Fantastical Fitmesh: The Death of a Princess


The whole kingdom called her Briar Rose, after the fabled Sleeping Princess. It was a nickname that simultaneously revered her for her beauty and teased her for her sleeping penchant. As a child she would frolic around the castle, frills and stiff lace to suit her status, but at the slightest signs of weariness she would fall asleep. It did not matter where she was. She could be playing in the garden or sneaking sweets from the cooks in the kitchen. When she was lost, it was inevitable that she would be found tucked away in come alcove, behind a tapestry, or curled up along the side of a walkway, contently asleep.

Her ability to sleep and feel secure anywhere on the castle grounds was a commendation to her royal parents, who were able to hide the turmoil of the kingdom from her. It was a kingdom like any other, rife with class conflict and political struggle. Its poverty grew rampant as the greed of the nobles escalated.

But she was a magnanimous soul. As a child, she shared her toys with the servants, often giving them away just to see the shy smile cross their lips. It made little sense to her why toys which were so plentiful would make anyone quite so happy, but she did not need to make sense of such matters as a child. So, you can imagine, how striking and terrifying the world must have been when her mother fell ill and left this world, only to be shortly followed by her father who followed his wife out of grief.

Her whole life she assumed that the world which coddled and held her, fed her and housed her did the same for everyone else. Of course, the other nobles tried to hide reality from her. They attempted to keep her to the boundaries of the castle to protect her tender heart and their vast wealth.

However, once she saw the squalor, it was not something which she could avoid. She was erudite and perceptive, and was quickly side-stepping nobles to create laws about the treatment of the peasantry. She pulled monies from the coffers of the wealthy to feed the impoverished and create homes for orphans. And each time she demanded more from the nobles – more charity, more compassion, more empathy – their anger against her mounted. Briar Rose became a champion of the people but a villain to the nobility.

So, perhaps, it was no surprise to the people who revered her that she would end up in a crystal casket like her parents. She was not trained to navigate the complicated structures of court life to institute change. She was young and naive and, perhaps, too bold.

Her people prayed over her. They prayed to their gods that she would be taken in by the light. They prayed she would be coddled and held, fed and housed in a different world, a better one. For Briar Rose was too good for this one, her traitors made that clear. But these prayers were distant hopes, murmured to distant gods out of habit more than faith. If these gods would not save her in this world, they had no reason to think they may save her in another.

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<3 (multi)Muse

Body & Avatar:

Catwa – Bibi Mesh Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Pink Fuel – Doll V2 (Comes with tons of appliers)
monso – Somi at FaMESHed

Clothing & Accessories:

Sweet Kajira – Aida in Pink at We Love Roleplay (Maitreya and eBody fits)
aisling – Nealane Crown
Axix – Romantic Wisper at We Love Roleplay

Poses & Props:

Clutter – Dead in Coffin Poses
Luna Rosarie – Snow White Glass Coffin (Old Gacha Rare)
anc – Never Forget Swallow in SugarWhite (Old Gacha)
Half-Deer – Simple Cloud

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