Fantastical Fitmesh – The sky is a long and lonely path.

The vast sky and sea melded together around them, becoming an infinite expanse of nothingness. Which was probably what that damned philosopher was reading about – the meaning of nothingness or some other nonsense. He was always spouting off some abstract theories that certainly weren’t going to get them into port before their food stores diminished into …well, nothingness. She sighed heavily, a warm rush of exasperated air forced passed frustrated lips. Of course, he didn’t notice. He only noticed the words on the pages which he slowly flipped with a flippant flick of his finger. Tugging deftly on a rope to navigate their direction through the sky, she sighed again. She knew, of course, that she would be the one that must bring them into port, find them supplies, and figure a way to barter for the goods. And as much as she wanted to hate him for his abstract theories and his blatant disregard for the corporeal world, she knew she loved him for it.
Through the lens of a different future.

Hello, meshlings! We Love Roleplay opened itself to the public once again yesterday, bringing you some great new fantasy gear. This round has a few really lovely steampunk pieces. Since it is really difficult to find steampunk gear in SL, I really wanted to show them off for you.  Above is this beautiful monocle made by EMO-tions. I hope you can really see in the closeup portrait just how detailed it is. All those beautifully useless gears make me wonder what that monocle can actually do. It is purely superficial, just like everything else in SL, but absolutely beautiful.  <3
A different past means a different future.
Also at this round of WLRP is this corset by DE Designs. I love the clasp details and the tiny pocket to hide away ornate keys to hidden treasures. It also comes for Belleza Freya and Isis, Maitreya, SLink Physique and Hourglass, and Tonic Curvy and Fine.

<2 (multi)Muse

Avatar & Body:

Catwa – Catya Bento Mesh Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Oleander – Bennet in Eden

Clothing & Accessories:

DE Designs – Agatha Corset in Black at We Love Roleplay (released for Belleza Freya and Isis, Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass, and Tonic Curvy and Fine.)
EMO-tions – Verne monocle at We Love Roleplay
Pixicat – Fall Tights in Leather (released for Belleza Venus and Freya, Maitreya, and SLink Physique and Hourglass.)
Maitreya – Vintage Collar
EZ & Lab737 – Xolotl Sword
The Forge – Daerwen Chest Belt in Brown
The Forge – Gatkeeper’s Belt in Brown
The Forge – Pocket Watch in Gold
The Forge – Steamer Bracer Left
The Forge – Penta Wraps in Black Right

Poses, Props, & Location:

RoLu Poses – Romanum (First Photo)
marukin – cloud (Third Photo)
Photo taken at Hollandaise

7 thoughts on “Fantastical Fitmesh – The sky is a long and lonely path.

    • Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy them. I love when I have time to do more in-depth posts. I don’t really do anything special for the closeups except zoom in with ctrl+0 (ctrl+9 zooms back out). Also, when taking the photo I change the aspect ratio so that it doesn’t go full screen. Since it will be in portrait orientation something like 3500×4000. I have to change it a few times to get it right. That packs a lot of pixels into a smaller space. Other than that, just toy with the lighting a lot.

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