Every girl's dream…

We’ve all heard the saying ‘every girl dreams of her wedding day’, but you know what? I don’t think I ever did. Not as a little girl and hell, not even now. To be honest I have no idea why, but I do know that I could ask my best friend what her wedding would look like (and she’s single) and oh wow, we’d be there for hours whilst she told me every detail right down to the song for the first dance. Hardly surprising if you knew her though, she’s also named all three of her future children (I guess his opinion is optional on that topic) 😉

But that’s the RL me, the SL me, well…. she’s planning her wedding!!! (yaaaaay)… and that’s one of the many reasons that today’s post is dedicated to the single most important aspect of a wedding (again, according to my bestie – I however would argue that the relationship is the single most important aspect of a wedding…. but hey, what do I know) THE DRESS!!!

Mirna Wedding Gown2

I’m looking gorgeous in:

Wedding dress – Wirna by MAAI

Hair – Saki by Argrace

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