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Eve Winter Corset

Someone commented to me the other day that they refused to try mesh bodies because they felt having a mesh body would make them ‘the same as everyone else’, and I must admit this stumped me a little. In SL, we now have more variety than ever in terms of bodies, butts, breasts, hands, feet etc. In fact, given an endless money supply (yes please!) there would be infinite combinations of mesh parts that one could use to create a body – how could someone say that is making everyone ‘the same’? After all, we all had the same system body before mesh… were we exactly the same then? Maybe we were in some people’s eyes, but my point is simple – given the choice we have now, of so many mesh bodies that offer different shaping, size, hands, feet and general body types – how can mesh possibly make us any more the same than system bodies did? In fact, it makes us more different than ever, because our ‘base’ bodies are interchangeable!

I think part of the fear of mesh bodies comes from lack of understanding – and I don’t blame those that suffer from this one bit. My first experience of a mesh body was a trip to TMP when the ‘free’ mesh body came out, and after that trip, I didn’t look at that body again until I came across Slink Physique. Why? It was too complicated!! Not because it was TMP, but because the thought of clothing mesh, adjusting my shape for mesh, alpha cuts, skin appliers…. it was all too much!

Now those that push past that initial shock come to see a world of individuality amongst mesh, something which I’m going to explore in my next blog. We are all unique, and in the world of SL Mesh Bodies, we’re not only different shapes and sizes, we’re different species, different styles and different in the way we live this ‘second’ life. Wait and see, I’ll show you 🙂

I’m dragon-straddling in:
Skin – Desire Drow by LURE (EVE appliers used – other body appliers available)
Mesh Body – EVE by Absolut Creation
Corset – Winter Corset by Absolut Creation (Free in-store!)
Boots – Gaia Boots by PixelFashion
Eyes – Deadshine Eyes by IKON (Dec Group Gift)
Lashes – Tinsel Lashes by No 7 (At L’accessories)
Hair – Kaelyn by TRUTH
Piercing – Eye Diamonds by Little Rascals

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