Fantasy Faire 2015 – Why I relay

Why I relay

Today the Relay for Life Fantasy Faire has opened for the 7th year! This event, in case you haven’t heard of it, is one of the biggest events on the annual calender, with tonnes of talented designers pitching in their work to be sold in the name of charity!

One challenge set to bloggers this year is titled ‘Why I relay’, and that I suppose is what this post is about. So many have lost or are losing loved ones to Cancer, and whilst I sadly can’t say I’m any exception, the primary reason I get involved in these events is not the belief that I can make a difference… but the belief that we as a larger group of world citizens, can. Cancer is a battle that is fought alone, and too often lost. We can love them, cherish them, support them and guide them… but to a Cancer sufferer, that pain and feeling of helplessness is borne by them alone. No-one should have to fight a losing battle, and I hope that one day, we find a way to end the battle altogether.

This is one of the first events I ever remember going to in Second Life, so for me it holds a special meaning in another way, too. It was the first time I’d heard of fundraising events, and the first time I’d ever seen just how spectacular the ‘fantasy’ worlds in SL truly are. I was gobsmacked then, and I’m still gobsmacked now at just how generous designers are, and how talented the sim designers and organisers are in creating each of the individual worlds that are the shopping sims. Even if you’re not a fantasy guru (which I certainly am not) you’ll love this event for so many reasons.

Sim links are below, but if you’re like me and want to see what the vendors are selling before you head over, you can see the Shopping Guide here.

Fairelands Junction AuroraIchi-go Ichi-eOdysseyPoppetsboroughSpires of AndolysSylvan of SpellsTangleshimmer GroveVallaciaWildehaven MarshYoZakuraPoseidon’s Abyss

Go, enjoy it and just have some fun with it – I know I am!!

I’m fighting for survival in:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Kensi (Powder, Drained/Charcoal) by AlterEgo (Available at Suicide Dolls on the 25th)
Wound – Mesh Body Wound by Bite&Claw (Available at the Fantasy Faire)
Make-up – Warpaint tattoo (Vision) by HopScotch (comes with visage appliers) (Available at the Fantasy Faire)
Hair – Sola by Analog Dog (Available at the Fantasy Faire)
Outfit – [Gauze] by The Alchemist (Top, pants, belt & boots – standard mesh) (Available at the Fantasy Faire)

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