Eve’s pregnant! Introducing BellyEve :)

Evening MAddicts!

Well it’s official…. Eve is pregnant! I know I know, we didn’t even know she was seeing someone… and then out of nowhere… she’s pregnant!! Maybe it was that Slink Physique Mens we’ve all been hearing about…? 😉

In all seriousness though, I’m excited to announce a new add-on for the Eve Slim and Pulpy mesh bodies – Belly’Eve! The Belly’Eve add-on is a fitmesh, fitted pregnancy belly that add to your standard Eve mesh body – it’s that simple! The belly fits perfectly flush with the body and is completely omega compatible with no need for special skins or special appliers. I used it with both an Omega skin applier and with the Wow Eve Body applier (that I’m wearing in this shot) and it worked perfectly every time. Just make sure you get a redelivery of your Omega kit for Eve and ‘install’ the Omega script while wearing the belly.

Being fitmesh, there is a little movement with it when the belly sliders are used, but not a huge amount (because that would cause a lot of distortion in the belly shape and in the appearance of textures such as skin, on it). The pack will be sold for 490L, and it will include two bellies (one for Eve Slim, one for Eve Pulpy), the dress I’m wearing (for both slim and pulpy bodies, with both a sheer and non-sheer version) as well as the panties I’m wearing. The dress and panties come with HUDS too, so lots of options to play around with. The belly should go on sale this weekend, so make sure you go take a look!


What do you think MAddicts? Personally, I think the belly is so cute – if I were ever to pregnant in SL, this would be my go to for sure!

<3 Daria

Eve’s pregnant in:
Mesh Head – Eve’Olution Beta V2.0 by Absolut Creation (Eve)
Mesh Body – Eve Slim by Absolut Creation (Eve)
Pregnancy Belly – Belly’Eve add-on by Absolut Creation (Eve)
Skin – Nour V2 (Bronze) by WOW Skins (Available at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair) – Eve V2 appliers for both Eve body and Eve’olution head used
Hair – Akane by Argrace
Dress – Mina Slim Dress Belly’Eve by Absolut Creation (Eve)
Panties – Mina Slim Belly’Eve panties by Absolut Creation (Eve)

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