Fantastical Fitmesh: Assassin

It was not the night which chased away the usual traffic that filled the bridge; it was her presence. Standing in the center, she felt the cool night air drift along the surface of her skin, warm with adrenaline, stinging the red gash on her cheek. It was yet another reminder of her weakness and a small smile flirted along the edge of her lips despite the mar along her cheekbone. The thought of her own weakness reassured her that one day she would be stopped.

They did not call on her for her subtlety. It was her conspicuity that they desired. She was known for the impractically tight red dress she wore, high slits along the legs to ease her movements. No one knew if she was called Red because of her dress or if it was the color she wore because of her name; no one dared ask.

She found her way to cities where the lines between politician and criminal did not exist. She came as they beckoned, when they needed an executioner, called upon to eradicate the enemies of politicians and criminals alike. But she also came as an example. That slight smile that crept along her lips was well known and elicited fear. When she walked through crowded cities, there was a swell of murmuring and chatter right before a pall of silence; and the crowds dissipated, people feared simply being in her presence. These crowds repeated the stories of her viciousness when she was not present. They were stories she dared not repeat even to herself, stories she would pretend did not exist. They were stories which crept into the corners of her mind and prevented her from sleeping at night. But she did not deny what she had become, who she now was, and she would wake again tomorrow with the sheen of anxiety still damp on her skin and repeat the stories which echoed in her mind in the sleepless hours of night.


Hello, Meshlings! I’m going to bring all you magical, fantastical creatures a blog post once a month featuring some fitmesh items just for your roleplaying and fantasy needs. We Love Roleplay just opened on the fifth this month and PLASTIX released this amazing Rebel Dress. The fit is beautiful and it comes in sizes for Maitreya and both SLink Physique and Hourglass (for you more voluptuous ladies). Each color comes with a HUD to change the leather trim color and the metal color. Customization HUDs are my favorite! It also comes with a pair of gloves, which I did not choose to wear here, because my assassin likes to get her hands dirty. >.<

While you are traipsing around WLRP picking up this amazing dress, White Widow has released another beautiful tattoo design there called Lights Out. White Widow makes appliers for sooo many bodies (Adam/Eve, Maitreya, Belleza, Brazilia Doll, TMP, SLink, and Omega). I really love the way the tattoo comes down over the backs of the hands, and she always makes such delicate and intricate designs.

The Skinnery also released a beautiful new Asian Catwa applier at The Project Se7en. It was created specifically for the Aisha head, but I applied it to my Gwen meshiness. I did add the DeeTaleZ eyeliner to it. The Skinnery has been putting out so many beautiful and highly detailed skins lately, so if you haven’t frolicked through their store lately, hop on over.

<3 (multi)Muse

I’m wearing:

Avatar and Body:

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Catwa – Gwen Head
theSkinnery – Soojin in Champagne at The Project Se7en
the crone – Scars (MP not open yet)
DeeTaleZ – Eyeliners
booN – Lab 004 Hair
booN – Mae 001 Hair
Buzzeri – Celstial Eyes
Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5
White Widow – Lights Out Tattoo at We Love Roleplay

Clothing and Accessories:

Plastix – Rebel Suit at We Love Roleplay
Reign – Promiscuous Over Knee Boots
Empyrean Forge – Yang Guardian Bracelet in Gold at We Love Roleplay
glYph – Poisonous Necklace in Rubin
Takeo – Incense Hair Pin
Mandala – Sakura Dynasty Katana Prop
Stitched Gods – Elena’s Dagger in Gold

Poses and Props:

Diesel Works
Photo taken at The Looking Glass

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