Finally, thigh-high boots for mesh bodies!!


As a female in SL, I’ve found there are two types of fashion-forward women – those that will tell you where they bought their sexy boots, and those that won’t (thereby forcing you to just look for yourself). I’ve always been the former, which is a good thing because since I started blogging, I’m asked frequently ‘who’ I’m wearing, and let’s face it, answering that question is part of the job description!

Today I was walking around in the sexy little number above, which includes some of the latest releases from Pixel Fashion for the Eve Mesh Body. As you can see, the skirt and top has a perfect, seamless fit to the body (meaning I’ve died and gone to heaven), and it didn’t matter how I moved my sliders, the outfit moved perfectly along with it.

NOW – let’s talk about the most asked about part of today’s outfit – THE BOOTS! With 8 people asking where they’re from in just two hours (and 8 landmarks given out), I’m now sharing with the rest of you the secret – they’re from PixelFashion!!! These boots are beyond stunning, with incredible texturing and detailing put into the core material, seams and the lacing, but even better – they come with fitmesh versions for Slink High feet, Slink Physique body, Eve Slim Body and Eve Pulpy Body!!

If you’re as fussy as I am about texturing, detailing and overall fit, you can’t go wrong with these boots. I’m in love! <3


I’m planning to never remove these boots in:

Top and Skirt – Kaina Top and Skirt by PixelFashion (Also available in standard sizing & Eve Pulpy Fitmesh versions)

Boots – Gaia Platform Boots by PixelFashion (Available in Eve Slim/Pulpy, Slink High standard and Slink Physique versions)

Lipstick – Winter Death (Ash Colour) by Vanity Hour (Also available for TMP Mesh Heads)

Hair – Sienna Blonde by EMO-tions (currently available as part of the KittyCat Advent Calender)

Mesh Body – EVE Slim Mesh Body by Absolut Creations

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