Fitmesh, Birthdays and Mr Flappy

Hi MAddicts!

Before I say anything else – if you don’t own this dress by Blueberry, you want to! haha. This has to be the best fitmesh I’ve seen from her yet, and that’s saying a lot because her fitmesh is always outstanding. Try it on to see what I mean, but this dress hugs your body the way you would want Channing Tatum to (well, the way I would, anyway) 😛 I’m also wearing the latest Genesis Labs head, Emily, which is a gatcha at Kustom9. I really like this one, though the look didn’t really feel as ‘me’ as I feel in my Lelutka head. One of the rares has an ’emotions’ HUD with it, which has some cute expressions in it too.

On another note – I hope August has treated you all well so far, I know it has for me – well at least until next week! Alas it’s that time of year again – and come August 23rd I will officially be another year older (and wiser… maybe).

So in celebration of my birthday (or rather, to distract me from it), I’ve been going through some suggestion notecards I’ve recieved from you guys over the past few months, and I came across a very interesting suggestion from Gabriella Silver. Gab’s idea was to create some ‘top 10’ lists, similar to what you would see in a software blog or top 10 list. I love this idea and I think it could be a lot of fun – but of course I’m no world authority on mesh bodies/fitmesh/skins/anything really, so I thought I rejig this idea little and look at making some posts about my top five favourite designers of the month…. or top five personal favourite skin designers… etc etc. Of course, it’s all just my opinion, so like everything else I expect you guys to hop into the comments and leave your own top five lists for others to share too!

What do you think MAddicts? What top 5 lists would you like to see? (and yes I made it 5 instead of 10 lest the internet blow up!).

<3 Daria

I <3 Blueberry in:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya (Genesis Labs Cream applier used)
Mesh Head – Emily 2.0 by Genesis Labs (Available at Kustom9) Notes – gatcha, Shiny red eyeliner applier & cream skintones used
Necklace – Dreamcatcher necklace by (Yummy) (Available at Collabor88)
Hair – Sirena (Earth pack) by Spellbound (Available at Enchanted)
Dress – Rylai by Blueberry – Includes Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Boots – Olympia boots by KC Couture – Includes Belleza (size for Freya/Isis and Venus), Maitreya and Slink Physique
Mr Flappy (the bird) – Spring Eternal Hummingbird (gatcha) by +Half-Deer+
Pose – Pose 1 Nina Pack by {Meka} (Available at Kustom9)

11 thoughts on “Fitmesh, Birthdays and Mr Flappy

  1. Top 5 fitmesh
    Of The week, month, whatever 😀

    U could judge on how Well it fits, The texture, design, 😀

    Just suggestions!

    I have a few faves already that i might only have found because of you, so keep up The good work!! I rly like following you 🙂

  2. Dear MBA Blog, i cant see your homepage after i subscribed to this post, and to your page :/ i dont know what has happened, but its just white, ur front page.

    Can u in any way tell me why, or maybe get back to me ?

    • *cries* I don’t know why it’s doing that… someone said it was happening yesterday too 🙁 What exactly happens if you don’t mind me asking… can you see the page then it goes white, or it goes white after you click something or…?

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