The Dressing Room
The Epiphany
The Kawaii Project
The Secret Affair
Tres Chic

14 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds are here!

  1. I love reading this to find items to get. Did you know that Happy Undead released a new Bandeau top to match their mini skirt, both of which are for mesh bodies.

  2. Um, omg?! This seems like it could be the best current roundup of quality fitmesh ever!!! Just look at all that awesome lingerie alone! My poor wallet will never survive xD

  3. Hello Daria,

    a request concerning the latest round up and a question on some of the recent outfits.

    Request: For us Gacha avoiders, could you separate the normal obtainable items from the Gacha ones? That way one could instantly see how things are to be bought and ignore the Gachas if that is preferred (maybe headlines and a horizontal line between the two).

    Question: I your recent posts you wore the current blueberry and Addams Gachas (including rares and specials). Did you get evaluation copies or did you do the pulls from your own money? Just curious because I wanted to get a hint on how much one would have to invest in general to get a full set with special.

    • Hi Silky 🙂 Good suggestions, thank you! I am fortunate enough to have Blueberry and Addams as blog sponsors, so for those pictures in particular I recieved evaluation copies. Other gatchas (Dead Dollz/Valentina E/the too many gatchas with adorable things in them) I play myself <3

      • Thanks for the info Daria 🙂 I have to admit I am not too happy with the latest Blueberry. The set is gorgeous, but obtaining it, is borderline evil 😉 Well the MP route is still open 😉

        Glad I could be of help there. And now please excuse me. I have to check that Lybra set ;D

  4. Daria…I bought the Rose dress from Candy Doll (lucky Kustom9 was easy to get to yesterday)
    then I went back and got all the colours. I didnt bother trying the DEMO cause you said it would fit “)

    • Oh Cheri always demo!! At the moment I don’t get to try all the fitmesh finds on before I blog them (some yes, but most no) because of full events and not having access to them to do so, so always always demo <3

  5. I should have tried the demo for the Candy Doll Rose dress, looks great until you dance with it on, then no so. Oh well lesson learnt.

  6. When I do demo…I try outfit out in dance or sit pose. But I wonder why Laika had that trouble…Im so happy with my fit (Maitreya Lara).

    Yes okay Daria…and that way I would have known I wanted the set and not wasted the money getting just the single dress “)

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